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Violla is glorious, can't get enough of her—beautiful eyes, beautiful mouth, delicious body, alabaster skin. (Is it really that white—is anyone's skin really that white?) She's yet another of the MetArt redheads who monopolize my fantasies.

How interesting. I thought colorized photos had gone away. At least I'd hoped that was the case.

Please; never do that again, especially to so lovely a model as she.

Violla is wonderful and she can lie in my poppy field any day. I just have one recommendation. She needs to flirt more with the camera and me!

she is a real beauty but the hair color is very distracting.

The Goddess of Fire has left me in a pile of burning embers.
Such a beauty!

toe nail colour: ugh
that flap hanging out of her vag: ugh
the contrast between her hair colour and her eye brows: hmpf
the blanket: too much

not a fan of this set.

I like Violla a lot, especially that sweet beautiful face, but this set doesn't do anything for me OR her! Improper exposures make her look 'washed out'. Unfortunately, this is a "typical" outdoor shoot, to me. I'll take my Violla INSIDE, thank you.

I love shoots featuring Violla. The images from this shoot are very striking and at least in my opinion, they have done an excellent job matching her hair color to that of the poppies.

Technically the average quality of todays MetArt updates are uncommonly high; we have four -- 4 -- sets worthy of a 10-rating...!
However, in my most humble opinion, the best of these sets --- artistically spoken --- is nearby set by "Matiss"!
MetArt members has given Matiss a rather modest artist rating hitherto, but if he's able to produce sets of this standard, he may deserve a future 10 classification --- reevaluate his rating, guys...!

Sorry...not based on this set. I think all photographers here are "capable" of producing quality sets, but you have to average "all" of their sets for an accurate rating. Myself, I seldom if ever rate the photographers for this reason. It would take too much time to go through all their stuff and that's NOT what I'm here for. Matiss is no better or worse than the others, MOST of the time. This set is not visually appealing to me at all...I'm at 7 on it.

Wonderful colors. They offset Violla's pale skin. Such a luscious pussy, I love the way those inner lips peep out. A really lovely set!

Its always a treat to see Violla's great breasts. Her butt is special too.

Red and red doesn't go.Poppies too distracting.


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