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awesome. wish all photographers did spread pussy closeups

Tit and pussy heaven

Pussy looks like a wad of freshly chewed bubblegum.

Pussy looks like a wad of freshly chewed bubblegum.

How about a sheer teddy next time? With sheer panties, slowly taken off with a few up-the-leg before removed shots? Just a thought...
She is fantastic anyway. But it would be disconcertingly different.

Clearshot, are you thinking of "babydoll" instead of "teddy"? A teddy is a one-piece, rather like a one-piece bathing suit. A panty over that would probably look a little funny... A babydoll on the other hand is a pretty little top that might close in front, usually worn with a panty or thong.

Either one would look great on Violla!

Spectacular breasts, winning smile, charming camel toe!

Violla is blessed and we are privileged to view her blessings.

I enjoy the very curvy Violla every time. What a treat to get an inside set of her. The only and I mean *only* thing she could do to improve with me is try her natural hair color for once, or at least something "more natural". I generally overlook that, because she is in my winner's circle of beauties here.

French nail polish,clown red hair,stupid waist band...Sometimes this..fórum or whatever seems to be the meeting point for each and every
fool across the entire world.You aestheticians,do you really like women?Maybe a homo page would suit you well.

The seller

Gosh, Whiskey, I feel like you're holding back on us.
Can't you tell us what you REALLY think of us? ( ;

Sounds like someone pissed in your cheerios this morning, I'm sorry it was such an awful day and I hope tomorrow is a better one for you.

Clown red hair doesn't do it for me

Gorgeous girl, but I'm not a fan of the red French-tip nail polish. I don't know who came up with the idea of painting just the tips of a girl's nails red, but it looks like she scratched someone bloody. Not a good look. Makes me cringe every time I see a girl wearing that nail polish style. White French tips look natural. Red tips look diabolical.

The stupid waist band/cloth ruined the set for me.

Truly a beautiful woman!!!

Violla looks fantastic, she's at (or near) the top for good reason.
I like her outdoor sets considerably, but I'm glad to see an indoors set for a change.

I love her cheerful attitude and beautiful smile. I'm most fond of the portrait mirror sequence (#27-#33), with my favorite photo in this set being image #29. IMO, Violla has one of the prettiest faces on MA.
I also feel this hair color best compliments her incredible beauty.

Many thanks to both Violla and Matiss for this very nice set of an extremely attractive woman.

PB, I'll agree with you on everything except the hair color.

Fair enough kilroy:)....I don't really know what her natural color is?

I suspect that our best clue is to look at her eyebrows, which are of a different enough hue that I am going to guess they haven't been tampered with. It looks like a fairly dark brunette to me. ( :

I don't think any of us really do! She's always had those unnatural shades of red and orange.

I'll go out on a limb and guess that Violla's hair color in the set "Exakheit" is closest to her natural color....and after looking through that set, I will add I like that the best:))

Without a doubt, my favorite set of her. By far!

I want to comment on this gallery, but she's so gorgeous I can't come up with a coherent sentence.

I can't find anything wrong with her ! Except that it ended too soon and... she's not mine !

Nice to see spread legs/ pussy like image 55 on this site!

Matiss finally brings our rose Violla back inside again, and he even wraps her in a pretty bow. On the one hand, I would have preferred a pink bow: on the other hand, it's not like there isn't plenty of pink just inches away.
Speaking of which, because I'm a sucker for the revealing explicit poses, I feel this is Violla's best set yet, and that's saying something... ( :

I think it is one of her best, not sure if I'd say THE best, but definitely outstanding. As for the bow, it was cute for a while, but I wished it would have gone away at some point. A few of those standing poses without it would have been a plus in my opinion. Plenty of pink in this set for sure.

Violla is one of MetArt's true super stars. She is absolutely gorgeous with a perfectly beautiful curvaceous body. I love those enchanting eyes and enticing smile. Very nice!

Violla should do more indoor sets like this one with that gorgeous body.

Yes, great to see her indoors. She's not indoors with me but ................

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