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She's beautiful but the red hair does nothing for her, she'd be stunning if she tried anything but red, indoor dressed up to undress would be more provocative

This is a stupid set. Stupid and distracting necklace. Stupid crooked angle shots. Stupid location. Dumb ass photographer. Beautiful model.

I'm starting to really love Violla A within her outdoor series :) She is truly within harmony with her surroundings and this latest set is no exception either :) I simply adored all of her images with this set basking in the sunlight amongst a beautiful landscape setting with the ocean within the background :) especially images #1 to #10 gracefully lying on her gorgeous cotton blue blanket with her lovely beaded feathered necklace hanging down her magnificent creamy large breasts with a gorgeous glow within her lovely brown eyes with stunning close ups of her beaming face those brown eyes of her as well as her gorgeous smile the suns rays casting a slight tinge of blonde within her well groomed hair :) image #6 is a striking close up of Violla with both her arms behind her head with one of the loveliest smile upon her face (sigh) with her gorgeous necklace hanging down her full large breast nipples fully erected ;) with both the natural light of the trees foliage and the crystal clear colors of both the ocean and sky highlighting her beauty very well !! Images #19 to #21 are also priceless it really shows she totally happy within her work as both a model and young lady :) This latest set of hers is just simply stunningly beautiful and it does'nt matter what poses Violla does within it from her explicit views of her well portioned firm body her creamy skin of her slender legs thighs well groomed vulva to those gorgeous serene poses curled up upon the ground to lying sideways gazing at the ocean to those gorgeous close ups of her beaming cute face she is totally happy within this set never losing that natural charm nor her beauty :) Violla A simply a remarkable beautiful young model/lady growing ever so grace fully within each new series of hers and personally i can't see her within an indoor set she is truly at home within the outdoors :)I love both Matiss and Violla A together say just simply click well together and i loved Matiss the way settings he chooses for Violla A he truly knows how to show her off beautiful body her gorgeous facial features and i have to say that this truly " Where Flawless Beauty Meets Art" :) I hope to see more of you Violla a in 2014 :)

I have to admit, rags, you have a good point about Violla being in harmony with her surroundings. She manages to achieve this feat pretty much every set...
Personally however, I would like to see her do some indoors shoots, both studio and bedroom.
But, I'll be content with what she gives us, which is solid gold every single time!

Will someone please take little miss nature girl and throw her on a bed?

Totally agree Matiss is way to fixated on outdoor shots with this Model, I have to assume it's him and not her, she actually started out on Met- Art in a bedroom shoot and another Shoot called Subtle, but that's it when it comes to bedrooms with Violla, with that said most of her outdoor shoots are pretty good...

I have a feeling we're ALL dreaming of doing just that, Selfless!

Violla puts my heart into overdrive every time. Aside from her killer body, I think she has a gorgeous smile. Her cheerfulness makes her sets all the more spectacular. She's a keeper!

Hey Matiss. Fabulous model and location but too many shots at odd angles. Ask Santa for a tripod next year if you're having trouble holding your camera straight.

Hey Matiss. Fabulous model and location but too many shots at odd angles. Ask Santa for a tripod next year if you're having trouble holding your camera straight.

Red fox!!!

Of course the hottest red hsad of all was Ira A who retired many years ago.( Ira is a woman's name in Russian.) She once had a 3-way on Voronin's living room couch in " Domina ".She also did very hot g/g with Sharon E in "Krilius ". Sharon was in "Domina "as well.

Violla is a fabulous beauty, and is close the being the most beautiful redhead. If you want beautiful redheads, Indiana/Belle is the tops. APF by nature is a rather light and mousey brunette, as you can see in her first set on Met shot by Magoo. Now that Erro's make-up tech Susie has broken her of using too much eye makeup, she is hot. but shs's gone to orange hair. I hope that Susie gets time to work on her soon. Violla tried being a blonde once but quit before it became a habit. Violla is very poised,and she always looks happy to be here. Matiss has a real treasure here, with her creamy skin. pretty face, and fabulous figure. T an giving both Violla and Matiss a 10+. Of course with that much beauty it's hard to miss outdoors with Violla, as long as you keep the sun out of her eyes(If that sounds like a pet peeve, it is, and Leonardo, among others, does it regularly.)

Fails to keep the sun out of the models eyes, that ie. You'd think he would have learned bu now.

Anything featuring Violla is an instant download for me. Amongst the many reasons why, I always seem to appreciate her beautiful breasts.

Today was another great day on MET! Kudos to all models and photographers with a shout out to K for scheduling these galleries.

There is something special about Violla... she is, more so than many other models, consistent ~ consistently cheerful, erotic, and she seems to genuinely enjoy sharing her beauty with us.
That lovely smile never grows old...

...and because of that, she has never had a set less than great. This voluptuous honey is an instant download every time.

Absolutely... I don't think I've disliked a single set of hers.

For an outdoor shoot, this is pretty damn good. Glad Matiss found her a bit of shade before he started happily snapping away under the blazing sun, as he likes to do.

Oh and I just love pic #20 - adorable! :-D

You bet! It was that photo that set the tone for the whole shoot, IMO.


Sailor, Another of your sorority at the top. This time a red head. Shame she waxes would be neat to see if as James Bond said to Jill St. John "Do the collars and cuffs match?" Who cares she is great the way she is.

That was in Diamonds are Forever, she played as Tiffany Case. Shame we didn't see more of her as is another stunning redhead.

I like that Violla has a more "natural" red today, rather than the bright red she has been in the past. It is a good color for her, if it matches or not!



(I'm laughing at the "collars and cuffs" reference, btw)

From the Diamond's Are Forever early James Bond movie w/ Sean Connery.

Violla's dark roots suggest that the collar and cuffs would not match in her case, and that's great. She knows she's a born redhead—maybe THE redhead at MetArt. This set is fantastic. I have never seen her more beautiful or more seductive. Amazing.

Details,Details If I want to fantasize a fiery fluffy tuft of red delight, let me. I think if you exclude APF and Mia Sollis she probably is close to the top redhead. My fav was Natalia A but I think she retired. And we both love Mia Sollis.

I was actually thinking about Natalia when I first read this. Good call! ;-)

I always regret treating this like a competitive sport. This stuff is almost totally subjective and, in my case, subject to immediate change. Violla, Mia and AFP are all at the top each in her own special niche. The most beautiful one is the one I'm looking at now. BTW, I didn't know Natalia A. She was before my time (I don't say that very often these days). What a beauty! One of my favorite redheads to this day is Angela D, who modeled for Catherine until about two years ago.

Finally, swplf2, for fiery fluffy tufts of red delight, check out the postings on Rylsky's site over the past week. He's been hoarding a lovely gaggle of naturals.

...aaaaahhhhh Angela...
Gotta admit I miss her sweet face... time to go to the archives.
( :

I went back and searched redheads. Was surprised with how may we have/had on the site. You have APF, Violla A, Mia Sollis, Milana G and some new models Beata C and Rinna A. You can't forget the one and only Asian redhead Sakura A. It really depends on what you like: natural vs dyed; large breasts vs small breasts or shaved vs natural. Hard to go wrong with any listed in the comment section today.

Not really a surprise, JB... a lot of people have a bit of a redhead "fetish." They tend to be quite popular on sites like this. ( :

Most members who submit written comments are complimentary to redheads. Yet the silent majority out votes us when you look at the ratings for Natalia and others whose collars and cuffs match?

If I am ever successful at getting a Hall of Fame I hope that at least a couple of the redheads make it...

Oh, I have a hunch all those mentioned so far will make your Hall of Fame, swplf...

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