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  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

Xena such a beautiful girl , but spoiled by boring catherine,I though that lesbian photographers makes awsome photoshoots, but catherine do not
maybe next time bether by Rylsky, slastynoff or arkisi

I disagree respectfully.......I think this is a great opening shoot. And Xena looks amazing in the black jumpsuit and out of it, as well.

An incredible new model. Welcome!


I love her boobs and her underarms. Can I see her with hair under her arms please?


an excellent set for a gorgeous model. i liked her black dress. i liked the way she stripped to show the treasures on her body. i loved her medium boobs, her gorgeous ass, and her delicious pussy.

Katya, please make more efforts to produce more new sets

Hi kkronful) I will surely fulfill your wish. Xena really like me, I want to continue working with it.

Good work,Cath! Xena is beautiful and elegant,and even more elegant in this nice black dress.Besides there are no gymnastics,no back tied hair,and the background is inviting.Wish I could take a coffee sitting on this sofá (or whatever position)Beside Xena.

The seller

Hi gswkJu) I'm glad you like this work. It's very nice to read your warm comment) Yes, good coffee beside Xena is a good idea)

Sorry I didn't notice you were missing Catherine, but this is the first set of yours that I have opened in 18 months, and only because you were 'Presenting' a new model. Your style has not changed one iota in this period, and you continue on as the Mistress of Mediocrity.
Technically, your work is great, your models absolutely beautiful, as Xena is here. But you Never get them 'involved' in the shoot and they turn out as animated as a department store dummy, with the same amount of eroticism.

Grammatically, the sentences are technically correct. They turn out as meaningful as the most vapid pop lyrics, with about the same amount of style.

Thank you)

nice debut, but why are the photos so blurry in high resolution?

I will try to deal with your comment.

cool! I don't suppose...my e-mail address? :-) worth a shot!

The clothes, the crooked shots, and the lack of sexy poses ruined this set. I did not subscribe to Met-Art to look at girls in clothes. I have a beautiful wife at home for that; or go to my local Wal-Mart or the mall.

The following poses on this set were trash (neither sexy nor sensual): 001 through 034, 055 through 081, and 085 through 124.

Poses 041 through 049 would have been fantastic if not for the stupid dress.

I do not care for vagina shots (turn-off). Backsides, side ways, and full frontal shots on all fours, standing or lying down are sexy.

Filling your limited list of likes would make for a very boring site! Maybe you should consider that you are one of many and the artists here must cater to the rest of us as well. IMHO there is far too little clothing used in most shoots.

Maybe there is more to your beautiful wife than having her around to look at a girl in clothes?

Sorry about the lagrandebellezzaphobia. The Heebee GB's can be tough. Glad your clothed wife is understanding.

Kinda difficult to do a photoshoot with no clothes and show less PP than here.

Hi Frankieboaby)
The Good Wife, nice house. What more do you need a man to meet his old age.(Абдулла)

Hi Catherine.
A nice set for a beautiful girl. i understand the concerns of Frankieboaby. however, i note you were a bit slow in stripping your clothed girl. Xena was naked in shot 100 (page 3 of 7. but, i enjoyed the girl taking off her clothes. a good set to bee added to the long list of good sets. i love you and love your work. keep working on new sets.
what about your own site???

Xena was naked in shot 51 not 100

Xena was naked in shot 51 not 100

Hi my dear kkronful) I am very pleased to see your comment. I has waited him, I'm happy)

Catherine, Thank you for joining us here in the comments. You do an excellent job of answering all questions posted at the time you comment and if you read all of them you get a good feel for your intent and execution of the set. I have a modest suggestion, and yes it is based on what Deltagamma has been doing. Rather than wait for appropriate questions lay out for us your intent why not have a post early on not as a response but by you which lays out for us your own goals as to how the shoot took place and what your intent was in the elements you used. I remember your one set that you disclosed was shot in a hotel were a stranger appeared in the background and you explained it perfect. If we had this type of info at the beginning a lot of questions would be answered before they were even asked. And yes I am going to use this to editorialize, for years, prior to the comments all of our artist only had one person to satisfy, i.e. K or if there was one her predecessor. The votes and rating only gave at best a composite opinion of the model and artist. The the comments started. Ry was I think the first to realize they added an aspect which was somewhat unique here. Finally the members could have an input that might make a real difference. Instead of degenerating into a gross farce, it has been, for the most part, intelligent real critiques. And between you, Ry, and Delta, and others, NOT NEARLY AS MANY AS WE WOULD LIKE, we all have learned so much more about our models and what actually occurs during the shooting. I know K reads all of these and now, while many say it isn't so, the comments do influence her picks. Again I applaude you for joining us and sharing what us. I wish more artist would follow your lead.

Hi swplf2), Catherine does pretty good at reading english but has difficulty writing it. Mostly she writes in russian and uses a translator program which does not always work well. DG on the other hand has a very good command of English because he has worked with Americans in his career and learned from them. Also translating from italian to english is much easier because we share a common foundation language Latin. It is hard for Russian speakers because there language is the cyrillic alphabet and spoken Russian has a lot of slang that would make no since to us at all.

Thanks Hip, I had no idea, Catherine was very polite in her response. Her style now makes total sense. It really was the good way she handled the stranger in the backgound that gave me the idea... Any good ideas how to seduce more artist to join us?

That said, swplf2, you are absolutely correct, it would be wonderful and amazing to get more artists "into the mix" so to speak.

I suspect the dilemma Hipshot mentions ~ translation into comprehensible English, and back into the native language ~ is a large part of the problem, as so many of the artists come from Eastern Europe whose languages share much more in common with Russian than English. Especially in terms of translating slang and figures of speech, which translation programs can butcher badly.

Please define modest.

having or showing a moderate or humble estimate of one's merits, importance, etc. and as hip let me know Cathrine's style of commenting has a very definite reason. It makes me even appreciate her even trying so hard to join us in English.

Hi swplf2) I am happy to reply to comments. You wrote a very detailed and thorough review. I was very pleased to read your letter. I find it difficult to reply to comments when I was shooting process. You can come to me on facebook. There you can learn more about my work and learn about the people who help me during operation. On facebook you can find me Kateryna Kazan. I try to make sure the frame is not hit any objects and participants of shooting, but it doesn't always work. Thank you for the high appreciation of my work) once again thank you for such interesting comment)

Hi all. First comment didn't post for some reason.
Welcome Xena! You are a very beautiful young woman, and I welcome you. Beautiful pictures! I hope the experience was positive for you and we are able to enjoy many more in the future. My sole reservation is the previously mentioned paucity of bottom shots. Ladies are often unconvinced of the beauty of their behinds, as they are placed where they can't be checked out, and so are a source of uncertainty. Trust us! They are a prime criteria for target selection for the male. Take it from an aficionado, that is a beautiful bottom, fully worthy of the rest of a beautiful young woman. A strong debut otherwise! Many happy returns for both of you ladies. :-)

Congratulations members! 42 comments and all well written and meaningful. the few cons where backed up with positive and useful explanations and not just "I don't like this" This is what I think the comments section should look like. Now that I am awake and not longing for some sleep I'll add a few of my own.

I think the choice of the black dress was perfect for a debut set. Both the dress and the setting gave the set an elegant and classy feel fitting for this lovely model. The whole set had an elegant feel that expressed a respect for the model and a desire to make a lasting impression on us. I feel it worked very well. The low back of the dress and it's dark color really highlighted this models lovely back. Something that is often ignored. Doing those shots kneeling with back arched really made a statement while appearing perfectly natural. Her clam and reserved manor is perfect for a debut set and gives her a comfortable feel and enough reserve to make us certain that there much more to come. I agree that there could have been more rear shots especially standing but all and all I think this set was very well done on both Catherine's part and the models. Technically this set is very nice IMO the colors are crisp, the lighting is flawless and the pacing is very good.

This is the kind of work I have come to expect from Katya and there was no disappointment in this set at all. I too have been concerned by Katya's absence and lack of comment but I think she is back and the future looks bright. :))))

Hi hipshot131) You I was very touched by your letter) I am very pleased to realize that somewhere waiting for me and are concerned about my long absence. In response I fervently embrace, I am glad to read your letter and I am pleased to meet you)) Xena looks very noble and beautiful. In the future I will have in mind that members like shots from behind. This black dress belongs to Xena. When I saw him, I just wanted to make a set in this dress. The Xena very good taste. She has many good beautiful clothes. I really hope that I played Xena is done lots of good interesting sets. Thank you very much)))

And you did an excellent job with it!

Welcome Xena! You are a very beautiful young woman, and a welcome addition to MET! I hope this will be a positive experience for you, and that you return in more sets. The photos were good, with the one exception pointed out by previous commentators. Not enough rear shots.
Women are often unconvinced that their bottoms are sexy. Bottoms are placed at an angle that is difficult for women to check themselves out, and some are insecure and not convinced of their appeal. Ladies! They are not for you to look at, but for men to use for target selection! Please let us be the judge. We know what we want. Take it from an aficionado, that is a beautiful bottom, fully worthy of the rest of this beautiful young woman, deserving of a page or two at least. Great set otherwise. A strong debut.

Hi Beethoven) Thank you for your comment. I forwarded your letter to Xena.

What a beauty. Great set Katusha. Esho raz!

Hi Cheburashka71) (Эх, раз, еще раз, еще много много раз))))
Thank you very much) I am pleased that you have a good attitude to this work.

Privet Katusha, Do you think you'll try the Nikon 800E or maybe the soon-to-be-released Pentax 645Z? I can imagine just how much more beautiful detail you will capture from your models using one or the other system. Shaslivo.

Hi Cheburashka71) Nikon and Pentax are good cameras. Now all major brands of approximately close to each other in quality. I think the main thing is the quality of the lens. Camera for me is secondary.

Privet katya, Vot tak. Lens katchistvo camo glavno. No, odin sensor mozhit bit lyche chem drugoi, toxe. Novaya Pentax sensor budet bomba, naverbo. Lyche chem D800 ya dymaio. Bbi yxe chitala? http://www.dxomark.com/Reviews/Nikon-D800-Review/Conclusion

Spacibo i shaslivo

Oh the curves, the beautiful curves of Xena. Catherine you are an expert in photographing the female curves!

Hi DUTCHMAN) I thank you for assigning me the title of expert. I am very pleased that you liked my work)

Xena is a beautiful woman with a beautiful face, I love her eyebrows, intriguing eyes, downy hair, innie as in #53, puffy outer labia when seen at their puffiest, bubble butt, and long legs with well-defined calves.

It's really nice to see you writing again Catherine! We all missed that, and were concerned for you.

I browsed your portfolio to see if you have any 24 / 7 blondes ~ I couldn't say for sure. If you discover one, or have one or more who already work(s) with you, there is one way to prove it.

Xena's puffy outer labia look so nice when viewed from directly behind, let's see more of that please. Another suggestion: Xena's bubble but is good from any angle, but from directly behind showing “reverse cleavage” is very flattering. A standing pose from directly behind showcasing her puffy outer labia and both “cheeks” would be a winner and must have in any photographer's repertoire for model's blessed as Xena is.

Thank you Xena and thank you Catherine.

Hi Baggy36Pants) Thank you for such a detailed and interesting commentary. The Xena very noble and intelligent face, beautiful and toned body. I think that shooting will participate more blondes)) I wrote that when I actively go shooting, it's very difficult to communicate with members. In this period very little time and I am very very tired. In this period I'm sorry I can't fully communicate with you. Once again I want to thank you for the kind and warm comment) Thank you)

Another gorgeous model fabulously captured by Catherine!

Hi Gary) Thank you very much for high score, I am very pleased)

Xena is a beautiful girl, and this set is an excellent preview of more great things to come. I am also glad to see Catherine back in the comments section, her long absence was starting to get me worried. Maybe she was busy looking for Xena?

Hi lember92) Thank you for a good grade. You absolutely precisely noticed my long absence was due to the long shooting period. Thank you)

I'm probably in the minority on this one, but I love the crossed legs shots, 82-83.

Yeah, I'm a weirdo. : )

Maybe so, but you'll need to try harder to convince us.

Not at all... I think it's sexy too...;o)

I always thought "eccentric" sounded better than "wierdo." ( :


Our artist finds a location that looks like a master interior decorator designed it for photographing this model. The colors, though neutral, are varied and vivid. Excellent for those eyes, that skin, and that hair. Our model stands out from the setting well in both black and in nothing. A skilled, thoughtful, and memorable use of color.
The undressing sequence is inspired, the pacing precise, the progression perfect. Not one shot seems wasted, nor one missing. Our model says a languorous goodbye to the lovely clothes with elegant grace, effectively affecting. Our artist gives us wonderful views of the curves of the back so well here it is rare, if not unique.
I think many images were cropped a bit close, losing head or elbow without any gain. 41 is poorly framed: we see half black and miss the curves. The next eight more than make up for it, no loss of curve there!
A forward leaning tease would be welcome towards the beginning.
As usual, I think many images would be better with a horizontal orientation.
An elegant 9 plus, rounded up.

@ Magwich:

Well written!

I concur with your comments and double down on what you wrote about the interior and its' being designed for Xena. Ditto the (too) close cropping.

Hi Magwich) I really liked your comment, thank you very much. You very exactly feel artistic component of my work. I'm very pleased. I will accept note of your remark about cropping an image. Thank you.

Congratulations Katya... You found that one model whose beauty rivals your own!! WOW! Xena IS very gorgeous! Great debut set...makes me very anxious for the next one. Very happy to see you back! ;o) XOXO

Hi rachsback) I'm also very pleased to read your comment) I really hope that Xena will be long and fruitful to work and delight you)

Xena is a very sexy woman. of course we all notice the eyes, and the smile, but the rest of her looks pretty damn sexy as well.
Pic #43 - it has that look of "Yeah, you wish".
Hopefully we will not have to wait too long for some more sexy sets.

Hi Special Ed) I am very pleased that you are very accurately described the image of Xena.
I think that with Xena will be a lot of good sets. Thank you)

Xena is very beautiful, and this set does a good job of displaying her charms - BUT - why, as so often happens on MA, do we not get a single shot showing her arse and her legs right down to her feet ? And indeed, very few of her arse atall - is this the new taboo when the pussy is displayed ?
For girls with toned bodies, poses with the (leg) muscles flexed are often among the best in my opinion. Sorry - all that rant really applies to lots of sets on MA.
Thanks again for a very nice set.

Clever I.D. ;o) Welcome to the fracas!

@ Czechmate:

Ditto your arse and legs down to her feet comment; and the paucity of arse at all!

Flexed leg muscles are another thing that rule(s).

Hi Czechmate) I am glad that you like Xena and this set. I will accept note of your wishes for future work. Please write to me what you position of the body is preferred.

Hi Catherine. I have sent an email with a few thoughts.

Seems it did not post the first time.


I truly am not attacking you and your artistic approach. I do think the model is beautiful and love seeing her. The one statement on the clothes I amy have not agreed with, lost them a little sooner! My concern is over the style of the photo you choose. Each of the photos are grainy. When you bring Xena's body in close, it almost looks out of focus. Another way of looking at it I suppose, does Xena have really dry skin. I love when the quality of the photo is crisp as if the model were here in front of me.


Seems you could use a bit more patience...;o)

Hi Ingoodtaste) You have expressed an interesting remark. I will accept note of these remarks in the future work. Thank you)


I truly am not attacking you and your artistic approach. I do think the model is beautiful and love seeing her. The one statement on the clothes I amy have not agreed with, lost them a little sooner! My concern is over the style of the photo you choose. Each of the photos are grainy. When you bring Xena's body in close, it almost looks out of focus. Another way of looking at it I suppose, does Xena have really dry skin. I love when the quality of the photo is crisp as if the model were here in front of me.


Xena is an enchanting beauty! Her hair is so shiny it looks like strands of silk. Great also to see her clothes lasted more than the usual 3-5 photos.

Hi Byron) I am very pleased that you liked the photos in clothes. I confess that Xena in this black dress I also really like. Thank you)

At last I get to see this lovely new model and get a name to associate with her. I have been waiting for this set since seeing your first posts of her. I must say that I am not disappointed. She is as lovely as I had anticipated. She is a definite candidate for the PP club right off and I hope her set will become more revealing as new set arrive. Lovely face, great body, and very stylish. An excellent start and I am sure there is much more to follow.

Thank you Katya and Zena and thank you K for bringing her to us.

Hi hipshot131) Thanks for the comment) I'm glad you liked it. I am very pleased that I lived up to your expectations. I love Xena. I'm thinking of new theme sets with her. I hope you enjoy the new sets too.

Welcome to wonderful, blonde "foreign" (if your name is true).
Wonderful hothouse flower among the flowers of Catherine.
Catherine chose a setting, for your debut, in style 'Giorgio Armani' and not her shiny colors of sapphire and emerald.
Much less beautiful, in my opinion.

Hi gaetano maria) Thank you very much) I found it very interesting black dress. I used it for the debut of Xena. I assure you that the colors of the following sets of diverse.

Beautiful new girl. Welcome Xena :)

Thank you)

Very slow build up in this one, I though we were going to have a shy girl on our hands, thankfully she revealed her full glory on the last page, #121-123 depicting her full womanly beauty, what a great body!.

A slow reveal is nice, particularly in a presentation set such as this one, however I would have loved just a few more explicit shots at the end, I hope there's a lot more of this beauty in store for us.

Hi bobblehat) It was first set for Xena. I wanted to make a calm and beautiful set. This girl is worthy of such an attitude. Xena very interesting, I think, in the future will be the sets that you will be fully satisfied. Thanks for the comment)

"I wanted to make a calm and beautiful set. This girl is worthy of such an attitude"
You are correct and succeeded well.


Catherine, Xena is a beautiful woman and you did a wonderful job at capturing her beauty. Her silver green eyes just seem to shine. Her body is perfectly gorgeous. The location seems completely new to me. I do not recall seeing it before. The shades of grey suit Xena's complexion. This is a lovely debut of a beautiful new model. I hope we will see much more of Xena soon. Please convey my warm regards to Xena. And as always my very best wishes and regards to you.

Hi Neil) I am very pleased to read your comment. This is the first set Xena. I think she was comfortable while working in the first set. I liked working with her. I hope that our cooperation will be long. Warmly welcome you and hug)

Hi Catherine!
First set but very good.
Xena ist very pretty blonde and i'm glad can see it set.
One more big THX.
Well done!

Finally persuaded to open her legs, but worth the wait. A very beautiful woman


Finally persuaded to open her legs, but worth the wait, a very beautiful woman

I am not a fan of Xena's bodysuit in the beginning of the set, but I'm definitely a fan of Xena. She has a very impressive serenity and a sense of regality... I get the impression that very little surprises this lady. I hope that in future sets she will be more generous with her poses... time will tell.

Hi fer_realz) I am very pleased that you like Xena. It was first set for her. I think you'll like the following sets. Met-Art members sometimes write what they want to see the model in clothes. So I made ​​a set)

"You can please some people all the time, all the people some of the time, but you can never please all the people all the time." ( :
Don't worry, Catherine, I have not lost my faith in you... ( : I just didn't like this particular dress. Something shorter and more colorful would be nice next time. ( :

By the way, welcome back to comments forum, Catherine!

Hi fer_realz) Yes, I understand that it is impossible please everyone. I will try to do a set with a short dress with Xena.
By the way, I can again disappear for a while) I'll miss you)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Well said, Magwich.
That being said, please don't go away on my account, Catherine, it is always pleasant exchanging ideas with you. ( :


I wish you pleasant dreams)


Woot woot!

Woot Woot Woot??

"Who let the ....the ...the ~ owls? ~ out...?"


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