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Can someone loan Matiss a spirit level?

Very hot ;)
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In the dictionary, beside the word BEAUTY, there has to be a photo of Violla...

If the word "deliciousness" were in the dictionary, her photo would absolutely be next to it.

I'll say this was a fascinating outdoor fantasy. But Matiss can you bring Viola indoors? In the bedroom, wher she can become really comfortable!

I agree, Caballo. Violla can't go wrong, I love every single set she's posed for. But it would be a really nice change to see her indoors, on a bed! ( :

I wish more beautiful women like this would hike in the nude. That would brighten everyone's day, and it would make people get out of the house and exercise a little.

Volla is georgeous, so good looking that I even forgive the hair color although it is obviously done to brighten up her hair to match her light brown eyes and pale skin. She has a totally beautiful figure and likes to show it off,so what can be better?

Score was much lower because her last 13 sets have all been shot outdoors. Her percentage of indoor sets is abysmal.

What -- ? Is she ugly when you get her indoors?

Has she got a phobia to furniture?

I'm definitely in the minority, but I love the outdoor setting.
A beautiful woman in nature is unquestionably my favorite.

Great work Matiss!!!

Violla looks great too!

I'll take Violla indoors or out. I must admit I like this setting (even though I often prefer indoor shoots). It's a nice fantasy, you are hiking along in the woods, and come across the voluptuous Violla in cut-off shorts and tank top, smiling playfully while she strips for you. The rest might be a thing dreams are made of...

My home sits on 52 acres and the majority of it is hilly and wooded....I'm trying to imagine the scenario your described as I look out my back door.....mmmmmmm nice.

The photographer is a moron for ruining this set by shooting the set in the harsh sun light that cast sharp contrasting shadows on the model; and for the dumb camera angles. Also what makes you think that putting her up in a tree is sexy? Is she a monkey or something? Finally, the hair color stinks.

That beautiful body....and those amazing natural breasts...Violla...you are stunning, my dear...

Matiss, PLEASE, fix Violla´s hair. it´s not fair to show a wonderful girl with a hair like this. She is not a natural red. maybe we could her as a brunette. please take care of this small datail.

I agree, this bright red is a bit much. I liked her hair better last set as strawberry blonde. The darker red is okay, too.

Agreed. Violla is so very beautiful. I wish we could get a fix on her normal, natural hair color. I think it is a shade of red,but not that freaky shade that she wears. I wish she would grow out her pubic hair, just long enough to see her natural shade.

She is beautiful. Matiss is talented. The hairdresser is a hack.

Harsh light has spoilt this otherwise gorgeous set.

Violla is always stunningly perfect. Beautiful photoset.

What a pretty bra. Look out Victoria, Violla knows your secret.

No marching panties. She must have left them in her boyfriend's car. Look out Violla, we know your secret.

Instant save as soon as I saw the set was of Violla. Why? It starts with her magnificent breasts and areolae; and continues to her special puffy outer labia. Everything in between is very nice too. Thanks to Violla and Matiss.

Violla, you are, as usual, beyond beautiful. This may be the best set you have produced so far. Every shot is perfect. Now, if only you'd respond to my marriage proposal…

Matiss, PLEASE photograph this ravishing creature indoors sometime!

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