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Xola must be another model of Catherine's from Tatarstan. She looks like she might be of Tatar Ancestry. She is very pretty. She has an elegant beauty, as though she might be of royalty. I hope we see much more of her in the future.

Hi Catherine , I really like that you experiment with lighting , full blast can ruined the atmosphere of this set. You are getting better and better .

Bad lighting + unfavorable posed, composed... pity.

O my god, third time over the set and I just noticed the freckles. Wow flawlessly beautiful, perfect labia, and freckles. I'm in for a lifetime...

Hola, Xola!
Gracias, Catherine

Our model looks so fine in that white shirt, it was cruel not to show it coming off in multiple poses from multiple angles. I nearly wept.

The photos of her in the white shirt are a waste of bandwidth. All they do is make it take longer to get to the nude photos.

Five pictures out of 122! Are you MonSerious!!??


Shot #64 nominated for "Best Catherine Shot of all time" and the series for her best ever. The tissue-issue? Nothing a flick of the tongue or gentle blow wouldn't solve, so it's a case of the imperfection stimulating......

The tissue bit on her labia brings up an often-debated issue. To use Photoshop or not? I happen to be pretty good at Photoshop, so I could get rid of it with low possibility of anyone noticing. If it's undetectable, is it ethically OK to do? Is it proper to fix a minor unintended flaw which detracts from otherwise perfect shots? I argue it's fine to do it, but others may disagree.

Among the commenters, photoshop seems to be a very polarizing issue. Either one is fine with it, or one feels that it is the worst thing ever.

It depends entirely on "how" and "when" it's used. For something like this, it isn't very practical to go through the entire set, removing the 'extraneous' from each and every photo. The trick is to catch it before the photo session is over! Ideally, before it even starts! There's an old expression that I hope is not obsolete... "camera ready".... Self explanatory I hope.

I'm glad to see another set featuring Xola. The lighting seems different for Catherine, but it is still very good. I love the contrast of shadow and natural light on such an amazing body as Xola's.

Another work of perfection from Catherine. Gorgeous model too.

XOXOXOXO for Xola!!!

Katya, why shoot entire set with very visible white debris on Xola's labia!? Very distracting! Otherwise, very nice set....are you sure Xola not your sister??
"Don't worry, be happy"...lol ;o) xoxo

I didn't notice the piece of tissue until #91. She either picked it up when she was being photographed laying on her stomach (#89 & 90) or maybe there was a tinkle break and since I wasn't there to tidy things up, it "stuck" around for the rest of the shoot. Where was photo shop when you need it???
How do some of you guys know what Catherine looks like?

Catherine actually did a couple nude sets before taking to the other side of the camera. She is quite lovely.


So she took her own photos????

Silly.... Someone else shot the sets... It's all very complicated ;o)

Catherine has a Facebook page.

I guess my response was invisible to you and hipster...;o)

I typed my response prior to reading yours, derh.... ( ;

I thought it was pretty hard NOT to notice, but maybe I look a little too closely at those sweet lips...;op I thought it was a piece of lint myself, rather than the "usual" t.p. which has appeared from time to time on various girls. I never understand how the photographers don't see it and have it removed. They must not check the shots immediately after taking them. And I also don't understand K not seeing this and releasing a memo to the artists to be a bit more prudent in this matter. You can see her on her FB page. And if you really want your mind blown, you can see her here as Gabriel... But keep it to yourself....she's my all time favorite and share only with close friends....;o) That's you....right? lol

have you ever looked throught a viewfinder of a dslr?

You can use it to focus and compose the pic - but tiny details? Nope.

And the lifeview isn't better.

Just because something is obvious on our humongous screens does not make it obvious during production.

Several times....I own one.

Hard to "focus" without noticing the "details"...

Anyone that misses THAT just isn't looking. And as I said, it's been an issue before so the artists should be watching more closely.

no, pretty easy to focus and miss such 'details'. because they were not the thing you were focused on keeping in focus ;)

I think we're getting focused on the wrong subject here... Take pictures the way you like. I'll do the same.

have you ever looked throught a viewfinder of a dslr?

You can use it to focus and compose the pic - but tiny details? Nope.

And the lifeview isn't better.

Just because something is obvious on our humongous screens does not make it obvious during production.


Xola is pretty in both the white shirt and white sheet.

Simply unnecessary!


Are you referring to yourself, if so I agree.

In this set, Catherine shows us a more gritty, down-to-earth side of her exotic Eastern princess. I like that it shows that she's not just an exotic beauty, but also a real woman.

I almost hate to ask, but what besides the obvious, shows her as a "real woman"?

Her first set was kinda glamorous, made up, exotic. This set was much closer to how we'd see her "everyday," so to speak.

Well I thought she looked pretty damn real in her first set too!! Glamorous or NOT! And she's ALWAYS going to look "exotic"...she IS exotic. But ok...I get what you're saying. ;o)

Upon further reflection, I think the different lighting scheme has something to do with my reaction to the set as well. This one is more under lit, and not as much in the background. This is more intimate, but also more "gritty" as it were. Whereas the first set was more focused on making Xola look glamorous, IMO.

Tartarstan must be a wonderfully beautiful plaece to visit, with such beautiful women like Xola living there. She is so exotic and alluring. Such a beautiful face with her enchanting Asian eyes. And her figure is perfectly gorgeous. And yes, I think Xola looks very much like you, Catherine. Strikingly gorgeous.

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