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PLEASE GIVE US MORE XENIA - but NOT with this photographer - TOTALLY missed the mark in this set, and we haven't seen her since - i have lost interest in MetArt Network and stopped subscribing since this let down - so PLEASE Get on it!

Stupid and crappy

The seller

I should be so lucky as to be in bed with Xenia, so yay for seeing her undressed. However, I have to say the lighting is harsh. A lovely pussy like that deserves better lighting in my humble opinion.

Her previous sets were very nice, but this 'dishrag' is little more than an 'ob/gyn office visit with the proper paperwork in hand'! Is 'Paromov' still looking for a style?? THIS won't get him far... I guess I'll get blasted for this since nearly everybody else seems to think this is 'tits'...(if you'll pardon the expression...or get it's meaning...;o)
Would've been nice to have one more 'good' set of Xenia...she's gorgeous!

This girl has an amazing range of looks. In this set she looks incredibly young and innocent, barely legal. In the previous set she looked like the age she is, and in the first two sets she looked much more womanly and sophisticated. In all three looks, she knows how to make love to the camera.

Terciopelo; español for Velvet! Hermosa señorita! Me encantan sus bonitos ojos azules. Y la forma en que le encanta abrir las piernas! Apuesto a que ella es liso como el terciopelo adentro! (;

I think this is the highest I have scored a set for Paromov. Still, I would have liked to see a little more variety in the poses. The shots #79 & 80 very nicely show her nether curves, but there is not much of her behind and no standing pose. Xenia doesn't even get out of the chair until near the end. Decent set but nothing to write home about.

gorgeous hot model, good photography, excellent set

Luv this set - spread and ready for action.

Nude for the whole set. Legs spread in the first photo. Fantastic. Xenia really gives us a treat.

Pretty girl with a lovey body and pussy but not very animated. first 25 shots she didn't even change positions and 95 shots to make it out of the chair to the floor in front of the chair. She certainly didn't work up a sweat earning all those Benjamens.

Yes, she is just gorgeous. Well paid apparently, but very well earned, I would say. Truly lovely.

Xenia is ravishing, and this set is just fantastic. From the first picture, it's a celebration of her beautiful pussy and ass. Every shot is mouth-watering. I just want to dive in tongue first and see how long I can stay submerged. Unvelievably sexy and beautiful. 10s all around, and then 10s again. Wow!


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