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Wow so sexy, this made me want to finger myself ^-^

I'd like to suck her toes

Sensual posings make her wet eventually? Excellent is it!

Best set i've seen anywhere of a beautiful woman and a most beautiful creamy vagina.

I find the photos of Yani's juicy pussy an incredible turn on.

It's seems she as turned on have her picture taken as we are looking at them.

Would love to see more juicy pussies !

Yani's body is So delicious as always. Images 58 and 93 are the best though, both show her pussy and anus up close. Both of which are equally as inviting for a good lick and fuck.

Yani is so sexy. I wish she knew how much I would love to lick the cream from her pussy.

Another great set of this sweetheart! So very cute!! Yani, you could not be any finer!! Absolutely delicious!!! Very nice setting and perfect lighting. Great set! More more more!

Yani has the juiciest pussy I've ever seen on Met Art, awesome! Sweet ass too.

Yani, miel, hermosa sonrisa! Y, eso es un niza flujo cremoso que tienes allí, dulce, caliente señora! Eso es uno de los más hermosa, jugoso, gotea mojado coños, que he visto en MetArt, también! ¡Gracias! ¡Gracias, Yani!

Love a 'happy' model, hope you don't get embarrassed Yani, looking at you made me 'happy' too! ;)

Yani is wonderfully delicious in this set, but I have a hint for photographers and models: Time to stop the exaggerated head tilts! Seriously. Anything more than a slight tilt of the head to the side just looks weird. And there's no sexier position than having the model with her head straight up and looking straight at us. I know many models on a site like this don't have a lot of training in such things, so it's really up to the photographer to provide better guidance.

Got the nail right on the head, about the head :-) (no pun intended).

since you have missed that one back in school:
woman looking at you: porn
woman looking somewhere else: art

and now you know why there are lots of naked women in art - and they never look directly at the observer.

I consider art to be that which stirs emotions and thought in the viewer.

since you seem very confused about where you are:
what you're looking at on this site: porn (albeit "softcore")
what you see in a museum: art

and now you can quit fooling yourself

So very true!! I wonder if the knuckle-dragger ha heard of the Mona Lisa. HER eyes are on the observer from ANY direction, and that is just the most obvious example.

you seem to be confused. Look at the sites url please. Thanks a lot!

Some people like those head tilts. Surprised?

Just like some people want more than just crotch shots. I know, a completely new concept for you. But maybe you can think about it for a moment.

Yeah, sure, my original comment was about the best presentation of Yani's face so --obviously-- I'm only interested in crotch shots. It's the emphasis on beautiful faces that makes me a fan of this site.

I guess there are fans of everything, including unflattering, uncomfortable-looking poses.

Presenting something "artistically" doesn't automatically make it art. There some photos here that show the technical quality of photographic art but they're a very, very small percentage. And that's okay. Because it's primarily a porn site, thanks to all those "crotch shots".

What a crock! By that logic, the Mona Lisa is porn! Get real!

Mona Lisa is not naked.

Delicious woman and with that my sub is up. I'm not renewing as I feel the standard has dropped significantly in the last year or two. A pity, because the models are gorgeous. The photography is becoming almost pulp quality with little care for the target audience.

If the so called "professionals" that submit to this site can't meet a minimum standard half the time given the great material to work with, what hope is there?

Adios my fellow connoisseurs of the female form. I hope the sets improve lest this place just become another site that forgoes quality for cash in the drive to monetize their intellectual property by overextended expansion.

yours in erotic art,


There are girls, beautiful girls, and girls I'm in love with. Yani is in the third category.

I love this girl, so sweet and sexy, and her bottom so flawless and inviting

Pretty cream pie. Mmmm!

I agree.

Yani - ¡Usted lindo, poco, traviesa mujer! Tal lindo sonrisa y mostrando tus poco coño pastel! Tan abierto, rosada y cremoso mojado! ¿Qué has estado haciendo, miel? Mmm, Puedo sólo adivinar!


a2m2, The negative opinions are for your continued use of CAPS lock. It is an annoying lack of proper etiquette.

Le preste ninguna atención a el, el es un D.A.

a2m2 must use CAPS just to fuck with you!

First of all, I think he knows why he's getting all those 'negative opinions' and doesn't really care what others say or think about his typing habits. Second....could you run down those "rules of etiquette on a porn site" for us? We're very anxious to adhere to the "proper typing techniques" that the membership lays out for us...

it is the same etiquette as everywhere. The internet etiquette.

Let me guess - you are online for less than 15 years? Maybe google 'perpetual september'. It might be enlightening.

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