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First of, whoever tagged this set "wet pussy" needs to have their eyes checked because though her pussy is wet with water, it's not wet from being turned on. If she was moist from being turned on it wouldn't be clear. Second of all, you idiots who gave negative comments are just idiotic. This girl looks amazing and this is a very beautiful, sexy and explicit set! That's

Vittoria is hands down my favorite model on Met. Her sunny face and alluring eyes really capture you, and her body is exceptional. I have enjoyed her photo sets from day one, and I disagree with some postings that the models should always be naked. I think a mix of clothed, partially clothed and naked tell a very nice story of what the girls are truly about.
I always look forward to photos sets of Vittoria. She is gorgeous.

I guess since this set was in a public beach, Goncharov had Vittoria flash out her breasts, ass and pussy. Instead of Vittoria getting naked on the beach. Maybe their was families with little children running around near by. Overall a decent set by Goncharov.

Goncharov is consistently one of the best photographers on this site. This set is one of his good ones. I often ignore the comments because like most of these it tells me that many of those writing them have no idea what Most Erotic Teens means. I'm sure that only a small percentage of the members ever get involved in the inane discussions and that Met-Art will continue to publish excellent work. Personally I'm only tempted to complain here when there is a set of mostly out of focus images. That shouldn't happen with professional photographers.

I'm always happy to see another set of the gorgeous Vittoria, even this one. But I do agree with everybody else--let's see her all nakey at the end!

I have seen sexier pictures in the Sears catalog.

Then you should read the Sears catalog. It never fails to amaze me how some people cannot appreciate the beauty of a woman, when she is clothed. Unclothed is great as well, but either way this is a great set of a beautiful girl.

Every Girl on Met-Art have another style... There are Girls like Katherine A (Anjelica), Caprice A (little Caprice), ... They are Pornostars too and it's very easy for them to be always completely naked in front of the camera, or masturbating, or having sex. But other Girls are Models only and I'm sure that they don't like to be impressed in front of the camera by masturbating or having sex. We can not pretend to much from every Girl. Milena D is an example about comments shaved or not... I like Milena D even if She's unshaved. She's Beautiful shaved or not and I think some negative comments can hurt the sensibility of the Girl itself. I like Met-Art because there is a half of Art and half of Beauty. If somebody wants to see more naked Girls, masturbating, or having sex, there are many other sites in Internet. Sex-Art for example... But I accept negative comments too:-) I'm used to receive negative comments considering that I have about 1100 videos in Youtube:-)

This set of Vittoria is even too tame for Playboy magazine!

we want hot naked spread wide

At my current subscription price, I am tempted to cancel and go to

Better Photos on preview than this set.

Random member since 2002.

Vittoria, leave all the little boys above behind and come with me to my secret island! Nude, semi-nude, semi-clothed or clothed we will have a great time!

I must say that I concur with the nay sayers on this one. I don't mind an item of clothing staying partially on but I come here to see beautiful NAKED women. Not a peep show on the beach. I must admit that I don't like beach sets in general so this one started with a deficit anyway but, to me this was a tourist shoot more than an professional erotic shoot.

What a yummy lady!!

I absolutely loved this shoot. We all know that there are plenty who don't enjoy outdoor or sand or water or clothes and insist on spread vaginal close ups in every series... But I just enjoyed the heck out of this set. One of many shoots where I really envy the photographer. Thanks to all involved. A real treat!

Vittoria is a beautiful woman and a great erotic model. The location there on the Black Sea is perfect for great shoots. So what went wrong? Why did she keep the dress on? Could it be that there were other people near by? Maybe Vittoria had to keep a bit of modesty because there were other swimmers and tourists on the beach. This is the difficult part of doing outdoors shoots. But that does not explain why MetArt bought it. Still in all, it is a nice set. I am sure we will see many more sets from both Goncharov and Vittoria.

Neil, that's what I was thinking, there must have been possible spectators nearby, and I can't say under the circumstances I blame Vittoria for staying covered. But if that was the case, the solution is to pack up the equipment and go somewhere else. Why was it bought? Good question for K.

Yes, they could pack up and drive to some other place, but I bet beautiful Vittoria and the rest of the team are paid by the hour. Goncharov does not make a profit by taking his entourage on a road trip. Besides, the Black Sea coast does not go on for hundreds of miles. As big as Russia is, it has precious little beachfront property, where beautiful young ladies can disrobe and frolic in the surf for our entertainment. There is plenty of beachs on the Arctic coast, but the polar bears would gossip.

I think You're right both Kilroy and Neil:-)

Vittoria is hot the set is not.(Wow! I'm a poet.)Whoever told Goncharov the water is properly lit should be shot. He needs to have someone like Erro's Susie,who is his make-up and hair tech, but doesn't hesitate to tell it like it is right in the middle of the shoot.( Watch some of his movies on EA, she's the tall slender girl with black hair.)I gave Vittorie a 10,this was not her fault.

Let the haters be hating , some of us like the set , so their if you dont like it there was more than one set for the day .Kudo's to the photographer it was nice so see a up skirt set , they dont always have to be totally nude .If you cant appreciate a finer set go to a hardcore site.As stated by another poster , to each his own......

Yep....pretty 'abrasive' alright! Looks like an early set to me. Maybe her very first...???

The way I see it is, K was out sick and the Agency sent over a temp from Macys.

Wanna bet?? ;o)

I was thrilled when I saw that there was a new Vittoria gallery, but incredibly disappointed when I viewed this set. Kilroy said it best: "this is not what I come here to see."

WTF????? Worst set in Met Art history, no even a one, is that why they took the 0 vote away???


The light is gray, sky is gray, the water is gray, the sand is tan.

The dress saves the day. While I might like more with less dress, the blue pulls this series from bland to bright.

And, [insert huge sigh of relief here], definitely better than full nudity with a horse.

@ Magwich:

I concur with most of your assessment.

Imho, not many things are better than a video of fully nude Sofi on a horse, provided that the horse remains at a sedate walk and not California Chrome's pace yesterday. Gently jiggling ladies, both fore and aft, please me. One exemption is granted to Kate Upton, she can turn a sedate walk into a gob smacking and robust vision.

For MA, this is unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hah!! Not from around here are ya??? ;o) We've "accepted" a lot worse than this...lol I DID see a pussy a few times... Something you seldom see in a "fashion shoot"...lol

Vittoria is a beautiful woman and this was a nice shoot location with the waves crashing up on her. It could have been a good set if she had taken off the dress at some point or if Goncharov had remembered that this was indeed a shoot for an erotic nude site. I don't like to be so negative, but this is not what I come here to see. Very disappointing.

Just look at what that dress covered up in 89!

Point taken, yet this shot is in the minority.

Disappointing, to say the least.....

Forget it!

Thank You Goncharov for this Set:-) Mermaid Vittoria with this blue dress is very sweet... Every ship's captain will fall in love with Her immediately:-) This Princess deserves to be kissed all over from Head to Toes...:-)

I would certainly love to kiss her from head to toe, but that dress is in the way!

We men have to use the immagination to go under this dress...

If that dress is an impediment, I don't know what to say.


Seriously, I do not get it. How can you write what you just did about this set? You are encouraging the same type of set in the future. Read what some of the other members have written. I agree with them. DISAPPOINTING, TO SAY THE LEAST.....

So Roger is in conflict with the Revealed Truth, and, worse, he's off-message in this negotiation with the powers that be? Who, of course, are looking for any excuse to tip over into artiness and completely avoid showing nudity, as the other sets today demonstrate. :-)

I liked this set a lot. Imagine that you're on the beach with your very beautiful girlfriend. She's wearing her favorite dress and looks radiantly happy to be with you, and in the mood to play. There's nobody else around for now, but somebody could always show up, so she has to keep the dress on. Still, she's taking chances in a public place, because you're so involved with each other that you don't care too much what other people think. It's a pleasant, sexy mood, more "Think what will happen when we get back" than immediate gratification.

Sure, it might not work for you, but as of today there are 14,320 other sets to look at. I wouldn't say that every set from now on should look like this, but there's no possibility that they will, anyway, so why get excited? Variety is good.

Thanks for this set, K, and for everything else you do.

Thanks for a brilliant explanation, Fred. We are here for the beauty as well as the explicit shoots. They can be both at the same time, but it's OK if they're not, every once in a while. It doesn't hurt anyone to go a little softer occasionally.
And who better than the gloriously gorgeous Vittoria?
Like you say, pretend you're with your girlfriend and you're both in a frisky, playful mood that will go all the way... a little later. ( :

@ Fred2:

Well said, Fred.

One man's opinion...

Do we all "have" to agree on every set??

Is it possible somebody just might like this??

Do they have the right??

For the sake of "good taste", "to each his own"...;o)

Nobody should be demonized for his/her opinion if presented tactfully and without personal insults. (Unlike a comment made to Rylsky earlier this week.) It is human nature that we members will not all agree on every set.

As I assume that we are all paying for this service, I would say YES, we have the right to express our opinion of yea/nay(tactfully), each of us, even Doug ;-)

There is nothing wrong with Roger's comment. I don't agree with him, but I do agree with you, Rock, when you say "To each his own."

Seems to be a fashion shoot.

What is this?
Is this a MA?
No.This is not a MA.

Agreed, Tokyo S.

Note to photo editors at Met Art : We want naked/nude models. Period. End of story.

Don't care how it starts or how it ends but at some point in the session,the model has to be naked and there needs to be several photos of her naked in various, precarious positions.

Too bad. Vittoria has recently become one of my favorite models on Met Art.

Variety is the key and this set is such a refreshing change. I love it!

Yawn ...

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