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The shot of her with a pole between her legs is hilarious. This IS supposed to be funny, right?

If he will let me do so, I'll make Lenny's comments MINE, too !

There couldn't be a better way of commenting on something ...(someONE, in
that case !).

If you can read it,I wrote a note on Sexart too.

THANKS TO ALL,and to Photographer Alan Forza for his Sexart Post about
Wanda, too...

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

...an ordinary cute girl...
7: cute! And thank you for growing a bit of your bush. Daring of you!
I've got it figured out: with all the nudity all over the internet these days, the only thing left to conceal is your body hair. You shave it off to keep at least one physical secret.
Then you tell everybody shaved bare is sexier. But it's actually the opposite.
12: 'nother flattering pic. 13 ditto.
42: funny! and flattering :-)
46: nice portrait. 48: kinda nice. 50 -- shy girl :-)
54-60 -- a number saved...
66 -- nice! She looks talented.
68 -- sexy. 75 -- bare butts -- not especially appealing to me. Hairy would be much more interesting.
77: interesting angle. 79: sultry!
80: what's she thinking about :-? Good detail.
82 -- she's got a unique appeal...83...85...86....
95 -- take me I'm yours :-)
101 -- fulsome portrait. 102 -- comfy. 104/105 -- nice warmth.
106: wanna kiss it :-) 113 -- erotic glow.
114: sexy upper arm and shoulder. 116: nice lines.
Conclusion: Wanda packs a surprising punch :-)

Great, so great. I'm in love. More, more, please

Absolutely Amazing! A GREAT Set, featuring the woman who might just be the most beautiful model I've EVER seen!

Wanda's breathtaking beauty gives me goosebumps! And her sultry, erotic poses create such an overwhelming sense of desire!

I'm blown away! I dunno what else to say, and that don't happen often! My thanks again to Wanda & Rylsky. Superb use of natural light! PLEASE TELL ME WE'LL GET TO SEE MORE OF WANDA! 2 Sets is simply not enough!

On RylskyArt you can see her movies as well.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Boy that RylskyArt must be quite a place :-)

Again, thank you for pointing these sets out to me. I'm getting an education I probably would have missed otherwise :-)

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