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a beautiful woman, beautifully photographed

Virginia Sun is one of my favorite models, she is always so beautiful!!!

Beautiful girl, but I detest compilations!

What happened to Virginia being from Sweden??? Has she moved to Poland??

What happened to Virginia being from Sweden??? Has she moved to Poland??
please answer to yourself: what will be changed in your life if you will know her address? think twice before you answer.

  • Neil
  • 5 months ago:

I agree with you rachsback. It is disturbing when the info seems confused. If you search for a model who is Polish and is photographed by Rylsky, you get 23 galleries of Virginia Sun. If you search for a model who is Swedish and is photographed by Rylsky, you get 5 of those same 23 galleries. I once found a website that listed her as from Russian Federation.

However, I think she is Swedish, because many of her galleries on RylskyArt have titles that are actual Swedish words. I suppose she is a modern citizen of Europe and the world.

I will never understand why we need to know too much about erotic model's private life and location if girl don't want it. even if she wanted it - she will be highly disappointed with what way some not-so-good-as-you people use this information to break girl's private life. sometimes people destroy girl's life for years. please never support these sites where people spread personal information and search girls in real life just like real maniacs. I know you are very friendly and kind Gentleman, but any "website" with models database was created not for good guys IF WE TALK ABOUT NON-PROFESSIONAL EROTIC MODELS.

I hadn't previously looked at the sets of this young woman, but will correct that oversight. Beautiful, adorable and sexy. I can't decide on the order. I am particularly fond of the delicious bottom. :-)

Virginia Sun is very beautiful,and much braver than I am.(I'm terrified of htights, to the point I can faint on a stepladder)I like the setting too other than my fear of heights.The lady is perfectly beautiful and beautifuly photographed by Rylsky. I GIve each a 10++++

Did they run out of time? 4 pages? What did she show? NOTHING!!!

I had the pleasure of seeing masterfully shared pictures one of the most beautiful girls on the planet earth.
It was a good time.
I'm thankful.
Try to 'understand' pictures numbered:
Then after, you'll hopefully see.

depends on what you want to see.

The colors are slightly pale, the girl is indeed sunny!!

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

12 -- thatz what I call a slightly-better-than-nothing bush :-))

Later. There's gotta be more to Virginia! :-)

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

...I would say more of a photoshopped micro-bush :-(

C'mon, dudes, she left that stubble deliberately. Just like under her arms.
To show us she's a woman! :-)
Once you graduate from preschool, you'll understand! :-)))

29 -- that "mustache" --- uhhh....Virginia, my dear, nature knows best :-)
Let it grow. You'll see (once again) what I mean.*
Otherwise you are quite a striking girl :-)

62 -- ladies in black and blue. See Kristel in Toppet.

*Looks like it would be big, thick, and blondish. Great! Plenty of guys would luv it :-) Always have, always will :-)

She is cute and very beautiful but she always seems to be covered up. There were not enough photos of her but, on the other hand, if there were she'd probably be clothed. Be proud of what you have, Virginia and show it off!

this is kind of sets that we made as "a day together with her". maybe wrong idea but some members like it and anyway we like to try different ideas. without trying and mistakes you'll never create something new. even iPhone touchscreen idea was "wrong" in 1999 when Nokia create it. now - look around...

Virginia delicious Lady Godiva.
Virginia soft, caressing, little, sexy bombshell.
Very interesting the new perspectives on the beauties of a naked girl.
Funny red coral panties.
Very nice (but very few) photos of Virginia as Sophisticated Lady.

55 is a glorious picture.

Did I read somewhere that Virginia now works on the other side of the camera?

There is a photographer who contributes to some of the other MA family sites, named "Viktoria Sun" ~ which might have contributed to the confusion about Virginia Sun. I recently subscribed to Domai and Goddess Nudes (sister sites recently incorporated into the MA family) and Viktoria Sun contributes to them. I ~ think ~ she may have contributed to The Life Erotic and/or Erotic Beauty, but I'm no longer subscribed, so I can't confirm that.
I very much doubt that Viktoria Sun and Virginia Sun are the same person, BTW.

  • Neil
  • 5 months ago:

Yes number 55 is a wonderful photo. And yes, someone did post a comment on Virginia's profile page, suggesting that Virginia is a photographer for a different website. The comment even suggests that Virginia is the MetArt photographer named Catherine. But Rylsky denied it. And of course we know that Virginia and Catherine are two distinctly different ladies.

Virginia and Catherine are two distinctly different ladies.
maybe "different persons" could be more correct.

I am aware:)
Spasibo Rylsky:)

  • Neil
  • 5 months ago:

Another wonderful visit with the precious young lady known to us as Virginia Sun. Excellent! . Virginia is so very cute, so very darling and so very very pretty. Such a beautiful little sweetheart. I love seeing Virginia dressed up in black with her hair pinned up. We do not often see her look so formal.

Now, photo number 38, notice the spherical ornament on the railing. You can see the reflection of a figure wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. You can see that figure is holding a camera to his eye. Gentlemen, I believe we have the only known photographic evidence of Rylsky's actual exsistance. This is a very rare and significant phenomenon.

Descartes probably wouldn't approve.

Reminds me of an old story -- kind of an in joke, I suppose, so it probably won't be a knee slapper. An astronomer, a physicist, and a mathematician are on a train going through Scotland, and spot a herd of sheep.

"Look, a black sheep," the astronomer says. "We have just proved that every herd of sheep in Scotland has one black sheep."

"You're wrong," says the physicist. "All we have shown is that this one herd had one black sheep."

"You're wild and crazy," says the mathematician. "All we know is that for this herd of sheep, at the time we passed it, and one of the sheep in the herd, the side facing us was black."

I believe there is more direct photographic evidence of Rylsky's existence in the latest "Backstage" set on RylskyArt, particularly in the pics with Nikia. It could be someone else, but this someone is holding a camera. ( : http://members.rylskyart.com/members/model/caesaria-and-candy-rose-and-evita-lima/gallery/20140331/BACKSTAGE._VOL.7/

  • Neil
  • 5 months ago:

Yes, I am aware of the photos in the Back Stage serries on RylskyArt. All those photos are only "possible Rylsky sightings. " Photo number 38 is a photo of Rylsky taking a picture of Rylsky. There is no room for plausible denial.

photo of Rylsky taking a picture of Rylsky
very easy to investigate, sir

everybody knows that many ppl want to photograph or make video of nice girl. sometimes it happens when Rylsky (another photographer) is near.

  • Neil
  • 5 months ago:

Yes, it could be someone else in your team, but I doubt it. :))) Or maybe it is some very lucky tourist who got away from his tour group.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Now that has gotta be the dream of many a frustrated tourist whose sense of adventure is stymied by group-think! :-)))

why team? how about friends or neighbors?

  • Neil
  • 5 months ago:

Do you allow your friends and neighbors to watch and take snapshots of your photo sessions? That is not fair. Why do we have to pay to see your models? Does Virginia mind your friends thaking pictures of her birthday suit?

Her friends did it for sure, some models even took some pics and share it to instagram or facebook between our sessions, etc. world is so open our days and so full of photos and vids. we cannot control it, you know.

So; does that mean that some of the models are less concerned about being blackmailed and their privacy etc. than you are?

my rules: never spread private information of any girl. if girl did it - it is only by herself. most of girls who confused (why I keep it private) understand why I follow my rules, but too late. they are too young to know that not all the people are positive and friendly and World is not a Paradise with flowers and rainbows only.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Well, as long as no contracts are being breached, nobody's security too jeopardized... :-)
That's what we need. More candid shots, before, during, and after the formal ones...
Revealing self-portraits... :-)))

good, but girls asked why it is for free. we asked many times.
if members agree to pay - girls may do their own shots and sell.
yes, "material girls living in a material World".

  • Neil
  • 5 months ago:

Capitalism and free enterprise, all powered by a global market place. Ain't it great?!

But none of this explains the figure in the reflection.

indeedб sir.
but who knows, maybe somewhere in the Web we can find photo taken by somebody who was under our balcony at this moment and this photo will contain virginia, me and 3rd person who was near. and the bonus is this photo can be accessed with no payments at all.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

They could be mixed in with the "pro" stuff.
With proper credit, of course.
Good way to start, anyway!
Put those pros outta business! :-)))

c'mon i think we both know many sites, social network groups, etc, where ppl share their photos with everybody for free or as change "show me your-i'll show ya mine"... the only problem is that you'll never know if this is real 18 years old girl chatting with you from Greece or maybe 73 years old man from Guinea... and nobody will guarantee these photos will be legal and exclusive.
the choice is yours.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

You would have to vet them -- they'd be part of your set.
You'd have to share the photo credits with your models! :-)
That ought to sharpen your game up! :-))))

Anyway I wouldn't be surprised if a model or 2 of yours became a serious photog. There may already be one... :-)

Or you could start a whole new network: The Rylsky Girls. You'd be their supervisor/protector but otherwise let 'em do their thing and make a little extra on the side...

i follow contracts and all my photos are well protected by releases, exif data, etc...
now think how to get releasу when 3 people around you shooting on phones, etc. think how to get ORIGINAL files, not copies. and finally please let me know any

it will take 3 times MORE documents, time and consulting girls about how they can use it when we use it in the Web.

Sure, we call it pain in da ass. yes, but at least 100% Rylsky's photos are always LEGAL and always EXCLUSIVE and always girl know HOW, WHERE and WHAT content will be used. that's why Rylsky is the 1 and only who protect real girls and real content in REAL court in REAL LIFE, not in comments or forums "blahblah.com". We won 2 courts agains biggest piracy site (for piracy) in Russia in 2008 and against biggest glance man's magazine franchise (MAXIM) for they call us "dirty cheap porn". Why we won? Because of legal documents and contracts.

please never troll me about copyrights anymore.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

No sense complicating things further! :-)

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

And furthermore, I don't care how you do it -- just get some pics of u-know-who :-)))

I don't care how you do it -- just get some pics of u-know-who :-)))
i can't believe that you said this. NO MATTER? cheating, harassing, fake documents - all is good if you get photos and money? I don't know this side of Doug before. And sorry, I don't want to know this side of you.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

The ":-)))" is supposed to indicate I'm joking (and laughing at my own joke :-)

You know who "u-know-who" is, and you know I'm desperate for you to photograph her again. :-) ⟵ means a smile :-)

So "by hook or crook" get some shots of her!

That's an expression: by any means possible.

But I don't mean that literally.

I'm just indicating how much I'd like you to get together with her again.

I know it's "impossible"!

Doesn't make me want it any less!

I don't want you to do anything against your principles.

There's no reason to cheat, harass, fake -- in fact quite the opposite:

Be super nice! :-))

I keep thinking eventually she will come back. I'm probably wrong. It's just a "pipe dream": a fantastic wish.

But I keep dreaming! :-)

OK, Just close this case forever and don't waste your time.

I will never work with her and I don't have any interest anymore to talk about her.

no smileys.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Bad luck for me!
And for other fans of hers.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Thumb for the Rylsky comment -- I suppose you up-thumb the loss of biodiversity as well.

Hey, we want it all the same here! :-)

Thumbs up to no!

Or are you just a yes man?


Best set of the day, I like the change up in the middle. That black outfit look very professional. NOT that kind of professional! :^( An office type. Virginia is a lovely lady and I love her sunny disposition.

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