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Oh my God, her pussy is so perfect.

Nice set! Perfect pussy and feet! More please.

Beautiful doll so petite and perky nipples and very sensual gorgeous hope to see more

Vicki is a very cute and petite girl next door showing off for her boyfriend/girlfriend. She and Rylsky get a 10++++

What a sweet little porcelain doll! I love sets that start out like this it really sets the mood and gets the juices flowing. I think there are far to few sets on MA that feature the powerful of seduction. Nude is great but getting nude is the really sexy part.

Vikki has a very strong allure in her sweet disposition and lovely face and petite body. A combination that is hard to resist. Good thing certainly do come in small packages.

"Nude is great but getting nude is the really sexy part." Great quote and quite spot on! All too many photographers start off their sets with their models having their legs thrown back over their heads from the initial shots, whether they're shot that way or edited out of sequence. The journey to "get there" is half the fun of some of this.

The only shot I think Rylsky missed was the quintessential "panties dangling from the ankle" shot, but that's not a deal-breaker in this set with Vikki carrying out the set as well as she did. Very nice work both of you!

Sensational Set! Little Vikki is just sooo scrumptious! Sweet & petite, that girl's charms are irresistible! And early on we get these ooohh-so pretty panty shots and peeks of her luscious labia... OMG! WOW! Pretty, Flirty & Very Very Sexy! Sets the mood straight off.

Very Well Done, all around! TY Vikki! Just 3 sets and already one of my Top MA Faves! Hoping for many, many more! Pleeeze make Vikki a regular!And well done Rylsky & crew!

Call 911! Cuteness overdose!!!

An large luxurious chair for our petite subject. She makes the most of it, backed by a purple complementing to hair, eyes face, and skin, with lighting playing no small part, I'm sure. And compliments to the hairstylist, as well. Some nice shirt work, a couple more might have been nice; but I appreciate the use it then lose it approach. The shirt is never bunched round the waist, so we should hear no hissing, as snakes sometimes do.

Glorious pussy. THIS is why I keep my subscription. We asked for more of this model and got her. Thank you.

It's always a thrill to have Vikki's scrumptious little butt pointed directly at me!! And that sweet little face, smiling about what that does to me... emotionally... ;o) Nice... Lots of the shots I LOVE!! Thank you Team Rylsky and Team Vikki!! My morning just got a LOT better!!

Vikki also has some nice ink that you can see over on TLE... ;o)

My goodness that is a nice set, thanks for the tip, Rock! The ink's not bad, but I still like her other features better... ( ;

Well of course you do...lol So do I! ;o)

Aw c'mon Rock, you gotta admit you put that tweak right out there, just waiting for me to make it! LOL
You set me up perfectly. ( :

Top !
No other words.

ok so I find pussy shots a bit of a yawn ... but the final 2 shots are captivating. wonderful

Oh my goodness, darling Vikki has almost rendered me incoherent... ( :
I especially enjoyed the extended panty sequences at the beginning, followed with a nice panty tease sequence. Rylsky has explained some of his sets as being representative of a girl teasing/showing off for her boyfriend. I very much get that vibe from this set... I just wish I was her lucky boyfriend, because after all the teasing was a very satisfying nude sequence with nothing held back. One gets the impression being Vikki's boyfriend would be very rewarding indeed. ( :

Well said!

Neat comment, good job.

Beautiful little Vikki Mauri. 93 adorable pounds of darling, innocent, cute. Vikki has a precious little petite figure and a beautiful face that that just melts my heart. I love her wonderful brown eyes and delicate smile. Very very nice. The background location seems new to me and I know I have never seen that purple chair before. Indeed, I'm certain I have never seen a purple and silver grey chair anywhere. But it does work well for Vikki.

We have seen a quite a bit of this silver furniture here. Tastefully used for photography, I can't say I'd want to see it in anyone's abode.

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