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I voted score 10. No adjective can be added to every favorable comments.

I agree whole-heartedly with your comments about Yani. She was destined for my top 10 from Rylsky's first set with her, even though he subjected her to the 'Water-Torture' he's so insanely obsessive about. His 2nd and 3rd sets set the tone that Alex Iskan eventually elaborated on.
But poor old Leo wasn't up to the task, in fact his work has deteriorated so much over the last 18 months, I don't think it's the same Leonardo who was such a master of his craft prior to 2012.

Yani really looks great in this set. I think she is one of my favorite girls on the site. She has a beautiful face and I love her hair color. Keep it up, Yani!

Top up and panties down what a beautiful thought I just love it...

What a great way to start the day, looking directly at Yani's wonderful pussy. And the loveliness just kept coming (no pun intended). Yani, you have one of the most beautiful bodies at MetArt. Thanks for making my day. I hope yours is just as good.

Perfect! One of the most desireable girls here, and very good 'outdoor' set.

There's something about Yani that turns me on so much! Another great set, she always makes me want some more of her.

Very hot set of pictures, excellent photography, one of my fav models, such a beautiful face and flawless inviting bottom, mmmmmm

White cotton panties... very nice, though more shots with them on would have been nice.
Yani's such a sweet sexy thing with the minimal makeup look...

I really like her yani, too!

Very gorgeous and sexy,especially those closeups.Thank you Yani.

Luscious Yani is magic in set after set. Keep them coming!

A sweet cheerful girl with a very nice body and white panties. A nice setting with good natural lighting and a model willing to show all. I'm on board! What's not to like.

It took me a couple sets to fully appreciate Yani, but now i'm completely captivated by her and find her incredibly arousing. She is a beautiful girl with an incredible body and absolute dynamite between her legs. More Yani please!

So very true hipshot131 and i have to love what you wrote in Met's Blog about Sapphira A too very descriptive poetic words indeed Cheers from Australia

I have to agree with you Met Kicks Femjoys Ass even as a female member Yani has very nice sex appeal sha has a certian air about her that would make any man's boil ;) a she slowly strips of clothing ;)

Gorgeous. The sexual appeal of Yani really floats my boat.

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