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Violla is a hottie:) Beautiful face.

WHAT I'M LOVIN': Seeing Violla, naked. That's always a good thing. :)

MY PREFERENCES: more natural treatment of light and saturation, more relaxed poses.

PHOTO NOTES: Yes, high key is a creative option in photography, but one I've never personally enjoyed. It was really hot a number of years back and very commonly used across a lot of publications ... and personally, I couldn't stand it. It's actually one of the things that got me into photographing women in the first place. BUT ... that's ME. Visual art is about the self-expression of the artist(s) on the one hand, and the appreciation of the viewer on the other, and what we each appreciate as viewers is always going to differ. There's no point in insisting that everyone prefer what we prefer, as it "ain't never gonna happen". Yes, I would make different creative choices if I were working with Violla ... and some of you would love them, and some of you would not. And life would go on. Yes, we have the right to express our views about what we prefer, and to do so energetically. But it gets a bit silly when we come across as though we think our preferences are anything more than that. But wait! My preference about preferences ... is a preference. AHHH!! :)

In the end, it comes down to this ... Dig what you dig, don't what you don't.

DO something about the RED HAIR it does nothing for her!

Violla, a woman of full figure desire, hands full of her for ultimate satisfaction. She is so pleasing to view, developing a desire from deep down inside, only she can satisfy. What a woman is she! Now we must wait till she graces or screens again...

Another boring outdoor set! I plead with Matiss and Violla to get back indoors on a couch or bed.

I love this set, it's always nice to see an absolutely gorgeous woman and great photography by Matiss. Although, I would love to see her play with us, flirt with us.

Am I the only one who finds this series over-exposed? (Be fun to play with in Photoshop to try to color correct.) Violla really deserves better than this.

My guess is the "high-key" look is intentional. It's a style, a look, not everybody likes it, but many do. You do lose a bit of detail in the highlights, but you also gain shadow detail, which often gives you detail where most men are looking. I'm sure you get my drift...

Splendor in the Grass!

Violla is just absolutely beautiful. An absolutely perfect womanly body. Violla has been blessed with a magnificent figure. And we are very fortunate to be able to see her photos.

Is hers the finest body on Met-Art? She's certainly in the top ten.

Fabulous Friday . Four absolute stunners ,one of those days when you want the sets to go on and on and on . :-)

Instant download for obvious reasons!

Just in case Matiss or Violla ever read members comments; I will again plead my case that seeing lovely Violla with her hair its' natural color would not detract one ioita from her appeal.

I agree! Lovely girl, but her sets with this God-awful orange hair color......

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