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15 December 2014:
The UZETA set is FABULOUS ! That's my opinion and I definitely agree with it....

Is it too much to ask that the model should FILL THE FRAME. Some of these shots could be of a Barbie doll and we would never know it.

I am really surprised that this girl and set gets high ratings and so much praise.

Your loss, v-man_ger. You have my condolences.

Agreed, Sailor.

It's always wonderful to see this little angel again, and especially in Iskan's version, which after several stereotypical lingerie/repetitive pussy shot sets, returns to the classic, totally nude figure poses which brought her to international attention. I know I'm in the minority here--I gave the set a 10 while the overall rating is under 9--but these standards are what brought me to MA in the first place, and if they abandon them, so will I. (I also think it was creepy and unprofessional for Rylsky to take over the comments section in the last photo set--over 100 comments, most of them ignoring the model, is cr*p.) So there you have it, put me on your kill list. Maybe my message will reach the right person. Dear, take care.

You don't like the photographers taking part in the conversation with their customers?
Personally, I think it adds another level of enjoyment to the site to have them chime in.
Not all of their comments are going to be about the models... but when there's interaction between the members, not all of it pertains directly to the models.
Do you object to that as well? Are all comments in the comment section to be restricted solely to the model or set? With no input from the photographers?
You're not on any "kill list," BTW, I'm just curious about what makes you feel the way you do.

Yes, I do think comments should be restricted to the model and the photography of that set. Why do we want to read ramblings by krokodilheads who think they're novelists? 100+ comments do not happen spontaneously, they are set up by posses. As for Rylsky, one or two comments should be enough. IMHO. And I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your question.

Thanks, Chicago, I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your reply... I still disagree with your premise, but there ya go, it's gonna happen.
IMO, having "conversations" between members and other members, and then also between us and the photographers actually increases the enjoyment I get out of this site, exponentially. I can't really explain it logically, I guess it's the feeling of "community" as another member put it today.
I genuinely feel that a preponderance of the comments really do pertain to the models and the sets but if I felt the way you do about not wanting extraneous matters to be discussed, I admit that I would find many of the comments irritating and the ones not pertaining to the sets/models would stand out.

BTW, I genuinely feel that the comment sections with 100 + comments really do happen spontaneously. Certainly you're going to see many of the same participants chiming in repeatedly, but it's much like any other social media platform; you get out what you put in. Those members who are content to simply sit by and observe are welcome to it, but some of us are very loquacious. And we're the ones who end up talking to each other.

Thanks, realz. I think it comes down to our respective opinions of Rylsky. I think he's an average photographer and his comments are no better. Is he afraid his work can't speak for itself? I don't believe he had nothing to do with the abnormal number of comments (has this happened in other sets?) because I read him as kind of a powertripper. WTF, he has his own website to play king in! Got to go, happy Friday.

Happy Friday to you, too, Chicago...
Now, I kinda came into the game late, I didn't pay attention to the comments at first because I was afraid they were all gonna be frat house level (or even playground level) comments about the model's pussy and boobs, so I'm not really sure HOW Rylsky got involved.
However, in most cases, it seems like Rylsky simply responds to posts/comments/questions that interest him.
Then, his fans (and yes, I am one) respond to his responses, and very rapidly you have a thread with 40+ comments build up, quite spontaneously and naturally.
This has been my experience thus far.

This set makes me want to scream in a good way.

I couldn't have said it better!

Yani you are so beautiful right down to your beautiful creama flowing from your beautiful vagina!

Great set, Yani.

Beautiful, feminine, and powerfully sexy.

Thank you for being you!

Yani is a tiny girl from the serene beauty.
Yani returns periodically with our great delight.
Yani shows off her body well-turned with a smirk and shameless.
Yani seems to enjoy being naked.

Alex creates a setting for her really simple and bright - perfect.
A treasure chest for a little gem.
Very nice photos of Yani dressed up as a girl next door.

It would be highly desirable if she comes in studio dressed like this
and then get naked for the photo shoot.

Cute beyond words! Give me the number of that liitle red phone :)

Yani can look tiny and boyish in street clothes. Then she reveals that sleek, delicious body and sexual fantasies start colliding with each other in my addled brain. She's a phenomenon, beautiful from head to toe, but not conventionally pretty. I love her anyway.

It's like Myshkin says... she's cute beyond words... if you think about you'll realize there's a world of difference 'twixt "pretty sexy" and "cute sexy."
The turn-on happens in fundamentally different ways... and since "cute sexy" so deeply depends on elements of the underlying personality, it is that much stronger than "pretty sexy."

Totally agree.
"Cute sexy" is the woman who in addition to being sexy attracts you.

It's the sense of humor, the sense of adventure, the shared jokes, the warmth and the affection that starts platonic but ends very very not platonic...

Whoops, the duplication gremlins got me again, two days running now! LOL

It's the sense of humor, the sense of adventure, the shared jokes, the warmth and the affection that starts platonic but ends very very not platonic...

I couldn't agree more—with this proviso: "Cute sexy" is the only kind that turns me on. The shared connection has to be there or there's nothing. I can think of several women on MetArt who are conventionally pretty—even beautiful—and for whom I feel nothing. Conversely, a picture of Indiana's earlobe can reduce me to mush. That's because the "cute sexy" stuff is there in abundance, if only in my imagination. Yani is definitely cute sexy.

I totally agree. We are very fortunate that so many of the models here on MA are smart and funny as well as pretty. The pretty is really nice... but what gets and holds the attention (and brings the worshipful accolades!) is the personality reaching out from the pictures and grabbing us. As it were. ( : ( :

Roger that, Sailor !!!

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