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I admire this girl very much, mainly because of her huge breasts which are so beautiful. She is indeed very special.

Hi, I think Viola baily is very pretty, and I agree with K some tags, etc, are not needed on Met-Art or anywhere else for that matter, but jerks will be jerks. I have a TLE membership and enjoy all Viola Baily's sets, specially the girl on girl she does with Beata. But then, as I pointed out,some models prefer each other, at least to play with, and Viola and Beata are VERY good, they make real works of art,as Viola has done here by herself.I had to give a 10++++ to both,this is a set by two artists,befor and behind the camera. Sorry I forgot to post yesterday, but I was busy watching viola

So cute, and yes, those awesome tits, what a girl!.

I have a deck and patio furniture just like yours, but no Viola. Life just isn't fair!
Oh yea, if those are implants I'll kiss her ass. Then again if they're not, what the hell, I'll still kiss her ass.

When you bought your deck furniture, apparently you couldn't afford the Viola option.

Someone actually used an "implant" tag! My dear sir, it is no way those beauties are fake!

  • 1 year ago:

Hi hotte,

The fact that so many assumed her breasts were fake in the tags is laughable. As I am looking at the other words associated with her, some of these are despicable. If you notice that many of them are missing it is because I removed them.

I never really thought they were fake, but then again - I know Mickey Mouse is fake, and I love him

Thanks, and good for you, K.
We're ~ allegedly ~ all adults here, not a bunch of pimply faced adolescent boys in the locker room. Tags used to find sets that fit one's interests are one thing, tags that are used solely to shock or be vulgar are another, and as far as I'm concerned are open to deletion.

Ah yes but without such imbeciles those of us with average and above intelligence would not get to feel like gods amongst men, idiots do serve a purpose now and again.

Personally I love a large pair of tig ol' bitties, especially on a girl as red hot as Viola!.


Nothing new about seeing things that aren't there. Some of your most prolific commenters and taggers have made virtual careers out of it.

K - Speaking for myself, I don't think I'd complain if those tags went away. I personally don't feel a need to search MET by "lickable asshole."

Yea, that wouldn't narrow it down for me especially since I think 99% of them are lickable. Now "heavenly hooters", such as those of Viola's, that would narrow down the search considerably.

Checkers, You're speaking for me as well. Get rid of those worthless tags.

Thank you K!

Once started it might be like waving a red flag at a fighting bull for a while, but I applaud this start.

If the taggers continue to invent new ways to write their offensive stuff, I would recommend a single off-line statement to each that certain words and plays on words are not acceptable (as was done for the "p" word); a second offence earns an immediate cancellation of membership with no further communication.

Most excuse(s) that will be offered in reply do not negate the fact that their membership was used by someone to attempt to circumvent MET's terms of service.

It's ViOOla time!!!

Beautiful girl with an absolutely flawless bottom, yum

Viola Bailey in a robe? Be still my heart! Devastating. Absolutely devastating.

Personally, I feel that Viola's videos over on The Life Erotic rival Sex Art for sheer passion ~ solo, and G/G with Beata and Patricity. If you're a big Viola fan and Met offers you a deal on The Life Erotic, you are going to want to take it.

@ fer_realz:

Does she jiggle on either or both sites you mention?

Whoops, my pardon... ambiguous language. My comment made it sound like she has vids on both TLE and SA: in reality, she only appears on TLE.
As for the jiggle, she doesn't do jumping jacks, but it's kinda hard not to jiggle at all whilst masturbating.

Viola Bailey. The incredibly stunning Latvian woman, with an Irish name. She is a gorgeous young woman.

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