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Vittoria, you're perfect, babe. Just stunning! What a gorgeous face you have, and the way your perfect smile lights up those baby blues is just wonderful. And what sexy feet you have! Mmm, baby! What sexy, erotic fantasies I have about you. ;-) You're so innocent, yet so sensual, sexual and erotic!

A Bit tame, a shame

Det. Headlopper had opened a case file on a beautiful design of unknown origin. This beautiful design was called Vittoria, Russian by design.
A designers dream girl with the all right measurements and elements needed. A design that fits in any décor around the house or the yard.
A design that looks good on the table top or in the bedroom. A design that looks great in jeans and tee shirt or mini skirts and heels.
This beautiful design was designed to be fun and happy thru out life.
Other people have taken designs and assigned them characters from children books. Take the story of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. A children's story by design. Some people have assigned the charters of this story to people with tragic results. Some people see the characters as other than they are written. In the first world war some people found a design with a personality and assigned him a character and then nurtured him on the yellow brick road. As he traveled down the yellow brick road he came across other characters to join him on his trip to the emerald city. When he arrived there he assumed the character of the great and all powerful Oz, the ruler of the land of Oz. The rest of the story is written in the blood of world war two. Some people still try to assign these characters to people and have them proceed down the yellow brick road to become the great and all powerful wizard of Oz even today.

And so Det. Headlopper like to suggest some fun characters for the beautiful girls of Met-Art. I like Vittoria, Russian by design myself but since this beautiful Russian design is already to fit in to any décor I would like to suggest my house in Peoria AZ-USA. This beautiful design also looks great in my car. This beautiful Russian design looks great anyplace wearing anything but looks really great waiting for somebody like me to suggest some fabrics so she can design her own line of made for Vittoria clothes with the help of the sewing machine.
I would be happy to design something so I can sew her on to me.
From the files of Det. Headlopper on his new case.
A beautiful Russian designed just for me

A beautiful superstar to be admired for her charm and gracious smile.

Vitttoria is a stunningly beautiful woman from head to toe. Lovely natural breasts that she displays very well in her poses. An incredibly sexy ass - she is as gorgeous from behind as she is from the front. A woman you want to make love to all night in every imaginable way and wake up next to in the morning to start all over again.

Well said, Intrepid!

Too bad not to have seen all of this beatiful lady!!

Beautiful woman on a very interesting sofa! Love Vittoria's blue eyes!

Vittoria, you are uniquely beautiful, sweet and cute. You are uniquely talented as a model, posing with such style, poise and grace. You are a true delight to see. Warm regards and best wishes for much happiness and success.

Vittoria is off the charts. Nothing about her is not beautiful—her face, her breasts, her pussy, her bottom, her legs, her feet—nothing. She could reduce a marble statue to quivering jelly. She's a gorgeous, erotic lollipop that is endlessly fascinating.

8.63—are you kidding me? Who could give this goddess less than a 9, and that on a bad-vision day?




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