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I like the "zebra effect" on Venere's gorgeous butt!
This isn't a bad set... Not bad at all. And what a doll this girl is!
Maybe she will re-surface on RA...??? ;oD

Yes I am polutical too.
Venere you are awesome. Love your skin, love your face, love your pussy.

@ Rich:

I seriously doubt that the alleged decision was made.

Correction: ......women WERE no longer allowed...... Sorry:-(

LMAO! "Sorry"!?? After all the other shit that came out of you, THIS is what you're sorry about!??? LOL THAT'S "Rich"!!

I apologize... "Shit" was a poor choice of words. "Nonsense" is more appropriate...;o)

2012 was a black year for the subscribers to Met-Art. It was the year the 'Powers That Be' there, decided that women we no longer allowed to be endowed with a vagina. It was the year those 50 employees at Met-Art decided that a woman's sexuality was a 'dirty' thing and was to be obliterated from ALL Erotic Glamour sets, for which M-A had become universally known.
We put up with sets like this one of Venere A, where there are maybe 3 shots of her labia. Other than that, this beautiful young woman is little more than a department store dummy. That's not Rylsky's fault, and certainly not Venere's fault. The fault lies squarely at those puritanical dick-licking arseholes at Met-Art.
Fortunately, Rylsky over-rode the insanity with a set (I'm sure it was Alyssa A0, with a very open and decidedly wet vagina. Other photographers soon followed suit. Openly shooting their model in a state of excitement if not arousal.
Unfortunately, the Nazi bastards at Met-Art soon put a stop to that. The imagery was fine, but any wetness between the models' legs was to be cleaned up, meaning the model could be aroused, but not SEEN to be so.
Some photographers pushed the envelope (Albert Varin and Selestina, Presenting 15112013), where she practically exploded during the set. There have been many others with one-off sets like AV & S, but M-A's dictum soon prevails and as with Albert & Selestina, the sets become less and less erotic. Apart from one image, their latest outing would be rated PG at worst.

So it's about time that Met-Art was told, bluntly, that without their subscribers, none of them would have a job. The SUBSCRIBERS, pay their wages, those of the photographer who can then pay their model. Met-Art brag that the photographers and models are the best paid in the industry. Make Met-Art earn their millions by removing ALL limitations on the crews on the sets shoot that which natural, with no interference.

Met-Art, you dictatorial, puritanical slobs, you are no longer on the Mayflower!! Even the Victorians had more sense than you people. Let the Photographer do his job, and more importantly, let Nature take its Course, with NO human interference!!!!

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