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While I enjoy reading all the comments that fans place here, one thing remains: I pay for and come to this site to see nude girls and i enjoy seeing them all, and as much of them as they are willing to show. I am very proud of Yani of posing as she does, showing everything. I enjoy seeing many pics of her pussy and ass as well, as both are absolutely perfect. I also enjoy every last inch of her also.
Rylsky - great job on this set all all the sets you do with Yani
Yani - keep up the great work and keep showing every inch of your scrumptious nudity !

By all the posts here she and her naked body is very loved, perfect as always, and what a beautiful Anus.

Thanks for showing LBL

Rylsky doing god's work again. She's amazing.

Ha ha! Well put, wintry!

Det. Headlopper had some problems at the front lines of his current investigation. There was another detective agency of evil deeds working in his area. They called themselves the BZ Detective Agency and preyed upon the unsuspecting people of world. They liked to use divorce death till us part operations to fund their evil company of snakes and black widows.
Det. Headlopper alerted the Met-Art girls of their evil plans and knew he needed fresh talent that fit in any decor to help him. Super sexy agent
Yani A (A swetty) was his best chance. She had devised a secret plan to install listening devices in any decor. With the help of her super secret fellow agents they could plant these super secret devises anywhere.
The lamp, picture, dresser, restaurant under the table, chair, bed, shower,rental car, airplane seat, hotel lobby couch, and anywhere the evil people gathered to discuss their evil plans. The super sexy Yani A and the other super sexy agents and the men of iron where masters of the whirling heads tactics. Where did they hide the super secret devise ??
Super sexy and cute Yani A. new ideas to super secret ways was the pretty fresh, beautiful design that's fits in any decor. Along with the rest of the super sexy agents, super sexy Yani. A always seeks advise from the older agents on how to remain super sexy by follow common sense approach to life and staying away the the bad stuff for her super sexy tummy.
Det. Headlopper will keep his eyes on the super sexy agent Yani. A
Good luck super sexy agent Yani. A with your missions

In every city whether it be large or small
His tired playlist drones
But some of us remember how much choice there was
Before he took the throne
He's Mr. Smooth - His Hipness, the Great
For Mr. Smooth's verdict we must wait
So Mr. Smooth, when our turn comes round
Dear Mr. Smooth, we only hope it won't be "thumbs down"

"Mr. Smooth"

At last, someone with a thoughtful and appropriate response to the prose of smooth56. Thank you "Ry"

It was not me, thanks to Mr. Franks, it is one of my all-tme favs from his songs.

Yani is very cute and I am glad that Rylsky got to shoot her again. Rylsky, if you could keep on shooting her, it would be fine with me. There is a nice mix of poses, some I don't see often. I like the shots 47-48 with her pushing her hips up, they show the shape of her mound very nicely.

Wow! Some great discussion on here today, meaningful comments. I like seeing comments like this because Rylsky doesn't have to be defensive and explains his point of view. I think I gained some insight today.

Like many others I really like this lady, I was never disappointed by her sets. Like many others, I do love beautiful women's feet, and this set is a true gift for us, thank you Rylsky for emphasizing (on purpose or not, doesn't matter) her gorgeous legs and feet. Looking forward to see more of Yani's perfect feet on RylskyArt :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!



Rylsky, please be aware that those who complain about "too many pussy shots" and want you to stop her from being so aggressively erotic, are not the only viewers out there. I gave this set a 10, for Yani being so adorable, the setting is quite nice, and the lighting is very good. One could always nitpick little details, but when a gorgeous young woman undresses and poses in this way, I have to wonder about the complaining people. Maybe they should just read a good book instead! ;-)

I see no problems here. If you ever saw my sets - you can find variety from this one of Yani to set with no pussy-shots and a lot of portraits, etc

Let's see this.
Porn? Erotic? Arousing? Boring?

I hope you visit Rylsky's galleries not because of pussy or face or technique or f....ng ratings only. I try to make you want to visit my galleries because you feel like you, not me was with this girl this day, this place and she made it because you wanted it and she was happy to show whatever you wanted before she ask you turn off the camera and kiss her... mucho ...Bésame Mucho

Rylsky, The Goldie set from 2007 that you point out is not boring just because she does not have legs spread. I enjoyed that set because of what it DOES show. If you are showing the beauty of the female form, this is the way to do it. I like seeing pussy, yes, but I also like seeing the hourglass figure that is so well shown in that set. Yani also has great body curves.

This is one reason why I joined MA, many pictures with overall body shots and not just pussy. And when they do show between the legs, it is in a more "natural" state and not wildly stretched open or filled with fingers or other distorting methods. IMO, that is what makes it erotica and not porn. Erotica is natural beauty, porn is more towards sex.

Well put Kilroy.
While there are no " filled with fingers" in this set, I do feel there are several photos that are (in my opinion) more of a "presentation" (if you understand what I'm alluding to), than a "pose".

Let me add (IMO) that porn is not depending on how fingers or something else was used and how "deep was this love" .
Porn is about you see not woman with personality, but vagina owner only. Porn is when producer of this content SHOW to you that you are here only because of this. Will you respect this producer after you see that he SHOW TO YOU what he think you are? Will you respect a model if you see in her eyes that she is absolute stone and doing it only because of anything but the pleasure or joy?
Will you respect yourself that you paid for people who show that they think you are this kind? Finally it is one of the reasons why we hide that we watchin porn.
I don't want to start discussion here again, but "erotica" vs. porn vs. "art-nudes" is not about fingers means porn or pussy-shy means art nude. It is much deeper and not depends on 1-2 things.

Thank you, Rylsky, you make me think about things. I agree, there is more to it than that. There probably is no absolute definition, like beauty it is in the eye of the beholder if it is to be called erotica or porn.

Yani definitely has personality, so does Zelda. With them I see the whole woman, almost like getting to know them. I understand what you say and agree.

Now 100s of my models possibly will envy Zelda and Yani and they possibly will ask you why you see personality only in these 2 models eyes. Prepare yourself for answer to Caesaria, Nikia, Alysha, Loreen, Astrud, Feeona... was they presented here only to show to you pussy? They will kill me if you will answer "yes".


I only point out those two as recent examples. There is much more, just those two came two mind as I was typing.

Thank you for explaining your philosophy. Yes, well most if not all of us looking would like to be the one who hears "put that camera down and come put your arms around me, and bésame mucho!" Music to the ears, that would be. Maybe Rylsky is the luckiest man in the world?

Link to Goldie: yes her eyes and face melt my heart, what a stunning woman. All shots hide her pussy, not that that is BAD, it's her choice I assume, and her beauty is what it is, right? But to be honest, it would be *more* arousing to see more of her.

Keep up the good work, my friend. As a fellow photographer, I wish my career had been girls, not high-tech!

Best wishes to you and good flights to your jet airliner, Mr. Pilot.

Ha ha, "jet airliner" I wish! No, I only fly a small single-engine airplane, but it's WAY faster than cars!

Dream on! when you say "i'm flying high" you not became birdie. when you are pilot of a small single-engine why not dream you are the pilot of a jet?

:) OK, I'll pretend I'm flying along at 340 knots instead of 140 knots, ha ha. But the view from above is the same, I love flying over traffic.

BTW, I owe you an apology, I said you might be the luckiest man in the world, and I just noticed everyone calls you "she". Sorry about that, "Rylsky" didn't tell me your gender, mea culpa!

Who ever said to you that Rylsky is female? No way! I am a man.

too porno-ish for my taste. There is more to a girl than her pussy.

That is maybe because you choose to focus on her pussy, ... at the same time I do focus on her feet, and damn me, I can't get enough of hers :)

please clarify

I think he is saying that there was to much emphasis on pussy shots and not enough glamor shots and other poses. Pussy is nice but there is much more to her than that. You need to maybe do some more shots featuring her playful side. There need to be good quality pussy shots but not all shots should show it.

exactly. The whole set is just about different ways to present her pussy.

While she is a pretty girl, it becomes boring very quickly. It is also way too agressive. A slower lead up and more 'natural' posing would have worked better.

Imho of course.

now understood, thank you. anyway this set made without pressure and what you see is what her personality contains. ok, some other sets we will try to stop her. but nobody knows what glamour is when it is erotica. glamour is Hollywood of 40-50s in XX century. all that called "glamour" now is make emotions go away from face, heavy makeup, rich jewelry, poses of dying doll jumped from penthouse or drunk and sleep. that's why fashion industry is about sell to you jewelry, accessories and trademarks of stylists and that's why so many famous people in this industry love everything but women.

I hate to make a comment that might be taken badly by the model but In Yani's case I think that her pussy is the least of her charms. She is so young and fresh and full of life and has such a wonderful face and body that making the pussy the center focus is robbing us of her overall charm. Not that I wouldn't want to make it the center of my focus but there is so much more of her to charm us.

I do appreciate your comments always, no problems.

Thank you x-man_ger and & hipshot for giving coherent comments even though it isn't your taste. This whole comment thing is getting better because of your type of comment. And I love v-man-ger's "IMHO". Very good.

I think what makes her so cute is her playfulness. She must be a dream to shoot. Yani, Stick with Ry he does the best with you. Ry, grab her and keep her, looks like she does great on your site, also. If she is 19 now you must have originally shot right after she became "legal". She delivers the explicit so well. Great job! Screw any boo birds, if you are a down thumber have the balls to say why.

She was absolutely free to work as a model and pose for many of photographers. Why "grab and keep" her? Bird in a cage is not what she wants for sure:)
We will work again of course. But she is free.

Ry. I get your point. But I doubt she poses for free. Sorry if you took me seriously. I just like the way you, shoot her...

Yani is as sweet and sexy as they come. She has a delicious body with the cutest butt in town but her best features are above her shoulders. That cute sweet face, eyes and that knowing smile could inflame any real man's passions. There is message in that smile that says you would not be disappointed.

Is she as much of a joy to work with as she looks? She looks like a fun person to know with a hint of spice in that cute young face.

she is very "easy-to-work-with" person.

Yani never fails to please.

For Rylsky,
Beautiful young woman. Well done.
Hopefully a constructive comment. Is it possible that her facial make-up that extends down her neck is maybe one shade to pale. As a result some shots have a slight Kabuki appearance.

Yes, useful and reasonable. Thank you.

love that yummy yani passion juice

who told you this "p.j." ???


I just curious because Ernie maybe didn't read Kei's blog

Always happy to see Yani. Words are just not enough.

Yani is adorable. I'd really love to taste every inch of that scrumptious little body.

Yani is so very cute. Such a pretty young lady. What a little sweet heart. Very pleasing photoset.

Now just who in hell could vote 'no' to a statement like that?

you said "in hell". it's enough punishment already for him whoever he is.

Except that in hell... there is no access to Met-Art! LOL

Agreed, on all points.


Isn't she just the cutest... :)

Yani has a terminal case of Cute.
Seriously, truckloads of cute.
Coupled with an amazingly fit and flexible body (I'm guessing she's a dancer or gymnast or both) and an adventurous, devil may care attitude... this little lady's seriously dangerous!

Not truckloads of cuteness. This beautiful little lady is only 99lbs. You could comfortably carry that much cute in your arms. Be sure to lift with your knees!

yes, very careful

Oh, trust me, I'd be very careful. ( :

I would love to lift such a soft and delicious package. Especially to carry her into the bedroom.


Come on guys, does it really matters if a2m2 uses capital letters???

Agreed, negam. a2m2 does his/her thing, and doesn't give a fig what we think about it, and I think that's perfectly fine.
If he wants to post his/her comments in cyrillic, I'm fine with that, but at least this way I can read what he/she is saying.

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