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My new favorite....those breasts....AMAZING

I will renew my subscription to MetArt on account of sets like this one. Viola Bailey is my kind of babe - full body, succulent big boobs, and a nice bubble butt. Excellent photography.

Yes, voluptuous woman and beautiful body!

Absolutely fantastic, Viola is so damn cute and those tits are just awesome, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!, a really lovely girl, lots more once again.

I love Viola O Bailey!

To be sure ;)

Holy hOOters, Batman!!!

Violla is one seriously impressive woman. I'm glad to witness her coming out of her shell as time goes on. ( :

Violla (Violla A) is the supremely curvacious beautiful red head Ukrainian goddess and indeed she is impressive. This remarkable young lady is the equally impressive Latvian goddess named Viola (one L) Bailey. Stunningly beautiful Latvian princess with an Irish surname.

I'm pretty sure fer_realz just added an "L" by mistake Neil....his hand might have been a little shaky from the excitement Viola caused:)

Yeah, that's what happened! My finger slipped!
...that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it! (Thanks for the assist, Browning! LOL)


Iiii understood himmm


Yes, it is pretty bad when even your fingers get hard. :)

Damn Neil, even when you "respond" to a "response", you tally the most thumbs up:)))

It's now official,Latvia's loss is our gain. Viola Bailey is a fabulous beauty of the red head variaty.(can't spell worth a damn today)She also demonstrates (over on TLE) that the road to the Promised land does begin right at home with the three finger grip. She is beautiful,has a perfect figure,and Koenart has remembered that her back is as good as her front.They both get a 10++++

It appears Viola's beauty can stop a clock.

...Viola's beauty would stop a Mack Truck. ( :

That cute slip she's wearing didn't stand a chance. Breasts win again.

Impatient old me!

Stupid effing slow system!

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I fixed this one for you, should take the site a couple of minutes to remove the duplicate comments.

Thank you very much K!

Viola is a lovely young woman, complete with freckles, attractive eyes, pleasing breasts ~ areolae ~ and nipples, downy hair, a great bubble butt and puffy outer labia. All in all, very voluptuous!

It's almost too easy to write that Viola is a Latvian lovely, but the truth never is wrong; and Koenart has delivered the goodies again.

10s for 2.

A real and voluptuous woman I could spend all day and night snuggled between those thighs and breasts . Wow !!

121 lbs of genuine solid gold womanhood of the brick house variety. This babe is stacked and loaded to bear. Ms Viola Bailey just plain gorgeous.

Oops, that is loaded to hunt bear. Sorry.

H'mmm the way I'd always heard the expression was, "Loaded for bear," which, of course, meant "loaded to hunt bear."

the pedant

I think he had it right, except for mispelling "bare"...;o)


In Viola's case "loaded to hunt bare" works equally well.

the homonymer

By George!! It IS the system this morning!! Your "equally well" comment was not here until I posted my "wisecrack"... ;o) HMMMMM!!

@ Rock:

How often do you reload / refresh your browser; and what is your browser of choice?

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