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Yani is getting better and better with time.

Way too much time is spent with her wearing those fucking panties. They should've been gone within the first handful of photographs. This set is an epic fail!

Yani's body looks as good as ever, or better. I love to look at her tits, but I most of all enjoy seeing her perfectly wonderful and appetizing yummy anus. She has the best ass i've seen in a long time and having full access to that would be the greatest thing in the world.

What I see here is a beautiful women whom can make a pose and show personality that look so natural it is surreal. Her personality and poses would both make a person feel intoxicated in anything that you that you do. This is surely a return photo shoot that I am looking forward to!

Love Yani, with those pert little nipples and her beautiful curvy derriere..

The extended panty shots from front and rear were delightful - wish a few more models would keep their knickers on for a bit longer!

This set is very good as Leonardo has Yani to pose for him and he kept her out of the sun. No sun in the face=better pictures.I gave a 10+++ for this one,its good

"YumYum Yani".... "LolliPop Labia"....

A hi-res file big enough to choke Godzilla!!

Oh, I see what Met is doing. With today's four beauties, and the ASG right around the corner, Met is assembling their own all star line up.

Yani has superb butt cheeks and very nice inner and outer labia.

I have previously appreciated that Leonardo did not go crazy with photoshop, not so today.

Fantastic set of outdoor pictures, Yani is absolutely gorgeous, her bottom is a photogenic masterpiece

Waaay too much distortion, pulling, and stretching of those pretty panties... would have been nice to see more undistorted shots, esp. from behind. *sigh*
Yani is delicious and cute and curvy as ever... from the personality she shows in her photos I can't help thinking time spend with her would be anything BUT boring! ( :

A nice outdoor set with good color values and some nice well focused close in work and a location that we haven't seen a thousand time before. Thank you Leo and of course thank you Yani for a nice relaxed performance with good poses and and lots of variety both facial and front and back. I liked the panty shots and the fact that they didn't disappear after a couple of frames as they do in most sets. I liked the ankle bracelet too.

A good solid performance from both sides of the camera

IMO the best of the day

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