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Hello Koenart,

Would you please, and most of photographic artists, find a way to allow a few simple pictures into your presentation of 'large breasted-well endowed women', that would include some simple shots of the model standing facing the camera with either hands by her side or on her hips.

With the hands and arms down this enables gravity to enhance the beauty of the well developed female breast. Hands on hips and gravity shows the "full" beauty of the wonderful globes of love.

The hands / arms above the head, or cupping the breasts, pull the breast into forms and shapes that the deprive the beauty of the full and bountiful globes of 'love' that these women / models have been blessed with and want to share w/ the viewer. After all "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - let gravity pull all the beauty out of the well endowed woman with magnificent breasts. Thanks Richard / Rumpel

She has natural breasts to die for :)

what its up with the tight shut pussy lips !! more pink for gods sake!

what its up with the tight shut pussy lips !! more pink for gods sake!

Please more of her!

As all the hunters say this time of the year, "nice rack"! And I'll add to that, "killer body and pretty face"; love her yummy butt.

An absolute 10 they said...UHMMM... I really think this one is 11, but everyone forgot to say how incredibly nice is the photo-shoot quality!!!

Kudoz to Koenart for flawless photography! With good HQ photos even less than perfect models can look and feel lively, let aside a model who has all the assets to begin with...BRAVO...Erotic rating 10 out of 10.

I'M a sucker for big tits!

I'M a sucker for big tits!

All the right stuff and plenty of it!

I love a girl with goose bumps!

Normally, I'm more of a legs & butt guy than a tit guy, but OMG you have to be in awe of her set! Big breasts are oversold IMHO, but I'd happily play with hers.

What the heck happened to #81? Strange color shift, the contrast goes bad, something weird going on. If it's Photoshop, don't use it unless you can pull it off!

Viola O has an amazing body and knows how to show it off to it's best advantage. I hope we see many more sets of this lovely girl, but a bit more variety in the locations would be nice.

I agree. Viola is ideal for the beach setting, but please, Koenart, let's do something different next time. I wouldn't object to another outside set, such as a garden or something green with vegetation, but an inside set would be even better.

Viola has awesome breasts (obviously) a shapely body and a simple, gorgeous face. I hope she doesn't get fat like so many of the big breasted ones do.

Too many tags. Lean day today. Day of trimmed girls, outdoor, high-heeled, big breasts.
But digging you find the beauty.

At home sweet Viola pantry will never be empty.
Long live the wealth!

I think Viola has a perfect taste in outfits to lounge around on the beach. The one she was born with is particularly fetching, with long perfect legs, perfect butt,(even if it gets alittle sandy), and lovely face and breasts

By the time I noticed the freckles in the final portraits, I was already besotted with Viola. The freckles pushed me over the top. This beautiful young woman achieves MetArt royalty her second time out of the gate: Incredible breasts; incredible pussy and anus—hell, just incredible. Viola manages to project delicate femininity and smoldering, come-hither sexuality in the same frame. Total woman! A tsunami of 10s. xoxoxoxo

How, with more than 120 votes cast, does this goddess rate less than 8.5?

Criminal ... I don't get that either. I suspect it's a common addiction to "over thin". NOT an affliction I have. LOVE this set.


Incredibly gorgeous!

An amazingly beautiful woman with a a perfectly incredible feminine body. Wow!

The beauty of a car depends on the size of the tires?

Yah I think Met Art has found a perfect blonde comparison to Sofi A

What about Miela? Wouldn't that be a great set with those two together?

Hi Markuluvsofi
I thing Candace B has that sewed up already

Absolutely mesmerising breasts! Great looking girl too, if you ever get past staring at the chest!

gorgeous girl with a fantastic ass

WOW! Awesome jugs. More than a handful - what am I saying! I want to get my hand son those.

Seductive girl with two outermost remarkable works of art!

Really nice set!

Absolutely stunning and what's not to like about a few grains of sand on Viola's bum. I just wish I'd been there to brush it off.

Opps, sand on her derriere. I can feel the bitches coming for the sand.

What bitches!? Where's the bitches?? Are they naked???? Whadda they want with sand???

Hell ergo beat me even getting this posted.

Sand on Viola o's delicious rear is so not needed.

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