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A beautiful woman with an awesome hat ! However : with your framing/cropping you managed to hack the hell out of both of them . Unfortunately it's noway to portray either one of them .

A beautiful Woman with an awesome hat ! However with your framing/cropping of the photos you managed to hack the hell out of both 99% of the time . Unfortunately it's noway to portray either one of them .

This girl is magnificent!! Absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you for so many beautiful portrait shots Katya!! Can a man love more than one woman at a time?? YES!!! I can!!!! XOXOXOXOX

An amazing figure. Sensuously Kissable lips. I've always loved Catherine's proclivity for portraits and close ups - this set is no exception. Thoroughly enjoyed this set.

Class, elegance, charm, fantasy, sensuality.
Excellent technical quality.
Catherine and that's.

I'm in love...............again!!!!!

Beautiful model and photography.

Catherine, get back to where you were about a couple of years ago. Quit listening and communicating with these obsessed, pin prick, needle dick clowns who've lost touch with reality, - and, who are over fantasizing with nude pics of women; which is essentially what we have here, nothing more; that is, nude pics of women; nothing more, nothing less! Catherine, your art is getting worse, not better, and losing touch with its true and original purpose; which is, to satisfy the primordal, psuedo coitus activities of the viewer; so leave the inhibitedness in the recesses of cultural morality; not here in the gallery. Uninhibited exposure of the delicate beauties of women was your original ,and most valued, attribute. Do not lose it!!!!

LMAO!! Hopefully the first "needle dick clown" that Catherine will stop listening to is YOU! If she ever did listen to you to begin with!! Apparently you think "evolution" is a myth, and that all galleries should look like they were submitted by a gynecologist's office. Have another six-pack and shuffle off to ALS! Atta boy...;o)

hm, another set where I would love to peek at the exif data...

Proof-positive that we're all here for different reasons.

A lovely set high on sensuous content but somewhat low on eroticism. Still, good work Catherine if not the best.xx


Hahahahaha. My nefarious plan to drug the unwary for the purpose of having the treasure all to myself is working!

This is not the first time that I'm noticing that Catherine's models fail to perform basic hygiene (remove fecal stains from their rectal orifices).

I am not sure that you are not suffering from LaGrandeBelezza' sLittleFriendoPhobia. The Association offers free counseling.

Xoxoxola indeed!!!

Magnificent! Katya, you are presenting one of the few women that could steal my heart from you... ;o) Another one's name also starts with a kiss...X )) XOXOXO Very cute set here also... Many thanks to the "Ladies of Gorgeousville"!! ;o)

And immediately I realize it should be "Gorgeoustan"....lol ;o)

Wonderful, exotic Asian beauty, painfully photographed again! I wish this beauty would find another photographer.

I looked real real close. Saw no sign of pain, and that's not what I felt while lookin'.

Xola is attractive, but it looks like Catherine told her to get undressed, sit on the sofa, curl up in a ball, stretch out, and BTW you should also twist around a bit to put my signature on the set. She then noticed something was missing so she got a bow and stuck it in her hair plus grabbed the red & gold drape/cloth thingy and said great!, we are ready to photograph now. Not the best set in my opinion.

Ceska, do ALL sets have to be "the best"? Can't some just be "good"??
Can't some just be "fun"? Like this one is...for most of us anyway.
You're certainly entitled to your opinion here, but occasionally it WILL be questioned...;o)

"Thingy?" That's a Tatarian Flyin' Carpet bearing the Treasure of the Golden Horde.

LOL And quite a Treasure it is!!

I could stare into Xola's gorgeous eyes all day. She's outstanding.

Catherine! Again with the sitting/lying down poses? Tsk, tsk, tsk! Either this is as far as your imagination takes you, or you know some of the laziest women in the business!

Laziness is bad. It can lead to a lack of creativity while composing insults.

Xola brings out her Asian beauty in these photos by Catherine.Thanks to both ladies.

Catherine, you returned to your good quality photography, good lighting and good focus. please take care to keep improving.
Xola is a gorgeous girl. you gave us a clear crisp images of her nipples and her pussy. i enjoyed looking at the crisp clear images of Xola's pussy. but the stubbles there is very distracting. she should either have a good shave prior to the shot or have a better way of hair removal.
there is nothing on earth better than a beautiful pussy smooth as silk

thank you Katya for your efforts to please us.
you are great.

we need some videos.

I thought this was one of the worst sets I've EVER seen. Xola is certainly a beautiful woman, but, I mean, how many shots of her just sitting there do we really need? No originality, no creativity, no sense of sensuality.
Just a sameness, that permeates every shot. I'm very sorry, Catherine, but you're boring,

Simply to dismiss !

I am not sure some of those words mean what you think they mean. Perhaps you might consider drinking the wine in front of you.

Or the Kool-Aid ... ;-)

My words .........!

What I (almost) always say!

And it sounds just as ridiculous as you do!

Extra! Extra! Beauty Survives Attack By Giant Mosquito!

Beautiful set Catherine. My best wishes to the very beautiful Xola.

What I absolutely love about this set is something that I've commented before on, in Paromov's sets. In the same way that Paromov taps into a woman's desire to play "dress-up" as she did when she was a child, and communicates that desire, Catherine has done that here with Xola.
Even though the only costume is a hat-like bow, Xola loves it and her delight shines through in the pictures.
She always looked beautiful in her previous sets, but never really warmed up to the modeling process the way she does in this set, and I believe it is largely because she gets to play "dress-up" with a fancy hat.
Her delight is clear in the opening and closing shots especially ~ we see another dimension of her delightful beauty in these warm and spontaneous smiles and it is absolutely wonderful to witness.

You're a great photographer, judging by this set, Catherine. And Xola is a really beautiful model. Very hot, erotic set of photos. Thanks to you both.

Thanks aesthete2) I hope that I can make sets with this model, I also like this model)

After Luiza's leaving maybe te most distinctive model in your portfolio.In compliance with you I hope for good success.

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