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Stunning. Beautiful girl in a beautiful photo set. Love the dress with the teasing reveal.

Seems April is the month for large-breasted women on MetArt - suits me just fine! Here's Varya with her heavy breasts and utterly scrumptious big nipples! Fantastic!

Great work by both photographer and model. Very exiting poses and also quite explicit.

I'm too young to know the 70's, but this makes nostalgic for an erotically charged time that never existed for me. She's a Charlie's Angel.

Gorgeous, sexy girl!!! I like her hair color much better here, although I think straight rather than curly hair looks best on her. Every set should have a few pussy close-up shots, just like this one!!! What a beautiful pussy!!!

I liked her first shoot, but this is just as exciting. I liked her shaved in the first set, her pussy is so suckable. In this set her pubic hair isn't a problem, just prefer to see such beauty uncovered.

Her breasts are so natural and suckable, a very wholesome woman.

Wow! What a dramatic change from her debut set! I LIKE! Usually don't get excited about large-breasted girls, but Varya has soo much more to offer. At times, and in places, I thought this was little more than a titty show, but that "little more" is excellent!! A real pretty girl, and a delicious body! Looking forward to more from this beauty. And....keep the new photographer!!

A fabulous set of photos. The soft light highlights Varya's gorgeous breasts and nipples. The open leg shots are an added bonus. More please!!

Amazing body and looks , the photographer did an excellent job of showing her amazing beauty. More of both, please. More open labia shots like this would be very welcome. Thank you Varya !

This model has an awesome pubic area! just enough hair. fabulous labia. Warm, moist and so lickable! I'm not a big breast fan and large aureola makes it even less attractive for me.

Overall photo quality is good but I felt the set was too dark and grey for my tastes. I would have liked to see a bit more color. The close in labia shots were fantastic! This is what I come to see and where so many of the photographers fail. I think the photographer has good potential and I'm looking forward to more.

I do not like the grainy mottled look that is being seen in so many sets. Why do photographers use a high resolution camera and then ruin the resolution in photoshop? are they trying to cover flaws? Varya has no flaws to be covered with blurry photoshop grain

I agree Ernie, it looks like some type of soft focus filter was applied to most of the photos in this set. That might well have been done to soften up the edges of some blemish airbrushing, but there's no way to really tell. I hope the soft-focus wasn't being used as an artistic effect! I much prefer spot airbrushing of an occasional blemish to whole-photo filter application. I've actually done some blemish airbrushing on photos I've downloaded, and while it can be time consuming, it is worth it when you can make a particularly distracting blemish disappear. But I doubt if most photogs have the time to do that on an entire set of photos. I usually just fix a few.

Has it occurred to you that Varya "has no flaws" because they've been "photoshopped"? ;o) Seriously....they say they don't do that here...
"They" wouldn't lie to us....would they!?

You need only compare the two sets of Varya here to see differences in photoshopping. I'm not trying to knock Goncharov, but I have a "less is more" opinion when it comes to photoshop. This is (for more than one reason) a set I would have expected to see elsewhere, but this is pretty damn close to what I like to see, ideally - so I would be quite happy to see more content like this on Met-Art in the future.



Hellhound, I assume you are referring to the disappearing freckles and moles in Goncharov's set. That's what I mean by spot airbrushing, and looking at this set here, I don't know why Goncharov thought he needed to make them disappear. But if you look at the photos in high resolution, I think you'll see what Ernie is referring to in regards to the graininess. Compare photo 2 here with photo 3 in the "presenting" set using the high resolution pics. Goncharov's set clearly has better sharpness. This is most visible in the hair on the top of her head in the front, and her eyebrows and eyelashes. This set definitely looks like some type of soft focus filter was applied, but that's barely discernable in the medium res photos.

Indeed, I do not disagree with anything you have said here. Both sets are certainly photoshopped, and neither of them are perfect in my eyes. I would definitely like to see photographers stop airbrushing freckles and moles, as I tend to think that they add 'character' (there's probably a better word to use, but I can't think of it right now).

Partially, my comment was made in a general sense rather than applying just to Varya, and rather than as a counterpoint to Ernie or rockhard. The two sets of her here just made a convenient example for the photoshopping aspect, and if anyone is in the mood for more comparing see Aztek's work with her as well (http://www.thenude.eu/Ilona_24935.htm).

I only post comments, whether they are good or negative, where I think a remark is needed, and thus I refrain from commenting on, what I deem to be, average sets. This set though warrants a comment. Firstly I like this model, although I did prefer her original hair colour and style. Secondly, I rate this whole shoot pretty good. It has been a few sets from different photographers since I have been able to say that, but this set more than makes up for it and was well worth the wait. I now look foward to seeing more work from this photographer and the style and composition encompassed within this shoot portrayed by other photographers in their future photo shoots also.

pretty posterior,splendid snatch

This model has done quite an interesting "remake" since her last set by Goncharov. This new photographer has captured a very sultry look. If this is the photographer's influence to bring this out then he/she has done a very good job.

I think there could be additional compositional adjustments to enhance the eroticism, but overall a good set. I look forward to more from both.

Love the poses. More spread labias like this please.

Lovely face, stunning breasts, lovely pubic hair. More please.

Her breasts are so, so .... can't find the right words.

There are many sites displaying the breasts and labia of ordinary girls. I look to MetArt to rise above the ordinary and seek to benchmark artful eroticism. This is not on display here.

Funny, I think she is gorgeous

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