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  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

boring catherine like always

This dress looks very stylishly and elegant on the model's.
I like that set starts photographs of models dressed in feminine dresses.
I like it and thank you for that Catherine.

GR8 model and photographer , thanks Catherina :)

Great job!! Pretty feet and pussy, need more please.

beautiful young woman :-)

I liked this one very much

The Seller

A lot of people were commenting on her wearing an evening gown. Well who knew, I went back and looked and sure enough - she was wearing an evening gown. I didn't even notice

I hate the inflation of absolutes.

So I will say this:

the set is ok-ish.

To each his own ---

But "elegance" is the way to go.

I have looked through this set off and on all day long and I think the model is very attractive and the photography is nice too, but I don't care much for the evening gown.
It's not a huge deal for sure (the women is pretty after all and that is what really matters), but the gown seems out of place to me.
I must admit it's partially do to the fact that I'm not used to evening gowns because I was raised and live in a rural area and out here they are not very prevalent.
Most girls I know and dated wear a dress or some sort of skirt/blouse combination along with heels for "dress" and blue jeans/various tops and gym shoes/boots for "casual" wear.
I personally think a woman in a t-shirt with short shorts and sandals with heels looks best:-)

Xena is very beautiful, and the photography is great. I have no idea WHAT the set is. l Looks like a bathroom with Xena standing on a table.Sorry,but I can't stand sets too complicated for my (Limited) brain. Xana get a 10+,not her fault

The setting for this shoot is a kitchen. Catherine posted photos of herself washing dishes in this kitchen on Facebook.

I'm curious. Do you have a link to it?

Stunning pictures - and guess what, I have just got a brand new, state of the art kitchen work top! My phone number is.....

Unbelievable! Drop dead gorgeous!
Let's have Leonardo do a shoot!

He's likely to hold the camera backwards and we'd get a 140 frame set of badly exposed, poorly framed, out-of-focus and frames tilted like something shot on the deck of the Titanic.

No ... best he leave this one alone.

Let's have Leonardo shoot YOU!

Xena is tremendous once again, both her and Catherine tease us until near the very end for a full reveal of her most delightful pleasure, it's definitely worth the wait, although next time (hopefully very, very soon!) Xena may assault our senses from the off with a full on spread legged extravaganza.

Look @ frame #18. This is a photographer who knows how to use a camera and what the relationship between depth of focus/depth of field and f-stop means. Not some "grab shot" photographer like some others that post regularly to M-A.

And no matter where she's standing, Xena could come over to my house and jump all over the furniture to her heart's content.

I hope you meant #19... When I first saw 18, I couldn't figure out what Catherine's focus was there.....her elbow!? The side of her breast? With a girl THIS beautiful, her face should be in every shot that isn't a "close-up". I thought 7, 13 and 18 (only on page one) should have included her face.

And don't you mean that she could jump on your furniture to YOUR "heart's content"...? lol

And if none of this is correct, excuse me all to hell...;o) lol

No ... I meant #18. Xena's dress fabric is in focus from just inside her right arm right across her breast and goes to her hair on the far side - a distance of about 12"-14". Nice depth of focus.

And if Xena wants to hop, skip, jump or just plain loll about the furniture, who am I to say "No"?

Classic figure studies! THAT's what some of Catherine's latest work - especially here with Xena - remind me of. Nicely done - both of you! Nice to see some "art" back in "art photography".

Very beautiful model, but why use the kitchen for the photo shoot? In an evening gown why not use the stairs going down into a nice living room (darker furniture than what was used in her first set) and then use the coffee table to stand on instead of the kitchen table or island, whatever that was she was on. Too much background "noise" in this photo set. Her first set was in a living room with an evening gown on, this one in the kitchen, I guess her next set will be in a bedroom or outside in an evening gown... Otherwise, Xena is a heart-stopping, unbelievable beautiful woman and I can't wait to see what the next photo set will be like. I'm usually not critical of the photo sets shown on MA, but this living beauty Xena deserves better, especially from you Catherine.

Wow, the loveliness of Xena and the artistry of Catherine! It's a 10 and a favorite in my book!

Absolutely Gorgeous!



I confess...I am a xenaphile!

Properly speaking, Link, that would be, "Xenaphile" ( :

Do you police twitter for typos too?

Nope, not on twitter. I still have one foot planted firmly in the 20th C.... ( ;

Where'd they bury your brain?

STUNNING model ... totally stunning.

Fantastic teamwork, Xena & Catherine! More from these, please!

Xena : JHOMEL by Catherine

This is the 2nd set for Catherine in two days. Yesterday, the set for Dalia was extremely bad although the girl was gorgeous. Today the set for Xena is better, but it still has problems. Lighting is good and posing is good. But the focus and resolution is bad. I will give examples:
Gabriel A is a gorgeous model that I adore. In these three photos Catherine made excellent photos for the breasts of Gabriel. I could see the nipples in detail. I could even see the texture of the nipples and areolas and I could see the eyelashes clearly..




Similarly for Nastya this photo shows the nipples of the model in great detail.


in this set I refer to 59, 75, 87, 102 and 122, I can barely see the nipples. Bad focusing. I wish Catherine will go for quality of sets rather than quantity.

Xena is gorgeous model. I love her long dress and its color. I love her face, her boobs, her ass, her legs and her bald pussy. I love to see her again in a better set.

I hope Catherine returns to her excellent quality of work

Boring shoot, sorry.....a;; too similar photos

Spectacular girl, photographed spectacularly! lol VERY nice set Katya!
Love the setting and the dress. When I first saw this girl sitting at your desk, I knew she was going to be one of your SuperStars. Very beautiful and confident! Absolutely LOVE her!! And you of course! ;o) XOXOX

I'm having a hard time leaving this set and going ANYWHERE!! I can't get over how gorgeous this girl is!! THIS is what I imagine "Mother Nature" would look like if she were to make an appearance as a "human"... Just absolutely breath taking!!

Just getting into that and it ended :-(

Save it and run it in a loop...;o)

Kudos to Catherine for shooting the model feet first. Too bad they're not in natural repose. Why do the models always feel obligated to crunch their toes? (Except for 448 KB, in which they're out of focus).

Some really nice pictures but too much similar photos!

That's because absolutely all the photos were shot from the same camera
position! To top it almost all the photos are shot in portrait format!

It's not forbidden to change the position for both the model AND the photographer! As well changing the camera angle and panning the camera is not forbidden too!


I love Xena's classic beautiful face and her self-assurance and confidence and I like that she began the set in a very fancy evening gown. That's not something we see everyday here on MA.
Having said so, I'd like to see more eroticism from this absolutely gorgeous young woman in future sets...

Shot #1 was all it took. Princess Xena in all her elegant glory! That is pure class. Imagine knocking on her door for your date and seeing that when she opens the door! This is one glorious female. The term blond bombshell fits! She could make any guy weak in the knees.

Excellent job Katya! I love the dress and I love this set. Classy. Gorgeous lady, nice setting excellent color and lighting. 10+++++ for you both.

Xena and Catherine, lovely set.

127 wonderful photos of the beautiful Xena in a very nice kitchen. Excellent! Xena is absolutely gorgeous.

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