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I hope I don't spend eternity in hell for the thoughts going through my mind as I fantasize while looking at these photos of Violla. I think my pc is about to have a meltdown!

good lord she's hot!

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH, Violla and Matiss --

The high heels made my day. It's nice to see that some people are not afraid of heels, and might actually appreciate their inherent sex-appeal.

My "10" for the day !!!

Agreed, Dreadnought!
This set is definitely a 10!

beautiful lady .. nice body and sweet pussy.

The voluptuous Violla floats my boat every time. It takes a lot for me to score an outdoor set this high, to be shot well and have a model as hot as her. If we had a nice full nude full body frontal (like 133, only from the front), that would have made the set complete IMO. I like cameltoe, and Violla is tops in that category, so I enjoy the frontals on her so much more. Great set.

In this set, where is the 'art' of MatArt?
Perhaps in ridiculous shoes of the model?

NOTHING wrong with the shoes, my friend.

Sorry Matiss, Viola is getting all the raves. Matiss you are one of the few great photographers on Met or anyplace. Met should give you your own website. Viola you are gorgeous and this set was perfect. If you walked up to me in that dress I would melt!

Great day on Met. All todays updates are quite good.

What a beauty...curves in all the right places...what a real woman looks like...not just skin and bones...loved the set..

Flamin' HOT redhead!

Violla as stunning as ever but what a day...Alma, Lukki and now Violla. I must be in heaven?

Really nice upskirt work, and those heels are HOT on Violla.
Lucky us, she really seems to enjoy the display. I could watch her play all day....

Agreed, fer-realz --

The heels are VERY hot.

Just for the record -- regarding our last conversation with Rylsky. If you didn't get the whole discussion on Zelda's last set, you might want to go back and check it out. He got rather "snippy" when I questioned him further. Rylsky's comments made it sound like the editorial staff thought high heels were only worn by "hookers" or what he implied were "hack Playboy models". You know -- not up to the classy standards of Met.

In point of fact, that is Rylsky's personal opinion about shooting a model in heels.

I took the time to drop the editors an e-mail. Met's editorial staff do not disapprove of, nor do they discourage the models from, wearing high heels. That is a matter left to the discretion of the model and photographer. Simply put, if he asks her to wear heels -- she will.

Hey Dreadnought, thanks for filling me in on your correspondences.
As far as Rylsky is concerned, that's fine with me... he does such a good job otherwise (and I know you might not agree, that's fine too) that I won't quibble at high heels. At least he understands upskirt!
Anyway, it does seem funny to me that MA doesn't feature more sets with high heels just given the type of photography they seem to favor otherwise.
However, when they do, it's almost always really hot, and part of that is the relative scarcity I think.
Thanks again for the update, Dreadnought!

And I'll definitely go back to Zelda's last set and catch up on the rest of the conversation I didn't see yet.

I agree with bobblehat that this is Violla's best set (so far). I bet she keeps on improving like the proverbial bottle of fine wine. I would love to see her in at least one set with her natural hair color. Mind you, she could be as bald as a billiard ball and she would still be beautiful.

Wow, what an attention grabbing set of photos. Viola is absolutely stunning.

Now I have the problem 4:18 AM Central!

What problem, swplf?

Hello horsemaster Et al.,
We had a few networking issues today, and parts of the world were seeing broken images, missing covers and films that wouldn't stream. These issues should be fixed now, if not, it should be clearing up shortly. I apologize for the inconvenience, let me know if there is anything more I can do, and I will make it happen if at all possible.


Hello again! We had a recurrence of the outage. At 8:36 am PST we are still working through it with our CDN. Most of you should have service back, but for the few that don't I have all my network techs and providers working on the solution.

fer. these are two of Jonathan's post from earlier on Sex Art Jonathan is the admin over there. If will notice Sailor wasn't the first post on this, so he probably got hit with it too. It hit me hear on Met also. It was first time ever I had a problem with either. I take it your not on Sex.

I was for awhile... but I find I prefer sets/vids without fingers/toys/penises in the way of seeing what I want to see... ( :

Violla's best set so far in my opinion, her copper coloured hair goes great with that short dress and the lighting really shows her golden tan to perfection, coupled with some seriously hot poses making for a really nice piece, great stuff.


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