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Bright overwhelming blue behind searing glare on white skin with white clothes and shoes. Blech!

Like a Victoria's secret Add, ... But she takes it all off and shows us her girly bits......way less frustrating!

One plus about this set... Vittoria clearly enjoyed herself, or, is very god at feigning enjoyment. IMO, she LOOKS like she's having a blast.
Far from my favorite set of her... IMO Goncharov and Rylsky do a far better job of capturing her femininity and appeal. However, the fact that she looks like she is having fun saves this set from being a clinker.

All is perfect, natural !! (i hate photoshop)

Who here thinks Converse All Stars are sexy!...

I understand about the need for creative, artistic themes, props, and a healthy dose of variety. But, Converse All Stars? Especially 103 out of 120 shots? Have mercy.

I don't think that Converse All Stars are sexy... but I sure do think that Vittoria in nothing but Cons is sexy as hell! ( :
Think of it this way, if you will... there are plenty of sets of Vittoria with nary an all-star in sight... ( :

A wonderful model (Victory is always a happy return).
A perfect set for environment, lights, colors and clothing.
Leonardo, forget your terrible terraces, indoor you are much more.

10+ X 2

Shots like 79 and 81 are so frustrating, happy to see the focus shift on 82. Who wouldn't want to take Vittoria on a nice romantic vacation? Heaven on earth!

Great set. Would've been nice to have Vittoria pose on all fours with those Converse All Star sneakers on.

Delicious model... Just a few good shots of her in this one!

A near perfect set of photos. There are so many exciting pictures here, just a few more pictures of Vittoria's lovely bottom in those panties and perfection would have been achieved.

Love her!

Four delicious sets. Great Saturday ! :-)


It's a pity that there is not so much pussy shots in this set

Vittoria, cara mia. Tu e io stasera? Si, e anche domani mattina. How do you like your eggs, you goddess you?

Perfect woman, more please.

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