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No more yellow backgrounds, please. Nothing kills skin tones like a yellow background.


The seller

I am at a disadvantage not being on any of the other affiliated sites and therefore not seeing Welesa before today. This was a good first set for her. Like fer_realz, I liked the last segment of the shoot on the wicker chair thing the best. She has nice full labia, and I would appreciate seeing more of them in future sets, if possible, Mr. Rylsky.

Her face and figure would work perfectly as a Japanese Hentai doll! All she needs is the eye makeup.

Yes, she is a doll, but I wasn't thinking of that type until you pointed that out. I think you are right!

a gorgeous model and a lousy photographer.

Opinions are free and that is exactly what that one is worth. :)))

He only likes Catherine

That's putting it mildly!! lol

Yep, to respect any other photographer, he need us to change names to "females". We need to try: not Erro, Deltagamma, Rylsky, Leonardo... BUT Kalinka, Matrioshka, Babushka, Kathiusha.

But maybe no need to change, maybe just imagine? It will change all his senses and points totally. He will also enjoy comments and responses just because it will be "flirting". But on the other hand... what if "Catherine" is not female? it will change all his points as well. Imagine... "Brokeback Mountain" written here in letters and comments..

"Babushka"!!??? LMAO!! All my Polish ex-wives would approve of THAT one!! And isn't there a 'model' named "Kalinka"??? lol
Good one R...

And that folks is how you take care of a heckler!!


Someone just got took to SCHOOL.


MMMMMMMMM.... Breakfast!!!

Happy to see this little beauty again! Even on a nauseating yellow background!

No more yellow backgrounds, please. Nothing kills skin tones like a yellow background..

Welesa is a pretty young woman from Belarus:) Nice debut!
I hope you bring her back for more here on MA Rylsky.

Many thanks to you sir, and Welesa too!

Gorgeous, new blonde doll.
Perfect debut set.
A beautiful naked girl does not need of mess around her.
Only a little bit of color and its naked beauty presented with art.

Will be nice to see Welesa again. But before the next photoshoot Welesa should necessariliy visit a hairdresser. This dark parting in addition to the dyet blonde hair looks terrible!

  • 1 year ago:


I actually spoke to Rylsky about this very thing. I for one am not a fan of the strange colors in hair, it just looks like she doesn't maintain her look (even though she is still adorable). Apparently this was a style where she is but I have requested that she lose it for future sets if she is willing. I believe I have already received a set that has her as a full blonde so stay tuned!

Yes, K, you are right, you have her set as "real blonde" for MA.

Welesa has a great body.Her bottom is delicious.Very nice welcome to MetArt.

Lovely debut. Welcome Welesa!

What a sweet little angel you have found here. A very nice debut set indeed. I think Welesa is going to fit right in both here and on RA. Another candidate to become a Rylsky girl!

Welcome sweet Welesa I hope we will see many more sets of this caliber.

Her beautiful brown eyes contrast nicely with her fair hair and the yellow background. Very nice.

A pretty new model. Welesa is gorgeous. I hope to see much more of her both here and on RylskyArt.

Great set of this cute, firm bodied beauty - Welesa is really gorgeous. The extended panty shots are superb & look forward to many more of this babe in the future..

I am already a big Welesa fan from her introductory set on RA and this set has certainly not changed my opinion. I would have liked a bit more of the closing sequence and a little less of the middle of the set, as posing on the wicker contraption displays her to her best advantage, IMO.
I'm eagerly looking forward to much more of this fresh beauty's collaboration with Rylsky!

Very promising debut. I love this girls big meaty labia.

Great debut .Hope to see a lot more of Walesa here.

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