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An absolute 10, what a debut. Viola has an incredible toned athletic body with full round breasts that defy gravity! Viola welcome to Met-Art please make sure you come back often to delight us with your perfection!

Greatest ever tits and quite obviously natural!

I welcome Viola too!I love her face,and her freckles,wonderful breat,and very nice figure over all.I am definitely wanting to see more photosets from her.

Thank you.

This young woman's breasts are clearly natural. See how they hang and change shape as she changes her positions. Bags of silicone or saline can't do that. Aside from that, why would a young Latvian woman, only a few years out of adolescence choose to submit to cosmetic surgery? Many models with small, petite breasts appear on MetArt and are adored by well mannered gentleman.

i love small boobs and prefer them

I love whatever boobs a beautiful woman happens to be wearing at the time.

Viola is a beautiful girl. her face is very sweet, her ass is gorrgeous and her pussy is gorgeous and delicious. her boobs are beautifull and really large. but, are they real or fake and modified?
can any one answer?

100% boobs are REAL:)


What a debut for Viola! An outdoor beach set, but like Sailor, I didn't mind at all. I always look forward to new models, and no disappointment here. How can one not be in awe of Viola?

I think that MA needs a higher size classification in the bio's for women of her extraordinary breast endowment. "Large" is simply not adequate, need to add "XL" to the size list.

also need to classify as real or fake or modified

Incredible. This was so fun to view. Her body is a marvel, something that nature blesses with very few individuals. I can not imagine what it is like to stand in her presence. I feel lucky to even see this.

Unbelievable breasts and cute, freckled face. More please!

Welcome Viola! An unforgettable debut on MetArt. Picture 96 WOW.

Nice looking girl with great body. Next shoot, get her someplace warmer. I think the goose bumps took away from her looks. Would have been a better shoot if it was 20' F warmer.

Loved the goose bumps and erect nipples, beautiful face and oh would I like to get my you know what between those exquisite breasts.

With ladies like Viola on the shore, its a wonder said shore isn't littered with wrecked ships. And Koenart has done this set perfectly, since she's a met virgin, let her strip at her own pace. She can be a 10+ model, instead of a 10, she just needs experience.

Corn fed, magnificent mammeries!

I hate to be a ruin you guys views on Viola but as a female Viola O is only 20yrs old and at 5ft 9" tall with those large breasts of her she is going to have really bad back problems as she gets older I had a friend of mine who had to have a breast reduction as it happened to her but looking outside the box each to their own prefences looking on the bright side of her lovely debute of Viol O she certainly makes up with those long legs of her,creamy smooth skin,firm inner thighs,vagina and a nice ass too :( I would mind her next to me if i was a male those breasts of hers woulld make nice ear warmers on a cold Australian Outback winters night but i can't be so judgemental its only her 1st series and i loved the beach setting and T-shirt she's wearing love the ocean have'nt seen one for years now and the last debute series from a large breasted model in an ocean setting was Victoria B from memory alas those large breast,erect nipples were implants never the less its a nice debute series and Welcome To Metart Viola O its been a great night with some very sexy models specaily Sapphira A's lastest one Cheers Guys

I am sure that Viola can avoid the severe back aches in the future, if she wears a good sturdy bra while she is not modelling and if she takes care to maintain the physical strength of her abdominal and back muscles. Young women who are blessed with such a wonderful endowment have an extraordinary responsibility to take special care of themselves. If Viola allows herself to gain weight and fails to stay fit, she could suffer backaches. You much admit, she is beautiful.

Neil so very true totaly agree with you about keeping her physical strength in both her back muscles and abdominal muscles i keep my up by driving a 900 W-Series Kenworth truck plus 3 trailers so totaly thats 150 feet with the so many tyres to change and plus the maintaining the truck alone and i'm 6ft tall but was blessed with a slim body but ya still have to maintain ones body thanks for your kind reply appreciate your politeness Cheers from Australia

From frizzy hair to 3inch stiletto heals that hurt, it is not easy to be a woman. That is why men must love and appreciate them. Very warm regards and best wishes from Pennsylvania, USA.

Can you believe that idiot's 'implant' comment above. Clearly, he has never seen naturally well-endowed tits b4. More of Viola please, she is incredible!

Viola is a beautiful woman. While I'm not a fan of large breasts (I'm in the minority I'm sure) if anyone thinks she has implants....they are crazy.

As you stated hotte, Viola's are REAL!!!
Whoever it was that placed the "tag" implants apparently has never seen a woman with large natural breasts before. Their loss:)

I was hooked by photo #2.

Amazing body, super cute face (freckles!!!) and a perfect - and perfectly shaved - pussy. Time to get her to bed.

For a photo shoot, for a photo shoot.

Whatevs, bibblefuss, we all know what you meant, and we all agree...

Stunning debut from beautiful aphrodite Viola. The complete package - body to die for. More soon!!

Wow!! Simply a stunning debut from Viola. This girl was put in earth to please - tits and arse to die for - beautiful long legs, an absolute dream. The complete package, more please!

Flawless beauty, captivating eyes, adorable freckles, athletic legs, and the most divine breasts. Viola, women like you are the reason I joined Met-Art. Here's to much, much, much, much more of this fantastic model!

She is the reason I joined too Proctor. Her body is incredible!! I dont think i have ever seen breasts that big on such a tall athletic frame like she has. Thats a one in a million body... As amazing as her breasts are, i think her best feature may be those cute freckles and her absolutely perfect little bubble butt! Wow!! Viola is a real head turner and definitely a very VERY arousing girl!!!!!!

Please, please,please ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh PLEASE can we have more of this model. Awesome breasts, great body. Thanks Met.

Jeff, old bean, you've got to get off the fence and say what you mean! Do you want to see more of Viola or not? : )

I know, I'm having such a hard time interpreting Jeff's remark, amirite?!?

Lovely Viola has many outstanding features: freckles, two toned eyes, a bubble butt, lovely legs, large areolae and glass cutters, a camel toe, downy hair, and I could go on. It was a cool day by the sea, I hope Viola didn't catch a chill! I have thanked Koenart many times for finding and presenting lovely ladies from the Baltic states and Viola certainly continues that tradition. Bravo to both and many more collaborations please.

Welcome Viola. You're a real delight. :)

What a dish and those fabulous breasts are very much real . More, more ,more please .

Oh wow! Amazing debut. As Neil says Absolutely stunning.

My God, at 5'9" those lovely round breasts must be epic in scale...

Lovely lady, decent pics, nice addition.

Viola, you beautiful thing, welcome to MetArt. Your flawless beauty—face, breasts, pussy, derrière and just about everything else—is a glorious surprise. What other treasures has Latvia been hiding from us? On a day when you have to follow Sapphira and Vanda, you hold your own beautifully. Once you gain confidence in front of the camera, you will be one of the top models on MetArt. You're already among the most beautiful.

Viola, you have the softest looking lips (the upper ones). Beautiful!

Viola, just thought I'd add that your conquest of Yours Truly is just about complete. My trousers now shrink instantaneously as soon as I clap eyes on you. You are a beautiful, mouthwatering treasure.

I just noticed this set was shot on a beach, and I didn't even mind. (Probably wouldn't mind sand in my teeth either).

Sailor she's already on The Life Erotic with the same name and there she's not shy at all, she masturbates for us on the photos and it's an excellent set, worth a look that's for sure. So we can say she's a confident and magnificent young lady with a perfect body to die for. I really hope she will be a regular model here and on TLE too, because it's a pleasure to look at this wonderful natural beauty. Another sensational find, thanks a million Metart Group for bringing forward this angel. :)

Hi robert, I didn't know Viola was on TLE. I'll have to check her out. But just to be clear, I wasn't talking about the that kind of confidence. I suspect that the vast majority of women in the MetArt network revel in the attention their bodies get, and most of them are comfortable with their sexuslity. (Bless them.) I was talking about the confidence that comes from spending a lot of time in front of the camera and learning to remain in the moment. It's the difference between the Vanda of today and the Vanda in her earliest photo sets. It's subtle but it makes all the difference.

Viola O, what a stunning figure. Absolutely stunning.

Given that Viola is from Latvia, I wonder if this is the Baltic Sea.

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