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I adore Viola and there is so much in this set to enjoy! I gave it a 10. I can only imagine its average rating is less than 9 because there aren't more "must have" individual images in the overall selection, which is a shame. But that's sort of like complaining about the color of the briefcase in which they deliver your first billion dollars. Which we do a lot of here, which is kind of ridiculous, but there you have it ... humanity. In the grip of beauty like this, we're all mush-for-brains. :) Thanks to everyone involved in making this set possible!

Spectacular model and images!

I can't help thinking that a set of the most beautiful woman on MetArt has been spoiled by so many crazy angles?

A set completely enjoyable.

Full of light, colors, and sun.
Full of Violla, red-haired nymph, soft like a cream puffs.
Smiling and uninhibited, completely comfortable naked, opens shameless in the light of the sun to show all her treasures of young woman.


Well put!

This is one of my all time favorite sets. Great job Violla and Matiss....excellent!

I generally prefer smaller, thinner, more petite woman....but Violla is a knockout, she has the looks to floor any man.

Another great set of this gorgeous beauty, nicely done.

Matiss, I would love to help you out at your next photo shoot with Violla! Maybe we could do one in a bedroom with a very sexy nightgown. Please!!!!

Matiss, I would be more than happy to help you out at your next photo shoot with Violla!!! Mighty fine shooting!


Gorgeous girl. Gorgeous day. And, really gorgeous colors.

Love it!

WAY beyond adorable!!!

Tilt that camera!!! Chop off that beautiful head!!! Not much about this set is appealing to me at all!

Correction....the background is magnificent! ;o)

It seems to me that by going through this set of lovely images Violla A totaly enjoyed her self basking in the sun highling her creamy white skin showing just a tinch of a tan on her body reading her book.I simply loved images #1 to #11 with Violla sitting on the wooden bench by the cristal clear blue ocean in the foreground.What ever ocean it is Matiss could not have picked a better setting to show us all what a lovely model that she is.I simply adored the love close ups of her gorgeous beaming face smile of hers per images #78 to #81.One has to simply adore images# 129-#131 with her sitting sideways on the wooden bench with her legs spread open revealing her vagina,pink labia lips with the foilage of the trees in the background are simply stunning.After seeing this second lovely series of hers i can see what you guys like within her a little bit of meat on one's body does'nt hurt at all !!!

She's all woman, rags, and not afraid to share... ( :
As for her figure, it's perfect in my book. Not too much, not too skinny. Very womanly and just shy of voluptuous. (I love voluptuous too!)

Fer_realz so am i 6ft tall with the body of Alyshia A and the only share with my body is when i ride nude only wearing leather leggings on whislt riding my 1200 cubic inch Shovel Head Harley Davidson my breasts and long sexy legs and long blonde hair tends to leave a few drivers really distracted specialy at the traffic lights one of my favourite cheeky things i get up to :( :(

Awesome, reminds me that I really must move somewhere warm......, also reminded me of this:


Give me a call the next time you ride like that. I'll tag along. : )

Hi Rags: Six feet tall and built like Alysha? I'm definitely heading Down Under as soon as possible. I love tall women. (I'm 6' 3") Besides the cheeky part sounds really interesting. : ) : )

Presenting, in the first seven photos on this page, the most adorable tush on Planet Earth, and once Violla turns around, the most beautiful woman on two continents. Violla invites hyperbole like that because her beauty reduces mere men like me to mumbling. She is the quintessential Ukrainian goddess. 10 forever. xoxoxo

...and apparently, absolutely uninhibited. What more could you want?!?


Sailor, yesterday it was Suzanna A....today it's Violla....you really need to put a trip to Ukraine on your Bucket List.
That way, if for some reason you don't make it to Heaven....at least you will have been there on Earth:)

IMHO, this would be the only bucket list worth having... ( :

Not over-exposured nor deep shadows, the photographer got success to capture bright & natural colours of her skins under the Sun. It is wonderful,isn't it?

Violla is an absolute dream of a woman. She makes me drool... ( :

I am guessing this is the Crimean coast of the Black Sea. At least I hope it is. Wonderfully majestic and grand scenery. And of course this is about the incredibly beautiful young lady called Violla. Such an amazingly gorgeous shapely womanly figure. Flaming red hair and mesmerizing dark brown eyes. And in this set, Violla presents a few big, happy radiant grins. It seems Violla normally does those secret mysterious sultry smiles, but this time she is grinning and even laughing. Beautiful. I am sure Violla is a natural redhead, but I am not sure if the shade she is wearing is natural. I would love to see her natural shade. So Violla, warm regards and best wishes. You are beautiful.

Matiss, very nice set, but I would rather have the camera held level with the horizon.

Dear Neil I saw your comment about the way i write my comments down took no offence to it what so ever you are correct the problem is i never finished high school or graduated at all .So i have to write it as i see it my my head joys of being born and raised in a small Australian Outback town.I well endevour to do so in the future but i'm glad you like them though :) Cheers From australia

Best wishes from the other side of the world. Now I am off to Google Australia to get smart about NW Australia.

Best wishes too Neil while you Google NW Australia Check out Ayer Rock its only four hours drive from where i live will give you and view of how sparse of a Desert Country i live in Cheers From Down Under :)

Best Wishes too Neil if your going Google Australia check out Uluru ( Ayers Rock ) the largest single sandstone rock in the world its only 4 hours drive from where i live and it may give you an insite to where i live check out Alice Springs N.T the town i live in.The Noth West of the Kimberleys are gorgous to see but where i am we have the 10 most dangerous,poisionous snakes in the world beats some of the USA's snakes cheers from Down Under :)

Rags25, I have been reading all about Alice Springs on Wikipedia and other websites. Very interesting.lovely photos of the spacious countryside. I invite you to check out my home town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on Wikipedia as well. Have a great day. Regards and best wishes from USA.Neil.

It is always a pleasure to see Violla. I am a bit worried about her exquisitely pale skin on such a bright sunny day (there would be plenty of volunteers to help her with the sun tan lotion though!)

Fear not, Nihil, I'd be first in line!

Hi Fer_realz trust you to want to be the 1st in line to rub some sun protection lotion over Violla A's body only being cheeky i'm in a great mood tonight ok :( :(

Oh, I'm sure you'd spell me if I got exhausted, rags! LOL
Cheers from frozen Wisconsin... snow is on the way, I hear. Is it OK if I send it down your way instead? ( : ( :

Fer_realz snow would be nice for a change here kind of get tired of the heat here but our winters are bitterly very cold too but not as much as Wisconssin and the northern States close to Canada though I had a friend in Maryland and told me that you have to plug in a special heater in you car so the water in the engine block doesn't freeze and crack and are you chatting me up LOL :( :(

Ha ha ha! rags, I am a gentleman, I swear on my honor. ( :
Yer just gonna have to trust me on that. LOL
It sometimes gets so cold here that an oil pan heater is a good idea... my Grampa used to have one in his old Chevette back in the day.
(I walked to my job interview for my current job on a -23 degree C. day... needless to say, that was a bracing walk!)

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