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wow pink love it

The girl is really nice and posing good, but the photos are kinda pale, so the model looks bloodless. I recommend to avoid overusing of retouching .

Most interesting face-and-figure combo. I have never been a fan of stubble-shaves (MOST uncomfortable, during actual use), so may I respectfully request either a smooth clean shave, or a normal-type trim, in the next set or two? Or, perhaps, one of each? And, with a petite figure like hers, I would love to see a full standing nude shot or two, with no clothes or props in the way, to help establish a better sense of fullness and proportion.

fully agree. i love fully shaved pussies smooth as silk.

Extremely sexy - the erect nipples are outstanding.

I absolutely love this set and her gorgeous pussy.

My only problem is that there is too little attention payed to her beautiful little boobies. They are kept covered for far too long and then there are too many shots of the back.

Her boobs are one of her best features and should have more time, and pictures, devoted to them.

please make a request what you want to see - better with links.

I want one...


Now that's what I'm talkin about! Just what I have been waiting for! Perfect outfit for this lovely young thing and thank you deeply for including the panties and keeping them on long enough to really stir the desire factor. Vikki is so cute and that outfit works so very well to stimulate the imagination. Panties ROCK!

A very nice set of this lovely young thing.

I like, I like, I like!! Enough said.


I just remember funny "Deutsche pornfilms cliche of 1980s": "Ich komme gleich, Ich komme, Ich komme" - 3 times repetitions in all sketches and jokes about available porn in USSR (main part was imported illegally from DDR).

It became most popular phrase from Deutsch in Russian youth society, I think it was in top 3 right after: "Das ist fantastisch" and "Nicht schlissen"

Vikki Mauri is totally beautiful, and knows how to pick cute panties. I meam,what more can you want. She does not have to do a self exam to get a 10++++ from me and Rylsky the samme

I did check RA where Vikki is less restrained, shall we say. I agree she is more nude there but never more beautiful

OMG! What a cute little creamy cunt.

I was complete distracted by the lamp.

then it is only my fault.

Not really the lamp' s fault. Just unfortunate framing/placement - like #s 9, 10 & especially #18 where it looks like it's growing out of her pretty little head.

I said it is MY fault. agree

Nonsense, it's my lamp.

Sure nonsense! It's a green rabbit hidden under the bed.


Whew, that was close.

Ain't nuttin' better than a rare filet mignon!

Two sets from Vikki so far and to this point, she hasn't been fully nude in a single frame. How long must we wait to see 'all' of her?

her very first set was nude 100%


Fantastic! Same calibre as Night A , Halena A, Julia I and Mila M for spectacular labia. I keep my subscription in hopes of updates from these women and now Vikki too.

I also adore those you named, and for that same reason. Thankfully, Rylsky brings us close (and in-focus) at least a couple times in nearly all of his sets. Some of our other photogs neglect this area or use soft focus.

One of these days I must get over to RA and check out his "Petals" series.

Only because of "Petals" series?

No, I'm sure there is a hell of a lot more there to look at! Who knows, I might even decide to stay!

Cute as a button, Can I apply for the lubrication job?

Who's the member who always uses the term "gobsmack"? Well, Vikki gobsmacks me. Absolutely. How adorable... and sexy.
Thanks for appearing for us, Vikki, and thanks for bringing her back, Rylsky and K.

Sheer delight! Young, fresh, desirable... Bed-time. Who had licked the
pussy wet?

I would love to be the one. Hell I'd even go so far as to dip my tongue in the oil or whatever is used and apply it to her luscious pussy. Somebody has to do it so it might as well be me!

...on another site, they apply the lube with paintbrushes.
I'm not saying that's how Rylsky does it in his studio, but I find it far more plausible than tongue application. ( ;

but I find it far more plausible than tongue application. ( ;
"more artful" at least

...and slightly more professional... ( :

Investigate please, Mr. Detective

Can I apply for this job? ;-))


More delicious VIKKI!! OMG what a scrumptious pussy!! VERY nice set!!

In my opinion, Vikki, since her first appearance, is came in the pantheon of the most popular and well-liked models of MatArt.
And with this his second appearance she confirms her special qualities of eroticism and beauty.
I find this a perfect set for its balance of colors and essentiality of composition.
All inside of this peaceful environment Vikki expresses all the sensuality of young beautiful woman and uninhibited.
10 x 2.

Vikki is absolutely cute. What a precious little porcelain doll. She is like a cute, playful little kitten. 93lbs of pure sweetness.

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