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  • jazz
  • 10 months ago:

Could spend the rest of my life dining on her delicious pussy

WOW - I wouldn't say no :-)

What a beautiful hunk of meat on those breasts. In the earlier shots her nipples were all crunched up under that blouse. Somebody needs to reach in there and free them. What am I saying I can do that job myself. Where do you live Vikki?

Very sexy girl. Very natural in front of the camera. I love her big moist pussy lips.

More of this model please - and unshaven if possible. what a wonderful model. :-))))))

WoW!! Talk about making an entrance! That was a SENSATIONAL debut by Vikki!

Very pretty & insanely sexy girl! Just the first of many, many sets I hope! Well done, Vikki!

Rylsky, this pretty, petite brunette has a powerful charge of sensuality and sex appeal.
I think his debut to MetArt makes everyone happy and with the expectation that she will retain a long time with us.
In my opinion, the setting and the clothing of the photos of debut could not have been better.
What is the name of the country where bloom these delicate flowers and strong?

What is the name of the country where bloom these delicate flowers and strong?
I am lost in translation, sorry.

WOW! PLEASE more. Just fantastic.

What a gash!

What a gash!

There is much discussion regardes this young woman; shell we take all that is said as a prudance to agree to disagree? Or disagree and come to agreement?
Any person, whom display them self for public review, must be iron willed to accept the derogatory as well as the pleaseing. We abide in a tough world; the tough succeed. Watch the embers of the not so tough crash and burn..

Yes, but...
This forum need not be a reflection of the "nasty and brutish" real world. We come to this site for pleasure; I see no reason we ought to succumb to the temptation to allow our commentary to be as rude or mean or harsh as is the outside world.

Indeed to quote "nasty and brutish". So much is not of a level to inhance or excite to excellance; to quote again, "allow our commentary to be as rude or mean or harsh,". These are Ladies whom display self for their own reasons; we are the recipiants of their favor, let respect reign for each individual!

Very well said!

Vikki has the most amazing pussy lips, wow. I love the shots where she opens things up a bit, but have to say I'm not a fan of using oil. If it's natural juices, then great, but it just looks so fake when you slather oil on a girl's pussy. Just my opinion. Other than that it's still a 10.

on the other hand we are our of "pure natural" thing totally, right? oil is not fake (IMHO) , but it is cherry on a cake, it is decor, same as nail cover manicures or hair styler mousse

I'm with Rylsky on this... Wet is wet, regardless of the source. I quite enjoyed it in this set. With such a magnificent pussy, what difference could it possibly make! ;o)

I see your point, Rylsky, but I side with RedPilot on this one. I love seeing natural looking moisture on/in a woman's labia, but the sight of artificial oils or lubricants or lotions actually is unattractive.
Just my personal opinion...

glad we understood each other. it was my "...HO" and you said what is yours.

Absolutely. ( :
I am nothing if not humble, LOL

i love every inch shes a 10 love her beautiful breasts
shes gorgeous im in lust

What a doll!!

Vikki, you are my new favorite Met model and have the most incredible pussy I have ever seen.

he most incredible pussy I have ever seen
You need to visit RylskyArt then to see something more and it will be a strong proof. Yes, "butterfly's wings".

Good stuff Rylsky, but don't we know this girl by a different name??
This is a good set, focused right where it needed to be. Beautiful little darling of a model that I hope we see lots more of, regardless of what name she uses!

See my reply above on your other comment, Rock, but in addition, both Ralina and Vikki have sets both here on MA and on RA. They are two different women. ( :

Whoops, please pardon the double post. Those gremlins really like me. ( :
(It's good to know SOMEONE likes my opinions! LOL)

See my reply above on your other comment, Rock, but in addition, both Ralina and Vikki have sets both here on MA and on RA. They are two different women. ( :

don't we know this girl by a different name??
same name on RylskyArt, I never heard she was a model for any other site.

Pardon me, but was there some point at which the lovely Vikki was supposed to get undressed? I must have missed it. Please come back again soon and fully nude.

Vikki is gorgeous love her slender body in combination with her labia. Welcome to MetArt Vikki

Serious pussy, for serious pussy lovers!


Will have to look closer tomorrow. Too much roast beef for Friday during lent.

Calling that "roast beef" is like calling a Ferrari a "car"..."FILET MIGNON"!!!

stunning set, stunning model 10/10

I sometimes download the odd shot from a set but after looking at this set I downloaded the whole damn thing

So, beautiful little Vikki Mauri, a precious little sweetheart from Rylsky. So cute. So pretty. Wonderful!

One of the angels of RA comes over to MA ... welcome lovely, you are perfectly gorgeous ... many more MA sets, please.

WOW what a beautiful woman she gives me fits. A perfect petite body absolutely nothing out of place. The face of an angel. One of those girls when she walks into a room you find yourself doing everything you can not to get caught staring all the while trying to think of something clever to say so you can have her attention. Def looking forward to more - lots more.

Vikki makes me think of a slightly younger slightly taller Ralina... every bit as yummy and sexy. ( :

I'm thinking it IS Ralina...

They have very similar faces, but their bodies are slightly different in proportion ~ Ralina slightly more compact, Vikki slightly longer ~ and their labia are quite distinct.

Close, but there are some obvious differences...

Welcome to MetArt Vikki.

Seeing your physical attributes makes me very happy. I hope you grace us with many more visits.

Why is Vikki hiding what appear to be very pretty nicely rounded breasts? I begin to wonder. A very petite and slender model whose debut is slightly spoiled by pher wearing too much clothing.

With those wonderful nipples peeking through the vest...hmmmmm

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