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When I want the lighting that appeals to me the most, I go to Koenart. As for Vanessa J, she does have the beautiful girl next door quality. Her breasts are a scrumptious. She says she wants to travel the world. I would love to travel it with her.

Vanessa J simply a sweet cute young model/woman with both a lovely tall tanned slender body with a gorgeous face sexy blue eyes and a killer of a smile :) not to mention those curvaceous breasts and puffy nipples and that tight cute butt of hers :) Koenart photographed her very well within a lovely outdoor garden setting with a glimpse of a swimming pool/spa in the background with both the natural light of the gardens foliage flowers palms fronds and the suns rays highlighting her beautifully.I simply adored that lovely close up of her within image #6 with her leaning against the white wall the suns rays casting a lovely glow thru her blonde hair with a gorgeous look upon her flawless skin of her facial features- Her tight T-Shirt showing the shapes of her curvy breasts and nice glimpse of her tanned thigh ~ Just as images #12 it truly shows of both her slender tanned body from head to toe and that tight cute butt of hers with her small underwear riding up between those sweet cheeks ever more so in the lovely close up of Vanessa in image #13 with both a gorgeous look upon her face and those sexy blue eyes both the natural light highlighting her gorgeous features beautifully finishing off with a lovely close up of her gorgeous face within image #14 :) Images #27 and #28 are simply priceless photos of Vanessa flashing those lovely breasts puffy nipples as if to state ( Check These Out Guys ) with a very cheeky playful smile upon that beaming face of hers!! I loved all of her poses from Vanessa J sitting spread legged upon her white blanket showing her lovely shaved pink vulva between those those long slender tanned legs in image #54 with both the white wall pavement and the suns rays the green foliage of the gardens palm fronds highlighting both her blonde hair gorgeous face those golden globes of her breasts magnificently) casting a shadow along the white pavement as well as that lovely side way pose in image #58 :) To Vanessa standing with one long leg against the wall within images #98-#99 with her hand underneath a firm slender thigh showing her slender waist and and her lovely well shaven vulva between the creamy tanned thighs of hers with a delightful look upon her face :) To those tantalizing photos of Vanessa slowing peeling off her skimpy underwear and T-shirt within both gorgeous close ups statuesque views of her Vanessa J's tall tanned slender body that flawless creamy skin those shapely breasts until totally naked never once losing that beaming look upon her face nor withing those eyes Oh Those Eyes :) I simply adored both those serene and sensual poses of both Vanessa J kneeling on her blanket with her long blonde hair flowing in the breeze in image #78 basking in the sunshine to her leaning against the white wall within different sensual poses within images #89-#91 to images #114 to #118 with her curled up against the wall with some gorgeous close ups in between :) and i have to say out of those gorgeous close ups of her face my favorite ones have to be images #24,#74 and #111 they truly show both her flawless skin tones of her face that sexy smile and those mesmerizing blue eyes Koenart truly used the best out of both the setting and natural light to show us all what a truly beautiful young model/woman Vanessa J is as well as for Vanessa J showing her lovely assets to all of us to view at and she looks more and more beautiful within each series she does and i hope to see more of her in the future

"Check these out, guys" ( ;
Rest assured, they have been checked-out! LOL

Vanessa, oh how I would love to get by hands around your beautiful breasts!

Beautiful girl, boring poses.

Back inside please. Vanessa....XOXOXO 10+

Yes, today's set is just a little too bright (backlit) at times. Still, its a good set and a great subject.

Don't care...

Vanessa is Wonderful for Photography :)

True dat!

Vanessa is so damn cute!

Between Vanessa and Zelda, today is a celebration of cuteness on MA! Both are equally as cute, but since Zelda was here first, the tie goes to her.

Not really my cup of tea, nor is this style of shoot, but she is still very beautiful and I can appreciate why she would be so appealing to guys who like blondes.

Oh is she a blonde? I can't take my eyes off her breasts.

LOL! And here I was, thinking the suffix in your name was just an allusion to nationality, not gender ;-p

Point to Alyssa (not that dutch cares!)

Don't jump to conclusions...;o)

What a sweetheart. What a girl next door look she has.(I wish)
That smile could melt an iceberg and that cute little body is equally nice. What a great little butt and vulva. She pretty much pushes all the right buttons for me.

Vanessa J is a beautiful woman. She reminds me very much of Cameron Diaz, though I doubt that the lovely Cameron has breasts as delicious as Vanessa's. In fact, there is nothing about Vanessa's body that isn't scrumptious and inviting. She's a 10 in my book.

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Good call! +1

+1 from me

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