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  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Could do without the fancy nail-tips, but otherwise she's simply a very pretty lady.
Who should have left the down on her stomach :-)
Pretty, but not a lot of personality comes through...
She's more like a magazine model, less like a real person...
Posing, but never quite forgetfully being...
Technically beautiful photographs, tho...
She stares at the camera, without communicating...
I'm in dire need of another expression.
Honey, you've got the raw materials but need to light a fire inside...
It's not enough to be a statue. You're too self-absorbed...

I really liked this set. Very moody, and great lighting.

Ah confusion, 2014 Viva B "age when shot 24" last set here 2010 "age when shot 20" Identical underwear 4 years later, I doubt it. Archive set from the past, probably. Her nails are done better here and a little more bush so not shot concurrently with old set, but....

This raises the question once again with why we can't/don't have a "Date Shot" tag. Month and year would be fine. I am sure K has this information so just WHY is it kept from us?

They may be the same bra and panties/thong but two different photographers...she surely doesn't show any aging, but then who really does at such a young age.

swp - I agree with you about this. The "age when shot" should really be called "age progressed from shoot" because very often that is more accurate. We already know that sets are accumulated and released over time. I have no problem with that, but progressing the age artificially as if to support the illusion that these sets are released as they are shot is unnecessary.

Knowing when a set was shot cannot possibly jeopardize model identity when there is plenty of more identifiable information (even birthdates) readily available from other internet sources.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Knowing date shot would mostly jeopardize remaining illusions the illusionists are loathe to relinquish :-)

Which, to me, is ridiculous, because even though I know how old Marilyn Monroe would be today had she lived, I still think her photos are damn sexy.

By God, you got that right, my man !!!

Definitely an archived set from the vault, but still worthy of Met and of the master, Rylsky. Viva is wonderful in beauty and expression. I appreciate her shortly trimmed nether area style. Enough there to make Doug happy (I think), yet not loose sight of the curvature underneath. A nice compromise from her earlier shaved sets. I hope this is not the last set of Viva.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Other things didn't make me happy, kilroy. I was neutral on the pubic hair.
Interesting what you say about the curvature being revealed.
Yes, but I like full womanly hair to be revealed :-)))
Don't prepubescents have that curvature too?

I like seeing a womans' cameltoe, nothing prepubescent about that.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Yes, except that normally it is often obscured by hair on adults.
So I guess it depends on what you'd rather see -- a full bush, or the cameltoe.
I know what I'd rather see, but it's clear I'm in the minority on this pedophilic site :-)))))

"Pedophilic site" Doug?? And you don't have a problem with membership in such a site!!?? Shame on you....:o|

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

My options are limited! :-)

Damn, Doug, was the milk in your cheerios sour this morning?
I hope tomorrow's a better day... ( :

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

All depends on who I'm looking at :-)))

I think this is better than Antonio Clemen's set of Viva B. They both start her off in the same underwear(which may be the only good pair she has since the good stuff is imported from France or U.S. and costs a mint due to excise tax.)but Mr. Clemens stands her in some rocks,(which is good) but Rylsky explores the colors of red and purple against Viva's skin and hair,which is much better.As usual, I give a 10+++ both to Rylsky,for being an artist,and to Viva for her response to that art.

WOW! Beautiful girl!! Not the maestro's best work, but not his worst either...lol I appreciate older sets that bring to my attention, beautiful models that I would otherwise have missed out on seeing... Thank You K for a great finale to a great day!! Four for four and all five star! ;o)

Photos way to fuzzy, bleh

Darling Viva, you have been absent from these pages far too long..
So nice to see your Lovely face and that sweet smile... Warms my heart on a chilly day!


Wow, nothing nice to write. Here is at least one, quality of the pics are not bad.

Wow, nothing nice to write.

  • eff4
  • 5 months ago:

Good to have Viva back.

  • Neil
  • 5 months ago:

A magnificent return of this beautiful young woman. Viva has changed and refined in the past few years. Lovely face and a darling feminine body. Viva is wearing very sexy lingerie and she takes it off with style and grace. Very nice.

One only comment for the model and the photos:
Ten and praise.

Nice "cut and paste" comment...

Agreed, gaetano, this young lady is absolutely stunning.

In case you didn't get enough of the beautiful lingerie in her last set... ( : Nice, I don't know of any other models who have worn the same outfit ~ much less lingerie ~ for two different photographers. I'm not complaining, this long legged goddess looks marvelous in both sets.

This is a very pleasant set, rescued from someone's inventory (K?)

It appears that back in the day, lovely Viva travelled with her own lingerie.

Thanks to Viva for allowing her pubes to be photographed and thanks to Rylsky for the gallery and the many portrait quality images.

A wonderful return-more please!

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