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Love the body, Hate the hair colour, This is an average set! Sorry

Violla unshaved please Matiss!

Thumbs up for the bikini tan-lines (as opposed to the ring-around-the-nipple , pasties tan-lines).

Thumbs down on the red tip (scratched-you-bloody) nail polish.

Leave it to Color Maestro Matiss to drive along a road and see foliage perfect as backdrop for a particular color of hair.

Said the Rowan to the photographer: "feed me, Seymour!"

Put me in the gynecologist camp, whenever labia part to reveal the moist pink bits inside, I'm a happy camper!

❤ the smiles on her lips...both sets!!!

If you are going to shoot Violla outside would you please start her out in a really sexy dress. She is exquisite in dresses!

All woman ... Down to the detail inside her pouch....

It's a rare occasion when NONE of the updates are appealing to me... This is such an occasion...

Today we are blessed with another visit from incomparable Violla.

Violla's face, breasts, areolae, nipples, camel toe, inner labia, puffy outer labia, butt cheeks, and slender legs are ab·so·lute·ly spectacular! It is little wonder, then, that she currently is rated #1 amongst MET's top rated models, and certain to remain a top contender for her entire modelling career.

I have often suggested that ONE gallery where Violla's hair is its' natural color would be special.

If Violla or Matiss ever read this, a reply would be nice. Even if the reply is along the lines of “Forget about it, I / we totally reject any input from the members about how to conduct our business ~ Violla's signature hair color is unlikely to ever change unless she opts for an even more outrageous color.”

There, there, now; I don't think the lack of a response merits a crisis of self worth.


Anything is better than nothing.

I don't mind outdoor settings for a models shoot and Violla does them better than anyone but I also think they should be somewhat realistic, a roadside shoot is one of those that is unrealistic I mean honestly I don't care what country you're in especially if this is in the Ukraine these days I think it highly doubtful you'll find a naked girl on the side of the road.

Not only does that road look realistic to me, it even looks like a real road. And that Sorbus/mountain ash/Rowan looks real, too. Can something be real, but not realistic? I'm confused.
I certainly don't have any realistic expectations of realism with respect to stumbling upon anything resembling the previous series of images.

Go to your 'favorite online video cache' and type in "Russia"... You may be amazed at what you'll see coming out of that area of the world. A naked girl along the side of a road is pretty tame when compared to things I've seen...;o) I'm certain that Ukraine has many similar outrageous videos to offer, and know for a fact that many videos identified as "Russian" are actually from Ukraine. The setting here is "plausable", just not appropriate for my tastes.

It should be a crime to clothe a body like that. Always glad to see Violla.

Thank you very much Violla! Excellent work Matiss! In my opinion this is the best set since I joined Met Art, Violla looks fantastic in every way.

Absolutely spectacular! Violla is at her very best. Such a stunningly gorgeous woman, with an absolutely flawless womanly body. She is as beautiful as any woman could ever want to be. I love the bright sunny summer setting. I wonder if this was shot in the Carpathian Mountains of western Ukraine.

Judging by her ratio of outdoor to indoor sets, I get the feeling that Violla is one of those people who just doesn't feel alive unless they can be outdoors, regardless of time of year or weather.
While I prefer indoor sets, I have to say that being outdoors is good to Violla. She comes alive and her smile is quite stimulating.
This set is another great collaboration between Matiss and Violla. ( :

I think Matiss likes to do outdoors shoots, with beautiful curvaceous Ukrainian beauties. Violla is a great model and goes where Matiss says. Ukraine has beautiful scenery and beautiful woman. Slava Ukraini!

Glorious, absolutely glorious, Violla is absolutely rampant with her magnificent, cute, gorgeous and sexy self here, naked from the get go she appears a little coy in amongst the trees, but shortly proceeds to display herself with majestic abandon, this girl has never been shy but the spreads here for me are just amazing, so cute, come back soon, hopefully sooner!.

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