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Yani is so fascinating in all her sets, that it makes me become attentive to, and cherish, such small details as the color of her nail polish. Maybe this is called love? :-)

I just gotta say.....I _like_ it when there's any kind of furniture to get underneath of with a sexy, sexy girl on top......yummmm-mmmmy!

The bottomless bikini girl is very erotic. Thank you MA.

Yani is more delicious every time. I agree that her ass is very inviting and photogenic. Her Ass loves the camera in Image 108. I am not ashamed to say that I absolutely love her anus in this picture. If I would party with her, I'd definitely want to party with that also ;-)

You gotta love a woman that wears high heels to the pool !


I'd love to party with Yani. What a sweetie! :-)

I'd PAY to party with Yani...;o)

Whoah! TMI dude!!! LOL

"TMI"?? Just what do you think I was hinting at...?? Hmmm??? :o?

Now, you KNOW I couldn't let that one pass without saying SOMEthing! :D

Nicely done for a pool location. Oh so enticing and curvaceous undressing with a well chosen suit.
The ladder provided nothing of an opportunity. The lounge chair certainly did. Our model and artist got the most out of it.
Was there motive for head or hand in ninety-five? Let's keep the head intact, our model alive. If you must chop off fingers, with nail polish like that, chop them all off, please.
Mons curve caught well twice.
A different look for our model, with an effective hairstyle.

No matter the artist, or the canvas on which she is placed, Yani's "adorability" is simply off the chart! A favorite since her day one! It will be a sad day indeed when her last visit rolls around... And I can only hope that it will be because 'we' ran away...lol ;o)
Yani, your pleasant demeanor and "happy face" can brighten up the gloomiest of days!! Thank you! XOXO And Erik...great job...you lucky stiff!!

@ rachsback:

There is no need for me to make a top level comment.

You expressed my thoughts about Yani perfectly, and more than likely in far fewer words than I would have used.

Thanks. I'll take that as a compliment. I get so few...lol

Gone fishin', bro? ( ;

Say WHAT? :o?
Gone swimmin' if this rain don't stop!

"fishing for compliments" is an old figure of speech I was raised with... ( :

My compliments, rachsback.

Thank you... I'm working on 'why'...? ? ?

For me, this is about as good as it gets, one of my favorite Met models, outdoors nude, with sexy high heels on for a short time, and showing off her flawless, inviting, and highly photogenic bottom in so many ways, what a treat

Yani's body makes her beautiful. Yani's personality makes her sexy.

Very true, as well as the reverse of that ;o)

What'cha sayin' Rock? ( ;

That her personality makes her beautiful and her body makes her sexy...;o)

You, sir, are a master of logic! :D Let me extend you an honorary doctorate. In... hmmm.... you pick. LOL

How about......logic!? ;o)

Sure, why not? ( :

While Yani has been shot by multiple photographers, this is her first set ~ at least on MA ~ by the lucky Erik Latika. Her captivating smile and luscious bottom are the same no matter who photographs her, but I was very impressed with how well he captured her hourglass figure in images # 16, 17, and 18, and a very nice unguarded expression in image # 29. I am eager to see what else resulted from their collaboration. ( :

Erik with the wonderful Yani as a model, you could invent a different location instead of the pool view already 1,000,001 times.

This is not necessarily the only set they shot together. ( :

Be generous, now, and enlighten us, if ye be privy.

Oh, sorry, I am not privy to any information about that, I was extrapolating from the fact that usually photographers shoot multiple sets with models in one day.
I simply assumed that Latika has at least several more sets from this session... hopefully (hint, hint, K) they are in the pipeline... ( :

Dear, dear Yani, you get cuter and cuter. I love every inch of you, and in this set I particularly love that funky nail polish and your PERFECT rear end in # 108 xxxxxxxx

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