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Another girl with a yeast infection

I like this set too!! This girl is adorable!! And what an absolutely gorgeous pussy!!!

Though her arms and shoulder might benefit from a routine at a gym (whose wouldn't?), I would not think of saying "eat a cheeseburger". So I would accept no excuse for 64 (by the thumb).

Otherwise, our photographer flatters his subject.

Great with not shaven for at least once in awhile, great looking girl number 10 and want to see more like her.

I love an unshaven pussy at least a couple times of week, Beautiful girl number 10 AGAIN

I love Venere's unshaven pussy. Erotic and edible. Good set.

got to love stockings and a bit of pussy juice

Great small areola day!

Great set, agree with all the comments so far. Just wondering on close-ups why the focus is always on the clit, never her vaginal opening lower down? Like on 58 the depth of field is so shallow, we miss seeing her open wet pussy, since the focus was on her clit. Mind you, I have NO problem with her clit, I'm just sayin'...

I do not notice, except further down. I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not...................

The closer you get to the subject the shallower the depth of field. Sad but true. As for the point of focus that is very hard to see through a viewfinder. The artist tends to go for the best overall look rather than the exact pof.

In close-up photography, my camera gives me a rectangle pof, which I can cover the specific area I want sharp with. Half a shutter button depression allows me to change the angle up, down or sideways. I can also move the focal length. But that point of focus remains the same, no matter what else I do with the camera. I can promise you, Rylsky is using much better equipment than I do.

Absolute perfection. Rylsky, you never cease to amaze.

Kissable lips, indeed!

Venere is a lovely model, and if she smiled more she would be even better. The background is perfect. but on the last page in particular, the lighting is wrong, the color of the bed spread sometimes bleeds over into her hair.I gave Venere a 9,she doesn't smile and looks like she would rather be somewhere else.

I wonder if this set was produced recently or whether it was pulled from the long-term storage...

I agree, a set frozen.
Heated in a microwave oven.
I saw the plate.
best before dec 2013.

finally a woman with crotch hair.

Very lovely Venere. She is new to me and she is very pretty. I hope we will see much more of her, both on MetArt and on RylskyArt. The location seems familiar to me. A very nice set.

Girl, good you do not entirely shave... It makes you look like a woman..

Welcome back Venere . hopefully now we will see more of you .xx

Venere has managed to fly under my radar till now but no more. What a sweetheart. A little to serious but I am sure Rylsky will fix that.

Lovely lady, elegant setting, and mind blowing closeups! That's the formula for 10's in my book. She could benefit from a few smiles and some standing rear shots but a very nice set and a VERY lovely young lady. I am not a hair fan but this lovely flower with it's amazing pink core brimming with creamy passion juice defies the hair to get in the way. I can imagine her smell and the taste of that creamy nectar and I am glad that there is no one here to see it's effects ;)

Another fantastic set from the master and and a new star in his galaxy of stars.

Venere has had a very sparse career so far. She did one set for Rylsky in 2009 and one for Ron Offlin back in 2012. Seems strange that she only has 3 sets spread over such a long period. Hopefully there will be more now


Thank you. Perhaps a tech could tie this in at the bottom of the page?

Sad that there are so many sites now. Those of us that are not rich cannot afford them all!

sorry. it's not my question. I only can speak from myself.

Not Venus, but Aphrodite.
Aphrodite had red hair and eyes like yours.
But, perhaps, your eyes are better off with the hair blacks.

Rylsky, I've always enjoyed your work, many a little more, some a little less.
For some time, I can not find any that I appreciate a little less.
In my opinion, they are all excellent work.
(regardless of the close-up).

Venus: so much better, simple and natural, rather than with the horrible landing strip. (Alias ​​Hitler mustache).

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