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  • JANN
  • 11 months ago:

VIOLLA A-SHE IS PERFECT !!! !!!-I wish every set had these poses: PUSSY/ASS SPREAD FROM THE BACK &-EYE CONTACT--

No, no, not angle, but angel !!!!!

Violla is a seraph, an angle of the highest rank; so serene is her pictorial. My wish is she remain an angle for times to proceed...

Totally hot and some of the best spreads in a while, Violla is magnificent!.

Her sweet pink pussy is absolutely exquisite

It is fantastic, she shares it beautifully.

A wonderful set, WOW. Viola, like always is smoking hot, sexy and displaying her enticing, mischievous smile. Shots from 73 to 110 are one of the best series of snapshots I recall in METART,...those lovely holes are calling to be filled...

Red on the head, fire in the hole!! Hot set.

Viola appears here as the sort of woman who would be a tremendously fun time in bed. I can't recall the last time I felt such a deliciously playful sense of erotic welcome.


Violla is a beautiful woman and as usual all her physical assets and how she displays them are outstanding!

I wish someone would tell her that the Bettie Ballhaus look is so 2000, or earlier. Bettie at least change(d)s the colours and shades of her hair regularly.

A major plus for Violla is that her breasts appear to be natural.

A joint banquet by The PPC and the Association in honor of this pictorial should occur soon.

Hear, hear Magwich... I'll be there with bells on. :D

Sensational posing!!

4 lovely lips...2 beautiful smiles!

Violla in a treasured inside set! My morning is complete with this total 10 lady and set. Some fantastic rear shots today! I love Violla's full figure and curves. She's even full and curvy down below, with about the nicest mons on the site. Excellent set of one of my winner's circle members.

I'm especially digging the views from behind in this set. Violla has a gorgeous bottom and esp. those all fours shots and the FDAU shots are powerfully sexy.
Thank you for this set, Violla and Matiss!

Matiss always cuts loose with Violla, or is it vice-versa. I think it has a lot to do with Violla and her very uninhibited attitude. I wish he could get Marta E to pose like this!

I know, kilroy... it seems Matiss has two photographer's personae... a rather "tame" one with some models and a much more explicit one with others such as Violla.
I think it really does come down to the models and what they are comfortable doing and showing. However, all of his models are beautiful enough I want to see them in the "explicit" mode!

Yep, these are the "late for work" poses!!!

^ Ha! This comment (above) was in response to Jericho's response to my original comment. LOL

I failed to mention this is my comment. I agree the rear view shots are excellent, possibly the best shots in an already fabulous set!

Matiss at his best . great set . 9

It's good to see a set of Violla shot indoors for a change.
Very nice work Matiss, Violla looks as beautiful as always! Violla is a gorgeous woman with a beautiful face and a superb body! This set is definitely a 10 IMO.

Ditto in every regard, Jericho. Definitely a 10. ( :

O, I wish to see her red bush!!!!

Observation here reveals something close to black.

Are you sure it would grow in red, Eridanus? The hair on her head is dyed red. I'm not sure what her natural color is, but I'm not sure it's necessarily a shade of red.

I highly doubt that it is red, more likely a shade of brown like her eyebrows. I also doubt that Violla will ever show us what color it is. She has always kept herself immaculately bare down there.

I too wonder what color Violla hair actually is. I guess it doesn't matter because she looks great in any shade, but I doubt her bush would be red (at least not the shades of red she has shown on her head thus far).

Violla a is the best girl in the world violla you doing great job keep going i love u very much

How could you have posted this comment (actually the same comment 4 times) 14 hours ago when the set has only been available for 30 minutes or so?

The set has been available "here" for 30 min. or so... If tranz is in Asia.... Well you know how all business is rushing to China for their "billions" of customers... Although this doesn't seem to explain 14 hr difference...(???) Maybe tranz in on the friggin' moon!

Thailand is definitely 14 hours ahead of PST

Well there ya go!
I believe the sets are posted in the U.S. simultaneously across the time zones. When I lived in CST I got it at 1am. I'm now in EST and get it at 2am, so I've assumed that PST gets it at 11pm of the previous day.

What I was trying to say, quite unsuccessfully I might add!, was that the guy is in Asia, and gets the sets long before we do here.

Somebody's got some 'splainin' to do!!!

Perhaps tranzen noted via facebook, or...that Violla would be appearing today and decided not to wait to voice his opinion of her. Premature adulation is not as bad as premature ejaculation!

_fer_realz_ I replied to you so I wouldn't jump to the front of the line.

That would not explain how the comment got "on the board" before the set was posted. IOW how could he have "voiced his opinion" on a set, without the set being posted. Can you post a comment on FB and have it automatically post to a set on MetArt at a given time?? Please tell me of this magic...;o)

Right!! Count on an 'splanation fer, just don't hold your breath! ;o) lol

I'm guessing some kind of time-stamp software glitch.

Violla a is the best girl in the world violla you doing great job keep going i love u very much

Violla a is the best girl in the world violla you doing great job keep going i love u very much

Violla a is the best girl in the world violla you doing great job keep going i love u very much

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