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Nice bod but masculine face.

More V.D.! More V.D.!!

I hope to see more of this brown-eyed beauty!

I hope to see more of her beautiful brown eye too! ;o)

Victoria Daniels is great! I hope she posts often here at Met-Art. She is totally lovely. I gave her a 10++++ both here and the really hot movie she does on SA for and with our beloved APF, who seems to agree with Luca helio's taste in models, since Mr Helios gave us Sapphira and Lorena Garcia.
P.S. I've seen her tattoos and they are small and tastefull,no bigger than the ones Mila I has, and smaller than Monika Vessela had.

Our model here has good reason to fell pleased her very good presentation by the artist photographer.
Our artist continues to be somewhat unkind to fingers and toes, knees and elbows.

Sometimes Photoshop can be a good thing. Victoria D looks a lot better in this shoot without the silly Devil & Angel tattoos on her tummy that show in her shoots on some other sites.

Hey! Photoshop THIS!! We're here to see the girls for who they are, not all dressed up and sanitized for some corporate bullshit meeting!! If the girl has tats, they should NOT be hidden for the sake of a few conformist automatons who have no concept of self expression.

Silly lighthearted can be good.
Silly pretending something is not there can be annoying.

Hot! Please tell me the photographer got a few sets done. I don't want to see her end up another "One set debut" that we will never see again.

I doubt it. Most photographers spend at least a whole day with a model and do at least 4 sets. It's simple economics. They don't get paid enough to do single sets because most models have to travel to the photographer or the other way around. Of course there is always the chance that the sets won't sell but with a doll like this I think that won't be a problem. Especially since she already has 3 sets on as well.

Sorry SA not as dyslexia sneaking in there.

Heart pounding, foot stomping gorgeous!!! "Hello...Hello AGAIN!!"
Welcome Victoria! Welcome indeed!! Please come again!! XOXOXOX

I like this young lady's choice in clothes ( : her pretty face, her hourglass figure (especially her generous hips), her shapely bottom, and most of all her confident, sassy smile.

I always approve of "skirt up around the waist" shots. Thank you Victoria and Luca!

Victoria certainly rocks that red dress, especially pic #8.

Nova appeared! Due to her first session it may be, her face still keeps some puzzlement. I do wait for the next in which she enjoys the exposure.
-Tokyo Sukimono-

Wow, what a stunner. Beautiful and a perfect body.

Victoria is beautiful in red mini.Her body is stunning as she is very comfortable doing this debut set.Great job and welcome.

NICE, Another substantial Czech beauty to please our eyes and raise our libido. Victoria D is very pretty with a great smile, big brown eyes and gorgeous well cared for hair silky and smooth. Her legs and butt are of the charts and whats between them is very nice indeed. She is radiant and not at all shy. I think Luca has another winner for us. Hopefully she will stick around and bring us even more of her radiance.

My only regret is that Luka didn't do a few more facial close ups so we could fall into those gorgeous brown eyes and get hopelessly lost.

Great first set. 10++++ from me.

Well said, Hipshot, esp. the part about her gorgeous brown eyes. ( :

I second that.

Omg! It had to be Czech again!Lucky country,what a mega store of wonderful women!Beaautiful,cheerful and flawless girl in a explosive
debut,self confidence and control in every moment.Nice photos.I beg to see more sets and a video of this crabalocker lady.

The seller

"crabalocker" ....?
Never saw THAT word before....

OMG can't believe I've been humming along to that song all these years and never heard the word. LOL

Are you the eggman?

...he is the Walrus.

And I'm the Gatekeeper --


The Keymaster? ;-)


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