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Violla is one of my favorite models. I love girls with red hair and fair skin. The images is this set are breath-taking. I just wish violla would consider leting some of her pubic hair grow out. Not a lot, just enough to ggive shape , definition and color to that part of her body. Just a thought. Still she is very perty with killer eyes and beautiful breasts.

One of the best set of tits and ass on met-art.

great model and shoot loved the wide open shots and close ups my only complaint is it took 4 sets to get to the good shots.

Lovely girl --

18 sets so far --

First 33% of her work shot indoors -- last 66% ALL outdoor. A bit lopsided.

Dreadnought, next to cap locks, cutesy smily faces,etc are a strong second!

:O :( :+ you get the idea!

You guys worry too much --

Violla once again shows that dazzling beauty always triumphs over bad direction. Do you think she'd marry me if I promised to take her away from all the watermelon?

Wonder if the watermelon was chilled?

Not for long.

LOL, Keen observation, there Sailor! She could probably melt a block ice in just a few seconds.

So fucking hot on all fours

Love this set, especially the on all fours ass up in the air shots. For me there is nothing better than a beautiful nude model outdoors with the sun beaming down on her sweet bare bottom

We don't get too many who are willing to open up as willingly as Violla does. There aren't too many photographers (Rylsky & Erro are two) who can't be bothered with adding color to their work the way Matiss does.

I give them both 10/10. Violla because she's stunningly beautiful, is 'just my size' and is truly Sex on Legs. She turns parts of me to quivering jelly, but others into rods of steel.

Matiss gets 10's also, because he is thoughtful, has a great imagination (though the water-melon was a bit over-done here), loves color and has a great rapport with his models. Violla in particular.

July can't come soon enough. Make the next set earlier rather than later in the month. (We might have time for two:-))

Really tired of produce. Couldn't get past Pg.2

LMAO, you're supposed eat lots fruits, you know, it's good fer ya.

I know that feeding strawberries & whipped cream to my lady, naked in bed is really, really very good. She gets really happy and ~(¡)~ is verrry good! I've heard that it's one of the main food groups. ;>

Would you have preferred a banana? :)

Violla is one beautiful woman. Love her erotic poses and attitude with the camera. Her natural breasts are such and improvement over the fake ballons that appear from time to time.

I just wish there were more doggie shots of her lovely breasts in clear view! I hate it when arms get in the way...

Yeah, she could have been sucking the juices out of something harder than a soft, pink, water-melon. But believe me, things do improve. A lot!

You guys are a riot! And what's wrong with a little smiley face every once in awhile? Oh, yeah, back to the comments about Violla, I'd buy her a whole truck load of watermelons if I knew that it'd have that effect on her! Hell, I'd buy her a watermelon farm just to be with her! Kinda reminds me of a song ... "summertime and the livin' is easy".... ~(¡)~ ¡Caramba! ¡Qué rosada coño en ella! I think I'm going to the kitchen and get me piece of watermelon, now.

Very, very nice. Cute, natural breasts, lovely nipples, sweet little protruding labia, and a curly, wrinkled anus that is a real turn-on. Attractive poses and lovely colors too, although I agree with ergo that the light is a bit harsh.

Cut water melon = pussy ,symbolism at its best . Pleasing set but light is a little harsh at times .Less enthusiastic use of reflectors would have helped . Matiss's favourite trio of green ,red and blue works well.

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