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The Ukraine is so on my bucket list!!!

Really, if Photoshop was used on her pussy I doubt many noticed, because they were too busy wanking off. Wow, what amazing assets she has, OMG.

Red, I don't know if you've noticed, but apparently we have two kinds of members:
1) Those who subscribe to enjoy looking at the pictures of the models they like
2) Those who subscribe solely for the pleasure of writing nasty or insulting or negatively critical comments.

#2 Like Yours?

she would be so perfect without photoshop..
you use it to musch ..
In high definition on pussu , photoshop is so visible !
nice model..

Volla is totally hot from head to foot,and Matiss never loses sight of this. Some of the angles are weird,and I don't know what the tree thingy is,But I like it. Matiss is experimenting. trying new things with Volla and that is even better.Too many Met photogs do the same old same old. I give Volla and Matiss a 10++ each

I liked Matiss' experimentation in this set also... it's almost like he couldn't get Violla indoors so he brought the indoors out to her, which worked remarkably well.
But then, with a gorgeous, photogenic woman like Violla, it would be hard to screw up... you could practically just point and shoot and whatever came out would look good.

Outdoors? Yes.
An "outdoor" different from the usual beaches full of thorny bushes made ​​to injure the delicate models or sand, lots of sand, that dirty everything from the head to the feet.

Sea, sailboats, Violla dressed.
Good, very good.
You think: Violla strips on the sailing ship.

Violla ends in a shabby grove.
To hide the squalor are used curtains of tulle.
Bad, very bad.
Outdoors still very bad.

I never get bored with the photos of Viola. Such a beautiful woman and oh that beautiful vagina!!!!

Indeed, you don't see such an inviting vagina very often, it just begs to be pleasured!

Stupefyin' Jones his back! Every time I see Violla I'm reminded of the voluptuous character in the old Li'l Abner cartoon strip, but if memory serves, Violla is much more attractive—more feminine sweetness, less va-va-voom. (That's a comment about attitude, not about equipment. Violla's got plenty of that.) At any rate, this is a fantastic set. It's nice to see Matiss at least approach civilization. There may be hope yet for an interior shoot. For now, we have the outdoor Violla, and she's wonderful.

First of all, Sailor what are you doing posting at this time of day. Go to bed early last night. Now about Violla a subtle "red" haired doll. While the poses are interesting I do have one suggestion. With Violla we have one of the few very pendulous, apparently "natural" large breasted members of your sorority. Most of the shots do not take full advantage IMO of them. When they "hang" like that then give us some shots that show them hanging down. Without implants natural breast just spread out when reclining. Matiss did a good job on the almost spread winged butterfly but with Violla's he could have given us more and I would have been happy. I, too, would love a movie and a well lighted Indoor set. Ta,

Fantastic! Just fantastic. Great model, great photography, great set.

Ah Balaklava...Balaklava...I love the place!!!

Violla is one of my most favorite models here. I just love her brown eyes and voluptuous figure. Even her nether area is voluptuous, having great nutritional promise (in my dreams). She is all woman in my book and I enjoy each and every set of her.

Matiss often shoots her outdoors, and I'm okay with that. She seems well-suited to being shot outside, almost as much as Mango. Matiss even gave us some clothed public shots to start out this set, that was a real treat. Nice work, you two.

Please a video of this superb natural girl !!!

That would be on my wish list as well!

Violla is incredibly beautiful young lady, with an amazingly stunning womanly figure. Matiss has mastered the art and science of capturing her unique beauty. I am not sure what photo 13 is about, the set is very interesting.

It looks like one of the pictures from the Titanic wreck...

In photo number 14 and 15 Viola is looking at the boat in the water.Attention to detail.

Ahhh ~ thanks for the clarification, Yokozuna.

Matiss and Violla....a perfect pair. Violla looks fabulous once again.
IMO, any set that features Violla is a "10".

Great work, thank you Matiss!

Some odd and wonderful poses but I love the set .

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