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Supreme woman is Vika T. She is able to capture imagination, feeling and desire with her oscillate behaviour (gymno-gyrate). Perhaps she will provide for her adoring fans again?

Vika is a living sculpture.
Vika is a monument to the grace and beauty of women.

... so happy to see her again. Four years waiting. Super hotness female. She is a 10 to me. Straight up sweetness. Nothing but smiles.

Every time the preview looks like maybe this time I get to see her lovely pussy, I'm disappointed to see it's out of focus (AGAIN). I love ALL parts of a woman's body, but it's being a bit too coy to have all her clothes off and pretend nobody's interested in what's between her legs.

Vika is awesome, wish this set revealed her assets better.

It is not her fault. She gave the photographer every opportunity he just couldn't focus on anything but her face. Even in #109 which had no other purpose than a pussy close up.

Correct, it's Randy's fault, not hers. I know how much effort goes into a shoot- hair, makeup, props, location, lighting, etc., so it's a shame. I think her eyes are captivating, and her face is gorgeous, but it seems Randy forgot that she has other assests that *some* of us might be interested in seeing. (Gee, 'ya think?)

Alarmingly impressive. Magnificent subject.

"Danger Will Robinson!" "Resistance is Futile!" "Better Red Than Dead"...

Old or new, this set is a real eye opener! :oO

Vika is oh so delicious...or was....probly still is....

Vika definitely has the confidence to start nude and keep on going. I agree about the poses they are very strong and emphatic. The only problem I have here is that the red is too bright, since Vika is very pale, blue or green would be better. Liza B is very tanned, but she does not use red other than as a accessory.She uses blue or green. I would give this set,Vika and Randy both a 10+

Hi all you happy people! This is probably not a archive set. Vike/Faina has been working regularly for Thierry Murrell, who rarely posts here. He is on Errotica Archives and other parts of the Met-Art universe. She has an update by Randy on Errotica Archives as well.

Sadly not all of us are rich enough to subscribe to all the met sites :)

I think this is an old set dug out of the archives. I can't believe all the open crotch shots she did and he focused on her face in every one except one and even a shot like #109 where she obviously staged for a closeup and you can't even get a good look at her face.

Should be you can't even get a good look at her pussy. There is one fairly decent vaginal closeup and that's all. Looks like she has a great one but who knows?

Randy only did 6 sets and 4 of those were in 2008

Vika T has always been stunning and she's still got it .

If this set is not an archive one then welcome back Vika/Faina. This Russian doll started when she was 18 it is now 9 years later. and again if this is not an archive set, she is even more stunning than before. She did some great g/g sets in the past. If she is still willing Ry should grab here and use her. His touch would make her a Russian Princess. My goodness what powerful poses.

I agree!

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