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Virginia is a very hot young woman. What I like most about her, is that even when she is in a very sexy pose, there is an innocence shining through. I would like to see her smiling more. She has a beautiful smile.

Virginia, you remain peerless.

Wow, sweet pussy, so tasty!!!

Wow, Virginia, such a captivating smile is truly a rare and special gift. Your figure is absolutely divine and Rylsky does a beautiful job portraying it. Though I am more of a 'less is more' when it comes to pubic hair, I absolutely love the 'tree of life' trim. I love image 115 so much, I think I'll turn it in into an image I can use as my desktop wallpaper. Virginia has the face of the quintessential girl next door.

I only wish that there were fewer images of her either sitting or standing. A woman is seldom more erotic to me than when she is laying on a bed with her hair fanned out, her head tilted back slightly with her eyes closed (#42 comes really close).

Oh, and while the lingerie is certainly sexy, I would have been happier to see more of the sets that book ended the main set. Virginia has the face of the quintessential girl next door and I would love to see a set that captures more of that rather than the bedroom diva.

please see her full portfolio of sets and I am sure you will find every side and every role. if not - let me know what game we missed to play for you. making 20 sets on a different beds with same poses and roles - you better kill me.

Virginia is always a treat for me,...soft, supple, and 'tasty'...like French Vanilla ice cream! Perhaps my favorite flavor of all the Rylsky models?

Ugggghhhhh i hate those B&W photos

It is compliment, higher than "Nice job Rylsky!!!" if something looks perfect - then it became uninteresting in 10th repetition.
I like that you hate something in my sets, disagree with me as well, it just means that you visit my sets, watching it, have emotions and finally it means that you interested in my work. It is MOST important thing for me, I hate "perfect" sets at all because nobody is perfect and thats why we are not robots.
peace and thank you very much that you hate anything in my work.


I dont care about no dogs and shit, I just go on here to see beautiful women posing and BTW I don't feel any emotions, I just get turned on and horny. I have no problem, its just that I hate B&W photos. Everybody has their likes and dislikes, and B&W photos happens to be one of my dislikes. Now fuck off you RLYSKY wannabe.

Have a nice weekend too!
Thanks for your deepest emotions shown. I'm impressed.

Sorry but you can see 99% in colour here, so what is your problem then?
Find a little green dog everywhere just to say that this dog is not needed?

Oh shut up, you're not Rlysky

Another absolute beauty! Virginia is SO hot. i love her long hair,both on her head and on her pussy. There is something so erotic about seeing a girl's long hair softly tickling the curve of her ass. The color of Virginia's bush i also find incredibly arousing. Virginia you are another little piece of perfection.

I'd love to get all tangled up in that beautiful head of hair. And those legs, arms and her heart. Virginia is very nearly perfect.

I think we all would like to get tangled up in all that beautiful hair Amy! I wouldnt mind getting tangled up in yours either:)

Even if "Amy" is a 250 lb truck driver!? You sure don't know by an I.D.!

Actually i do know. I have had the pleasure of "meeting" Amy Celeste on Met-cams and i highly recommend you do the same. Then you will see exactly what im talking about. The girl is on fire!

especially if Amy is a 250ln truck driver! Is there something better than cuddling with a beautiful girl hidden in the lucious back fur of a truck driver?

Nothing to do with this set but MetArt - what's happened to all the two-girl (or more) sets? They are my favourites. Bring them back please.

I agree...The multiple model sets rarely deliver something I find captivating enough to say, "I sure am glad I downloaded that." I am more than content with the solo sets.

4 girls daily at MetArt...

Duets are more like 'porn' than 'art'...usually.

I don't miss them, ususally so stilted and boring that I would rather see the two girls alone. Just my humble thoughts. :)

What a doll face, and let's not forget about that unbelievable beautiful butt!

Super sexy little package. Cute face and body. Love the sweet, round ass. Very erotic with the long wavy hair down the back and the round ass!

perfect skin I don't understand art.

"Art" is someone's expression of their perspective on the world around them.
That's how I see it. And yes, Virginia has gorgeous skin!!

I love everything about Virginia. The shots from behind featuring her delightful behind and spectacular hair are always favorites! For many reasons, Rylsky is my favorite artist.

Virginia is gorgeous and so hot!!! Some great shots of her beautiful pussy and ass!!! Nice lingerie and bed too!!! Nice job Rylsky!!!

Wow,We got the A team tonight. All 4 girls are top of the line!

Virginia is always a delight. Such a cute innocent looking face together with a fantastic body and the free spirit to show it without shame is special indeed but That hair! Wow it is spectacular! So long and beautifully styled and maintained. That is a labor of love and worth every second she spends on it.

I like the setting so rich and warm. She looks like a princess in an enchanted castle awaiting her prince.

Thanks for a wonderful set Virginia and Rylsky

You beat me to the punch. I love a day like today when all the models fit my definition of very attractive.

It is rare indeed that we get a 4 fer! Sounds like your tastes run pretty close to mine.

wow cannot complain about virginia... very beautiful...

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