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The beautiful breasts of Vittoria must not be covered by hair.

Some great revealing shots of this beautiful sexy girl.

Vittoria has a wonderful body and a pair superb muscular legs...gorgeous

Vittoria is clasicaly beautiful without pretending to be on high heels. in fact I think high heels make most women's feet look ugly. I gave this one 10++ points off for the feet.


Very nice. Particularly the anal shots. Vittoria's anus is a work of art, lickable, and makes a nice centerpiece for her toned, perfect ass.

After "sweet", you have "sweeter". After that is "sweetest", and then you get to Vittoria. One little taste of this 'honey' and one could be spoiled for life!! Not a particularly great set, but Vittoria looks as delicious as ever!! It's smitten I am!! ;o)

Quite poetic, Rock, I am impressed. ( :

Thanks pal...;o) Just a fleeting moment of lucidity lol

She is pretty eyes and a beautiful smile. Nice body too.

From her poses, it's plain to see that Vittoria is proud of her pussy and who could blame her?

I'd ❤ to tap Vittoria's secret!

Stunning close ups and fantastic posing overcome a dull cluttered brown background and combination of lighting, makeup, and hairstyle that don't work well with this lovely face. Amongst a multitude of images deserving a 10, I am especially fond of 85 -for the framing feet and 113 -follow the curve.

Wunderschöner Nackedei, herrlich, wie schamlos sie alles zeigt, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...

It is always so nice to read about your stiff sparrow, Rainer.

I agree, he practically might as well just cut & paste, it's the same remark every time...

Vittoria is "perfect" in the sense that people have been using the word (and even more so if you see her move in videos; she has a fascinating grace). But that's a two-edged sword. When I first saw her picture, it crossed my mind that someone who looked like that could stick to being remote and fashionable. There wouldn't be much interest in that.

But that's exactly what Vittoria doesn't do, and what I find most appealing about her is her personality. She's elegant and poised, but she also has that pure unfiltered delight, and the sense that she's ready for good goofy fun. Her smile is incredibly warm and open. When she poses, you have the sense that she's sharing an experience with you.

"Perfection" is artificial and sterile if you focus on it too exclusively. If a lot of people value it, it can make you vain. It's no way to live, and the pleasures of it are pretty superficial, but people do fall into the trap. You can't tell from photographs, I suppose, but all the evidence is that Vittoria was never in any danger.

Vittoria is just awesome in this flawless set.

Vittoria photographed by Rylsky. Life doesn't get better than this...

Very well pictures in this Set by Rylsky:-) A beautiful start this Sunday Morning with Butterfly ♥Vittoria♥ A dream Smile, a perfect Body, a Skin to die for, a Girl to love forever, an Angel to kiss all over... What more can a man want? ♥Vittoria♥, come back soon, please ♥ ♥ ♥

I LOVE this girl. I lover her beautiful face, eyes, smile, her spread legs. I LOVE how she always has a beautiful sweet giving smile on her beautiful face when she spreads her legs wide open for the camera. She gives up everything. We can't ask for more.

Gorgeous indeed. Possibly the best yet of Vittoria, whose appealling features are too numerous to list. My favourite shots are those where the bedsheets form the background, as the brick and wordwork are dominant compared to Vittoria's delicacy. The only other way it would appeal more is if Vittoria had a pedicure and shave more immediately prior to the shoot. I am nit-picking, but when you are this close to perfection......

Always so absolutely beautiful, Vittoria is a wonderful model. Such a perfectly gorgeous figure. But I see a certain kind of maturity and sophistication in Vittoria's face which I find uniquely appealing. Vittoria seems to be supremely confident while she poses, very attractive.

You see a kind of maturity and sophistication. I see a harsh effect of lighting creating a phantom sense of age that our model does not actually have. No doubt, your way of seeing is better than mine.

Remember Ockhum's razor. Maybe she looks mature and sophisticated because she is mature and sophisticated.

You swap what you say you see in a face in a photograph for a general comment about what a person is, which seems rather complicated (considering Occam's razor).

My contention that our model's face deserves better lighting and makeup could be imagined a fairly simple sort of hypothesis (remembering Occam's razor). An opinion may be easily formed with a fairly simple test of observation:


Please note I don't presume to suggest our model lacks maturity or sophistication.

Hurrah, another gorgeous heart stopping set of the amazing Vittoria

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