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Virginia Sun has a great smile, one of the prettiest of all the women on Met Art.

The good Col. Headlopper understood the complex world of aviation.
The fast jets that traveled at super-sonic speeds. The aerobatic stunt airplanes and the rugged cargo planes. The good Col. Headlopper needed a reliable plane for all of his areas of operations. One day he spotted at dorky looking airplane on the tarmac at the airfield. It was parked and ready to fly. It was the Virginia Sun PBY (Pretty-Beautiful-Yummy) This airplane was part airplane and part boat. It could take off and land from the ground and from the sea or lakes. Even though this was a dorky looking airplane it had all the right equipment need for all weather operations. It could operate in the frigid cold or the steamy jungles.
This beautiful but dorky looking airplane just need a good pilot to fly her. This dorky PBY(Pretty-Beautiful-Yummy) plane need a seasoned pilot. This dorky-goofy plane already has a good pilot and Col. Headlopper wondered if the PBY needed a good co-pilot and navigator on board to help her fly away to the world of dreams. The good Col. Headlopper is always looking for a pretty pilot to help him with his dreams.
To fly away on the Virginia Sun PBY

Is there something to complain about with Virginia. I think not. She is lovely, has a wonderful body and that wonderful long hair is absolutely perfect for her. I give her high marks for the way she cares for that hair. Always smooth, silky, shining and sparkling clean. I am so glad that there are girls left who understand how feminine and sexy well kept long hair is.

She is always bright and happy and she spreads this to us in every set. Her body is pure perfection to me. I love the pale skin and each part of her fits in perfect harmony. Nothing is too large or too small.

Rylsky has a knack for finding these special gems and cultivating them into goddesses who are real and attainable. This is his special talent. Not simply pretty girls but those that have that special personality that we all love.

For those that have not tried Rylsky art. You are missing that special talent.

As for the ratings race... Consider this, there is .24% difference between number 1 and 100. A quarter of a percent difference over 100 models. With numbers like that being number 100 isn't all that bad.

For me it is the way a set or a model makes me feel that is the true measure and RA girls always leave me smiling.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Would that they were attainable!
Agreed, he does seem to get some really good shots in every set.
He's pretty consistent.
He's a pro :-)
The model blogs on his site look promising, from what I can tell at a glance. I haven't subscribed to his site yet.

Though I do not agree with your tastes for the natural look I can say you will find some nice bush offered there too.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I've noticed :-)

She still looks like jail bait to me.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I must say looking at some of her other sets -- I don't understand why she trims and shaves her pubic hair. Does she think she has too much? She's so bland that she could use the counterpoint of her full growth. It won't be too much, my dear -- at least for real men ;-)
(I employ rockhard's wink to indicate a joke :-)
BTW, I do think I understand why she reduces it: Conformity .

Just the way it is right now, at least in the states. Body hair is seen as unhygienic or gross and most young women these days take most or all of it off, some even permanently (if they have the $$$). Funny, used to be shaved was the fetish, now its the other way around!!!

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

So most of these Euro MetArt girls have to follow U.S. foolishness. Following the money, I suppose.
I'm just glad for the few who don't.
I gather overall most American women leave their pubic hair mostly alone, trimming just the bikini line. But that as you say young American women and girls seem to believe like rockhard that evolution or whatever you call it has it all wrong :-)
Now there are doctors who will tell them they should leave it for health and even fertility reasons -- as if, my goodness, nature knows better than peer pressure (or the beauty industrial complex :-)
Anyway, this is completely apart from simple aesthetics -- beauty, and what's hot, is in the eye, etc, of the beholder.
And you're quite right about tastes having turned around completely. You just wonder if some shaved devotees grasp the meaning of that.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

By the way, Kilroy, I think a high percentage of men even in the U.S. like women's body hair and prefer a bush, and that it is not within the realm of a fetish. But you wouldn't know it if you let internet porn -- or even MetArt -- guide ya on this question.
Just my sneakin' suspicion, anyway, from a lotta listening over the years.

*sigh* 14...24.... it would be enough.. rest pure bonus. Such a lovely face, such a sweet smile.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Once she stops trying to pose and relaxes, she's adorable.
The pussy shots just seem to violate her.

Virginia Sun is so beautiful! She lives up to her name, Sun, and seems to radiate beauty. I love sea shore poses as they are romantic and healthy for the model, as well. I love romantic settings well done like these.

So, ok...I haven't gotten past page 2! Are you kidding me? Let the epiphanies begin. Outstanding set for both Rylsky and Virginia. The photography is on point. He has given us a gift. Virginia is beyond words...Thanks guys!

Virginia Sun is so cute and sweet. I love her pretty hazel eyes and radiant smile. She seems to really enjoys life.

This is one of my favorite sets since returning to Met Art.
In my opinion, the addition of a few black and white photos only makes a great set....excellent!

I'm a fan of outdoor sets and I think Rylsky did a fantastic job capturing Virginia Sun's beauty and charm.
This set has everything I like and gets a definite 10 from me, great work Ryslky!

I normally think of Virginia Sun as "cute" because of her bubbly personality, but in image #114.....SHE IS HOT!!! I love the, "attitude" pose.

Once again, Rylsky.....excellent set, one of my all time favorites.

Ok Ry lets see what you think about this one from Me. Virginia = the picture of innocence. Virginia = a smoldering little bundle of erotic/explicit beauty. Virginia = Up for anything you want to try. Virginia = A Rylsky "Only" girl. Can't wait to see what you got of her over on your home site. I note that "if you liked this one" they have Milena D listed with Virginia. I find that interesting. Milena is one of my favs and I call her Luca's muse. She had many of the same attributes for him as Virginia does for you. Is it you or Virginia that loves thigh high hose? They work perfectly for her in your earlier sets where they appear. Even if you would never tell us she is your fav. The way you shot her already does. Don't understand her never making the Top Ten. It's a holiday her in the USA and she measures up as a fine holiday gift, Thanks...If the boo birds come out on this I'll scream!

  • Neil
  • 11 months ago:

If you like Virginia Sun, you got to get on RA and check out the rest of her wonderful sets. Also you must meet Jeff.

Why only Jeff, Dear Neil? I know you liked many models , some of them are not presented on MetArt yet or presented less or not in "full strength". Anyway thanks for promoting my site. Nice to hear from you, really.


  • Neil
  • 11 months ago:

You know I love each and everyone of RylskyArt's wonderful young women, from Ada to Zlatka. They are all perfect each in their own way. Rating and ranking them is almost absurdly futile. But Virginia Sun and Jeff have several things in common. They both are incredibly cute. They both have delightful personalities that shine right though the computer screen. They both have stunningly sweet little figures. And both Virginia Sun and Jeff have been photographed while sticking their tongues out at the camera, how delightfully playful.

yes, true

and Happy Holiday for US members!

Please clarify for me "Milena D is Luca's muse"
who is LUCA?

BTW, if you believe in top 10s whatever it is about - will you take it to attention if you prefer something different? SO many times I told it, i really hope that everybody here already know what I am thinking of ANY "top 10". if not everybody knows, I must say it everytime under all galleries: "F..k the tops, listen to your senses". Miss Universe contests or best song contests are stupid as most stupidness could be. because NOBODY IS "average Joe". we are not robots.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

It's like Rolling Stone's 500 best songs, ranked in precise order.
It's a popularity contest, and that's fine -- but you don't have to go far in the rankings to exclaim
"Huuhh!? You gotta be kidding me!"
It just don't make no sense. But it's kinda fun to watch, like a race, and it's a convenient way for MetArt to organize and promote their models.
It also tends to exemplify the notion that novelty trumps quality: as long as it's new, it doesn't even have to be good to get a lot of people thinking it's the greatest thing in the world.
When the novelty wears off, then you start to see what's left.

Let me say something because I see votes inside.
Some members vote for 1 model as 10 points and then push 1-2-3-4-5 to all the others just for make personal favorite go higher. if other members use FAIR voting, the cheater wins. And feel the difference when you have 9000 voters vs. 300

It is clear illustration why ratings on a site is something for fun not for true and beauty or song quality can not be measured. As examples following your

- somebody will never agreed that blond is good or unshaven is possible
- I will never choose from Rolling Stones more than 3 - 5 songs to my collection, I don't want 500. So how can I agreed on " best 500 songs" rating? LOL

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

It's comparing apples and oranges. Or moods. It all depends on where you're at.
This isn't to say there isn't a somewhat universal sense of beauty or quality. I think there is. But voting like this is not the way to discover what that is.

we agreed, Doug

I apologise, Luca Helios, one of your fellow artist. Erro has Antea as an exclusive and I began refering to her as his muse years ago. Luca Helios has Meilena D again now exclusive. So my use of that term for Virginia was meant as a compliment to you both. In my opinion you each do some of your best work with your muses. I also realize that especially now with your own site you do not have time to go through the site like we do, I think most members think of you as a family because of the way the site presents all of you. With the rate of your production and your style I realize now Your own work is what you must use your time for, not playing like we do on the site.

I hate the rating system too. I agree totally with you each and every model stand on their own beauty. The liking or not of each is solely dictated by each members "Opinion". You can probably blame us Americans for it, here we think we have a "right" to judge everything and rate it. From cars, to restaurants, to sports teams before they even play the first game/match of the season, and movies. Its just part of our heritage.

And let me thank you for taking the time to interact with us. This is far from the first time your "opinions" have forced me to rethink my attitudes here.

Niel I had a brain fart earlier your dead right, sorry.

  • Neil
  • 11 months ago:

When you are dealing with Virginia Sun and Milena all in the same thought, you are damn lucky you can remember your own name.

  • Neil
  • 11 months ago:

Are you sure you do not mean ERIK LATIKA who is Milena D's photographer?

Rylksy has a gift for finding the inner beauty in his best models—and no one more so that this enchanting creature. Virginia is the reason I joined MetArt, and as much as I love other models, she remains No. 1 for me. She blossoms in front of the camera, flirts with it, becomes different characters. She is endlessly fascinating and flawlessly beautiful. She has a delicate feminine grace that turns a big oaf like me to jelly. Peerless.

Dammit!! This !@#$%^& system did it again! My first comment disappeared into a black hole, then reappeared when I posted the second. The whole thing was written, produced and directed by Mel Brooks.

The Met Art Gremlin strikes again....he was working overtime a few days ago.

Met Brooks!

The seller

np, Sailor, it is pleasure for model to read it twice, triple or daily:)

Patience grasshopper! Comments do not permanently disappear, they may be trapped by a black hole, but the force is strong with them and they do return.

I agree 1,000% with your assessment of both Rylsky and Virginia.

Rylsky has a gift for finding the inner beauty in his best models—and no one more so than this angelic creature. Virginia is the reason I joined MetArt, and as much as I love other models on the site, she remains No. 1 for me She blossoms in front of the camera, flirts with it, becomes different characters. She's endlessly fascinating and flawlessly beautiful. She has the kind of delicate feminine grace that reduces big oafs like me to jelly. She's peerless.

  • Neil
  • 11 months ago:

Virginia Sun is such a sweet heart. So cute and charming. All that long hair is beautiful but must be a real challenge to care for. Virginia has such a darling little figure beautiful fair skin.

Agreed. Her hair is beautiful, both on her head and her pussy...

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