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Sexy new girl!! She is special. About the bush: I think it adds an extra sexiness to her. I would certainly eat her pussy with or without it.

This girl is beautiful. She is perfect exactly as she is. Egon seems to be very lucky with models - he gets all the most beautiful girls to shoot!

Please more of Victoriya. She is lovely.

Yup, I just updated his photographer's score to a 10.

fuckin' nasty!

Let it grow babe.Welcome to MetArt.

a gorgeous girl by all standards.

Victoria please please shave your pussy so that we can see it

Victoriya you're a dream come true. Very beautiful and willing to keep your beautiful bush. Love it, love it, love it and love you! What I wouldn't give to bury my face in that soft bush. You remind me of all the girls I dated back in the 70's and 80'S, my glory days! Great photo set. Hope to see many more in the future, with your beautiful bush.

Victoriya is an exquisitely beautiful and desirable young lady... and this set is a perfect illustration of the joy of bush. Absolutely loved it. ( :

nihil, hipshot, Red Pilot, Neil, kilroy, I just want to thank you all.

What you all did today IMO is outstanding. You each passionately stood up for the integrity of the comment section. It had to be a gamble when Jon, and the other powers to be, risked adding a minimal moderated open forum comment section. It easily could have turned into low brow flamer thing. Again in my opinion it is members like each of you which have made this a civil community of supporters of what on the best level this sight gives us all. Beautiful women respected, and beautifully presented. Most of these young ladies are from half way around the world, and as Ry, Sailor and I got into this last week abut the perception of us(On the English site I would assume a majority of American members) from their part of world is as different as our perception of their part of the world until the curtain raised. If it were not for members like you all I doubt that we would have attracted Ry, Flora, Catherine, Delta, and other Artist that now take their time to share with us. You all hve shown we caan even disagree without attacks, and when idiots post I recall ever one of you calling them on it. Hell we have even made attempts to bring some humor into it. Each of you have called some artists on the carpet for not giving us their best, without being offensive. So even though I realize my opinion and praise is not any better that any other member but from me personally, Thank You all... Lets keep it up...

i liked your post swplf2. i am from Lebanon. My English is excellent as i am a specification writer. i like to see female beauties. i respect girls that have the courage to expose their body in softcore.

I think everyone will agree that I am a firm advocate of being nice to the ladies. I have posted repeatedly about not making derogatory comments about the models. We are talking very young girls here. Some barely out of high school and this is a point in their lives where self esteem is at it's most important in her life. After all they are putting themselves out there for all to see and that takes a brave person because there are bound to be people who will not like it. We all have our likes and dislikes for what ever is our reason but we should not ever be rude or hostile toward these girls. If you don't like something then just move on to another model or e-mail the comment to Metart if you feel that strongly.

I have very strong feelings about body hair and most who read the comments section know that but I would never try to force it on a girl. Nor would I say those of you who like it hairy are wrong. I simply want to see all of a woman clearly and hair covers up too much.

However personal tastes should never be an excuse to be rude to one of these awesome young girls.

As a side note many comments are made by people who do not have a good understanding of english and we need to give these people a break. Some of what they say may come out wrong but they are trying.

Well said, hipshot. You and I often see eye-to-eye and I appreciate your wisdom and input always.

same comment as i replied to swplf2. young models exposing their bodies have to be respected for their courage.

i agree with you about body hair i hate body hair on young models: underarms, legs and pubic...

Good point about the English. If I had to comment in Russian, it would be pretty basic. But I would keep it nice!

An 18 year old teenaged young lady in all her natural beauty, just as mother nature made her. Do we really need to call it ugly? She is as beautiful as she is supposed to be. The same feminine hormones that crafted her lovely breasts placed the hair where she wears it. Let us appreciate and celebrate her natural beauty.

Hear hear, Neil!
"Thank heaven for little girls... who grow up in such delightful ways..."
How can one improve on nature? Preposterous question.... ( ;

Thank you Egon for minimal post-production editing. What a refreshing change to see and appreciate a real model--and every mm of Vika is beautiful.

I loved this set. Everything about Victoria's appearance is refreshing.

Oops. I meant to say Victoriya.

I am baffled by the controversy over pubic hair. Personally, I don't mind one way or the other - it is all up to the model what she wants to do with her body and her hair. However, it seems to generate very strong opinions on both sides of the argument. And that is all they are - opinions.

All opinions are equally true (to those who agree with them,) false (to those who disagree with them,) and meaningless (whether or not you agree on the subject, your opinion on pubic hair makes absolutely no difference to anybody else, and their opinion will make no difference to you.) And yet we see rude and crude remarks on the subject on an almost daily basis.

Some of the user tags say 'shave it' and some say 'don't shave' - both of which are incredibly personal and probably deeply offensive to the model concerned should she read them. (Imagine saying 'shave it' to your girlfriend - I think she would tell you where to go in no uncertain terms.)

Some of the comments on here seem very angry (written in all capital letters,) and are passing off opinion as if it is fact. How someone can be so deluded as to think that their opinion matters like that is beyond me. The only sane way to express these feelings would be 'I do/don't care for pubic hair, and I wish that she didn't shave/shaved. However, I accept that this website caters for many other people, some of whom have tastes that differ significantly from my own.

Regardless of your feelings on the subject, I think we can all agree that the models on this website are all human beings with thoughts and feelings, and don't deserve to be treated with anything other than respect and affection.

Can we behave rationally? Can we try to moderate ourselves so as not to be offensively personal and disrespectful to the wonderful models who share their beauty with us?


Agreed in all respects, nihil.

I agree. People can write comments with complete ignorance of what they are saying and how it may impact the model or photographer. I like to think that I am always respectful (which I am at least in sentiment) of the models here so it saddens me when I see rude comments.

PS I hope the general 'chat' here does not serve to put beautiful Victoriya off coming to model here on Met, it would be a shame and also a great loss.

Many very fine points, nihil, well said. I believe that you are 100% correct when you say that nothing that is said here will probably ever convince a Met model to alter the way she keeps her pubic hair. Many here are under the impression that MA or the photog asks them to shave or grow out (Rylsky has already said he does not). While that may happen occasionally, I think it is the exception rather than the rule. The culture right now with younger women is for grooming and shaving or waxing pubic hair. They just keep it that way because they want to. It is their personal choice, just as it is with the color and style of the hair on their head. Think about generational differences for a minute. When I was younger, do you think I cared a damn what older people thought about Rock music? Did it influence me to listen to something else? NO! Now apply that situation to the MA models and you will see the futility of the "shave it/grow it" comments. Accept these fine ladies the way they are!

As for Victoriya, I think it is refreshing to see a young woman that goes against the popular trend and keeps her body hair how SHE wants to. And if she is trimmed or even bald in the next set, I will enjoy her just as much.

nihil, your post is long overdue, or if this has been said before, it perhaps needs to be said over again from time to time. I'm on the same page with you, I love natural girls and I love shaved girls, and nicely trimmed looks nice too. Like anybody, I have preferences. For example, the "landing strip" shave looks silly to me, but I would never blast a model for making that choice. I also happen to think tattoos are a big mistake, but when I see them, I just accept that that's what the model thinks is cool. I still appreciate her sharing her body with the world, not every woman will do that. If it's offensive enough that it turns my stomach (rare, but I have seen tats and piercings that get to that point), then I look for another model. I think saying something nasty about it in the comments section is not only rude and inappropriate, but it's not going to change what they do anyway, so why comment on it? To me the comments section is a great place to say "thank you" to a hot model or a photographer who's done an exceptional job. The one time I am critical is when I think a photographer could have made the set much better by paying attention to lighting, focus or whatever. Since I'm a professional photographer my feedback might be useful, there are SO many variables when doing a shoot like this. If the feedback improves their shooting, then great, because these models are so hot and sexy that IMHO the best job should be done to capture their beauty. Some photographers will take it in and use the critique, some will bristle and grumble about it. But that's the only kind of criticism that I think is appropriate here.

Oh, regarding your comment about asking your girlfriend to shave... my gf was unusually hairy, her bush was so thick I had to search to find the goods. I didn't ask her to shave but I did ask her to trim quite a bit, which she was happy to do because it makes me more fired up, which benefits her.

So anyway, that's my perspective on the subject, for what it's worth.

Now we know why it's called a beaver. Unkempt wild and wooly hair, ugh.

I absolutely love this girl. I hope you do lots od photo sets of her, hopefully still with a hairy pussy.


Beautiful eyes. Luscious soft body. Long, feminine hair.

And, that lovely, warm, and inviting bush that invites touch and holds a gloriously erotic scent.

Thanks so much for sharing, Victoriya.

You could knit a sweater with all that wool. I think it's very sexy but I would also like to see her pull a Sofi and give us sets that alternate between furry and smooth. I don't usually like it THAT hairy but there's just something about this girl where the bush screams, "Fire in the hole!"

Love the fur burger look. I wish a lot more of the models had a bush like that. Very sexy.

Lovely crop, DON'T SHAVE IT!

I love every feature of Victoriya, including her gorgeous bush.

No praise from Mr. Natural "Let It Grow" Doug?

Victoriya is a lovely treat, I appreciate the variety too. Shaved is my preference, but who could complain about such a sexy woman being natural?

Thank goodness her labia are able to protrude from her bush, and how mice that her vagina is slightly open in some shots.

Unusual set, thumbs up from me!

No comments from Doug because he is taking a hiatus from Metart at the moment.

Oops, that should read "how *Nice*", not Mice, ha ha

Cool weather coming on. Time to hold up somewhere till Spring. Believe I have found some company that would do nicely. Raging fires spread warmth. Heavy covers provide escape from the rest of the World.

Don't change anything. Very nice as is.

Very well said, Notregde.

I love hairly girls, pleaese don t shave. I want to see you once again soon.

Welcome, Victoriya! It's wonderful to see a natural girl with natural bush brighten this site, and this sight.

On the web there are thousands of sites where the women are all hairy like teddy bears.
MetArt seeking the erotic art.
There is only one female nude in painting and has a black spot between her thighs?

That's entirely wrong! Tell me these "thousands of sites". Almost every site has all the girls shaved like window dummies. We need a lot more natural girls!

Try ATK galleria. They have a site that is all hairy

I learn to appreciate the natural woman you try to appreciate the woman of painting

MORE, MORE,MORE,MORE of this model. Not sure if the models ever get to read comments but for what it's worth I hope you never shave.

I agree. She would be gorgeous shaved, but is extra special unshaven.


Welcome Victoriya.
Your face like a sulky little girl is very beautiful.
I am not attracted by the fur of woman
but your set of presentation is very polite and enjoyable also for me.

I wonder:
What have we seen of Victoriya sex? : panties of fur.

Victoriya you are a beautiful woman, I like the full bush.

I could not agree more Monkey. This is one amazingly beautiful all natural girl. In fact i could not even make it thru her whole set before losing all my "chi", which i must admit is a first for me. Her bush obviously was incredibly arousing but also her beautiful face, perky tits, long hair and perfect body all combined to create the perfect fantasy girl, atleast in my humble opinion. PLEASE give us more Victoriya soon! and now to enjoy the second half of her set... :)

Well hair lovers you get your wish today. This is a lovely new model with a very nice body and a pretty smile but I will wait till she shaves to pass judgement on what see looks like naked.

It's very, very nice to meet you Victoriya. You are a beautiful and gifted young woman. When you learn to relax and project in front of the camera, you will be extraordinary.

A word about Victoriya's bush. It is just about as untrimmed as they get. We don't really see through to her pussy (which is yummy) until image 80. Then we see that the rewards are obvious, the soft, lovely bush no obstacle at all. I'm reminded of the moving lines from the old Calypso ballad, "If you eat it right, the hair won't stick in your teeth." It was a song about mangos.

Mangos! LOL!!!

Welcome Victoriya! I hope you stay for a while. It is always great to see a new sweet and pretty model with a cute smile.

I love the variety that Met Art presents us with. It has lead me to realise that I don't have 'a type' - there are so many different women, each with their own unique allure.


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