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beautiful - more hair!

More lamps!

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

She's kinda voluptuous...
29 -- Edward Weston view camera time! That said, nice shot :-)
34 -- fertility goddess :-)
37-8 -- nice combo.
44 -- a beauty :-)
62 -- good focus. 63 -- good expression :-) Overall composition a little off on a lot of these, but elements within them are interesting...
80 -- nice portrait but I wish for more overall resolution :-) What can you do except stop down more? Learn more about focusing, getting "everything" sharp.*
Despite that, a run of 10s -- you and her are in sync.
104 -- great shot.
114 -- a bush is supposed to be grabbable :-)

I kept 80% of these. The set gets better as it goes, compelling at least me to have a good look at every shot. Refreshing! And I dare say instructive :-)

*you pretty much manage to as the set progresses :-)

I have decided that I have an aversion to lamps on bedside tables. So from here on, any pictorial offering with a lamp by any artist of any model, no matter how good, will be sneered at by me. By this manifesto, my mind is hereby closed. (I also insist that Met Art ban any model that has even a tiny unseen tattoo that can in any way be compared to a lamp.) I would also be grateful for the revocation of membership of anyone pitiful enough to insist that all settings MUST have table lamps. Also, for any photoset containing a lamp, any commentary should discuss the lamp and the lamp only.
I has spoken.

And any lamp not on a bedside table absolutely must have fringe.

They don't call you "MAG" wich for nothing!!! :D

No comment --

I once caught hell for that "no comment"! lol ;o)


Thank you!

Your reasoned and non-disputatious comment gets your opinion across without all the histrionics and decidedly blatant attempt(s) to draw you know who into ridiculous and childish descents into "you think that is pissing on my shoes, I'll show you pissing on shoes".

Sigh...it was so calm for a while.

Victoriya is a lovely girl with wonderful traits and I don't begrudge the hair fans their joy for one moment but I sure would love to see that lovely muff trimmed down enough that I could truly see those moist pink lips in their entirety just once. She appears to have a perfect little kitty and it's a shame it has to be hidden in the bushes. We all have our druthers and I think that Victoriya looks lovely this way but for me the hair is an impediment not an enhancement.

You stole my words...;o) LOL

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Just to add my 2

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Let me try that again :-(

Just to add my 2¢ to these replies, a way to perhaps make "everybody" (except the censors :-) happy would be for her to pull/push the fur away with her fingers, exposing more of what hipshot is looking for.
I really think this could be done within MA "decency" parameters --
it's just at this point we're talking about a full-blown bush, which is well-nigh unprecedented on this site; what would work has not yet been thought-out.
It sure is good to see the whole nine yards tho, from all those angles. Many people find pubic hair aesthetic, gratifying, sexy -- it makes a delicate young girl look like a grown woman. We don't ask them to shave their heads... :-)))
I see a lot of potential here with a brave, confident, willing model and a photog who can get good shots...
Needless to say, I'd like to see many other girls here let their bushes become full. It would be *extreeemly* interesting.

Both ways....wouldn't it be great if people felt free enough to experiment, to believe and trust in what they have been given...

Is the Shave-a-saurus on the run :-? ☺
Don't ask Dread! :-)))

We all have the capacity to step outside our own house, our own world, recognize the beautiful and the good, before returning to our own zones of familiarity and comfort. I would not wish to alter in any way the entrancing effect of the visual impact of 33, 42, 46, regardless of my appreciation for the closeness and clarity of certain completely clean curves. I will constrain my wishing for better frames and more graceful cropping.

This set has great modeling,and great photography. It would have benefited by good editing,ttits about 2 pages too long I can only give it a 10 ++ points off for unnecessary shots.

A subtraction of points that gives a result of ten may possibly indicate the utility of a reconsideration of the nature of a 10 point ordinal scoring system.

Victoriya is stunning, I'd take her home any day (I should be so lucky!) Lots of talk about the pubic hair, but what grabbed me was all that vaginal lubrication! All natural girl juices, none of this phony oil stuff. To me, that is such a turn-on!

To me, shaggy pubes fall into the same category as hairy pits and legs: a total turn-off.

@ wheelerr:

A quick review of your comments shows 20+ "anti" posts.

Obviously these are not the images you are looking for. Why ever did you even open the gallery?

Move along, move along.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

It's such a total turn-off he can't resist coming here to comment :-))

Note his supporters as well. Surely I'm not the only crusader on this site! :-)))

I feel sorry for their limited views...☹

I'm, in heaven. Beautiful model all around but her bush is spectacular.

Thank you Met and Victoriya for not caving to the negative posters that hate any hint of hair on a woman except on her head.

To me, and I say to me, that's how a woman should look and it's probably how almost all of the posters here mother's looked when they were born.

Yes, I'm sure that's what our mums most remember about the moment. I reckon I'll ring mine and ask, "so were you shaved ahead of time?"

"When they were BORN"!! You may want to re-think that!

When the posters were born, not when the mothers were. LOL
One problem with English, it's very very easy to write sentences with ambiguous/ambivalent meanings... ( :

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

As I've said, Rock putting too much energy into misunderstanding :-))))

Ah, ehrm. *hem* *hem*
mmmm k.... did you HAVE to bring my mother into this?!?

That ain't a bush...IT'S A JUNGLE!!!

"Welcome to the jungle!"
If I had the choice of living here in the "city" or there in Victoriya's jungle, I'd pick her jungle!!!

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Obviously these guys are used to typical MA fare -- they haven't seen images of a real, perfectly normal bush in so long they are shocked :-)

Seriously, MA, you should take it upon yourselves to (re)educate these poor deprived souls :-)

I've said this often & I'll keep saying it until the shaved fans stop complaining. 90-95% of the models on here are shaven, so leave a few crumbs for those of us who don't like the prepubescent look!!

I totally agree with everything in this statement except the "prepubescent" crack.
I enjoy shaved models as well, and that has nothing to do with their age. ( :

A wonman's private area is a thing of beauty. Why cover it up with a mess of unkempt pubic hair? I simply don't get it. To each his own, I guess...

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Sorry to butt in -- "a thing of beauty" -- but only if an integral part of it is removed?
I simply don't get it either. But to each their own...

Yes, it is, so quit your bitchin'!

If that's what you call "bitchin" you obviously haven't been married!!!!

Shave your cock and balls much?

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Obviously must! :-)))

Sorry, Rock :-)

Well yes...since I'm a "BIG WANKER" I HAVE to shave them daily! ;o)

All yours doug...;o)

And mine; Victoriya is very pretty and I love her bush! And no choking involved if you know what you're doing down there trickydick1.

I think she's very pretty too, and I'm very familiar with the proper technique to avoid respiratory distress...down there...LOL But you just can't beat the feel of smooth bare skin. Nothing is more "erotic".

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Sorta like a toddler's :-))))))

You can choke to death on all that hair, clean it up!

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

They're just photos, dude :-))

You claim to be "tricky", dick.... Can't you imagine a work-around?? ;o)

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

I'm not including you in this, because believe it or not I think you're more open-minded than some here -- but think about what these guys seem to be saying.
Their way or the highway. A natural pussy is completely unacceptable.

You wonder why I "crusade"?

And you wonder why I wonder just how much they really like women?

Too much hair for my taste.

All good. Except for poor framing and chop cropping. 73 would be great if we could see the rest.

  • Gary
  • 2 months ago:

I love the pubic hair. I wish she had underarm hair as well.

And lots on her ass and her back as well... All up and down her gorgeous legs! And a bunch on her face too... How about a handlebar 'stache or a great looking full beard! And all over her chest too!! Yeah!! That's the ticket!! Why stop at underarms... Let's grow some hair on those cute titties! ;o) That would be great... :o|

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

Rock, that reminds me too much of Pikno! :-)))

U should know betta :-)

Girls are girls, guys are guys... ♀♂ ☺

Gorgeous model, not a fan of the bush

Yes. She does have a pretty facefor sure

Finally a real woman the way they are supposed to look with hair !!!!!!!

Lovely girl, really lovely! Hope to see much more sets of Victoriya!

YEAH! MET,give the people what they want!

The seller

Another great set of this beautiful, sexy girl.

The luxuriant pussy and anal hair really complement Viktoriya's pale skin, full breasts and delicate demeanor - 10/10 awesome

you stole my words

Aside from the obvious reason many members will comment on Victoriya (which is delectable, BTW), look at that perfectly gorgeous face!
I like how she varies her expression from picture to picture. It would be impossible to pick a favorite, because she looks so gorgeous in each one. She has the face of a classical movie star, or a supermodel. I'm (almost) speechless... ( :

Agreed, love her eyes, her hair, her expressions, and those lovely, plump, kissable lips.

  • Neil
  • 2 months ago:

Victoriya, what a darling little sweetheart, with a beautiful, shy innocence. So very precious. A young, natural beauty.

SO TODAY IS A GOOD DAY... What a woman..!! Love the pubic hair, so much more sexy...

So much hair lol

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