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Oh, I love Vittoria A! She has Gorgeous Face, Breasts, Pussy, Legs....... A Beautiful, Beautiful Girl!!! Much more of her please!
Great Set, Goncharov, keep up the good work!

Outstanding set. Great job, Goncharov!

Love the last shot, served up to eat, a very tastey looking Vagina and Arse, thank you for showing Vittoria.

Quelqu'un a dit qu'il tenait à bien la lecher...eh bien qu'il m' en laisse un peu!

  • 2 years ago:

I want to lick her asshole!

Now THERE'S a 'constructive' comment! Nice one Dave! That must have taken a LOT of thought!

I guarantee he's not the only person out there thinking exactly the same thing!

thirls got everything wow

More please

Wow very nice

I love this beautiful model, and her very pouty nether lips are to die for!!! Goncharov does a great job of showing them to us. Good set.

It's a nude site. Strip or stay home.

I concur 100%.

"MetNude"...? It's "MetART"... 'Appreciate' it or stay 'home'. ;o)

What a gorgeously colored pussy!

Like a little oasis of special red warmth in a sea of white.

Very erotic. Very attractive.

Vittoria is one of my 10 models. I can't believe there have only been three sets with her. We definitely need more Vittoria!

Vittoria is amazing. More please!!!

Vittoria is very attractive and all parts/facets of "attractive" are present. Shots like 111 are particularly nice.

Another photographer who understands upskirt...

Much better than the sets shot by Rylsky!

Are you kidding!! I'm the last guy who will come to his defense, but Rilsky's second set of this beauty is by far the best to date. Nothing here comes close to #107 (in that second set) in sheer delight! That whole set is why I'M here. This is ok, but a step in the wrong direction for Vittoria as far as I'm concerned. And apparently, no one else agrees with you either...sorry.

Great setting,great lighting and composition,dream girl with flawless
body and cheeful face.Like this set,Goncharov,10,thanks to both.

I think Vittoria is one of the most beautiful women on this site!!! And her body is flawless!!! Gotta luv her uninhibited posing too!!! A few more rear view shots and close-ups of her perfect boobs would have taken this set off the charts!!! More of her please!!!

Great poses, sexy and erotic. Lovely girl and enjoys showing off her great body. I like the upskirt tease shots. Sweet pussy and in focus! :) LIfe is good today...

What planet are you transmitting from? I've seen you comments on hundreds os sites, and you generally have a handle on things. I tell you though, your parachute failed to open on this one.

Three of the top M-A shooters took a hit in 2012. Was it coke, money or plain fear, but all three stopped doing what they did best. Close-up, wet, not gushing, pussies.

Those 3? Rylsky, Leonardo and Goncharov. Rylsky's got his own banner now and really doesn't have to give a shit about what he posts here. 'Cept, I'll NEVER join his site!!!!

Leonardo is so pussy-whipped, he still can't shoot a close-up vagina from the same room. Across the street is OK, across the city is better. Goncharov? Dunno. He could be the next Banner shooter for M-A. God save us.

This set? It's drab. It's grey. It's as flat as a fucked sponge cake and half as tasty.

There is not one thing erotic or glamorous bout this set.


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