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Violla is absolutely stunning and this is a great gallery, but to make it perfect Violla should have lifted that blue dress for some upskirt pictures of her gorgeous pussy.

... wow.

Nice to see Viola in a sexy dress and inside but we didn't quite get her into bed. Well, what am I complaining about? I do know that if I were that fireplace behind her I would have been blazing hot a few photos into the set.

Violla is perfect,a Very lovely model. I do think this would have been better cut to 6 pages,but we get to look at Violla some more. I give Violla a 10++++

Violla is perfect,a Very lovely model. I do think this would have been better cut to 6 pages,but we get to look at Violla some more. I give Violla a 10++++

Patience, grasshopper. (sorry Baggy, stole your line) ;o

The pricelessly puffy pristinely presented. (Lost just a bit of focus on a couple)

A magnificent manifestation of the marvelous mons shown with a mesmeric display of mastery by muse and maestro.

Our artist reveals the foot for its own visual potential, simultaneously in the same picture revealing the foot's potential for flawless framing.

Constrained color quite classy; fireplace, mantle, hair, lips. Flatter and focus for the face. As contribution to the same, the earrings are success: open mind -seeking the possible, surpasses closed -seeing the horrible.

#39 Pose, form, curving lines. Fingers peeking through the hair -finding this cute, is it silly?

I think I see a tease
with hope she will be pleased
when eyes I know are there
will see right through that hair
And when she turns her head
she'll find my cheeks quite red.

So much more to do
with all that lovely blue
than simply stand straight in it!

Our show today is good enough to make the Dramamine worth it.

Thank you Mag, your prose and wit are exceptional today as usual.

photoshop is abuded ! too musch, too musch !(pussy) stop please it is not enough natural but too tampered.
Personnaly , i don't like but nice model and good work for the rest....

"much," not "musch." ( :

Question de jour: which lips would I kiss first?

With such a fine woman one must progress with kisses from top to bottom.

That's one approach.

Agreed. Top to bottom is the proper order. One must also remember not to neglect any of the spectacular scenery in between...

Any gallery of Violla images is an instant download for me; she and Matiss deliver the goods again.

I appreciate that Violla's hair colour is less extreme today; now if only she and Matiss would collaborate on at least one gallery featuring her natural colour.

Today I wish for a tongue depressor to be carefully placed on her second tongue and a request be made for her to say ah. I would say ahhhhhhh if in her presence and armed appropriately.

Great set of a gorgeous model! My hat is off to the artist for this one, after finding so many of his recent, disappointing. Kudos Matiss! And kisses to the ever-gorgeous Violla!

At last Violla is indoors, in bed, and does a strip tease for us!!! And she does not just tease, she pleases!!! Thanks Violla and M for a very sexy set. Violla you're beautiful!!!

An inside set of Violla, one of my faves, is just the icing on the cake of a great day at Met! This set is definitely an E ticket and a delicious treat I shall savor today and later with an instant download. This set shows what Matiss is capable of with the right model.

I agree with your rating, but I wonder how many (if any) from outside the US would know the significance of an E ticket? Well, I guess there is Disneyland in France, right?

At long last the sublime Violla returns inside and what a fine set it is. Kudos to both Violla and Matiss for this gorgeous set that truly comes alive when Violla breaks out that thousand-watt smile of hers. ( :

She is, but the poses could have been better. Having good poses every so many pics takes away from the set.

Violla is a stunningly beautiful young woman. Such a gorgeous womanly body. Magnificent!

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