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OMG. That. Bottom. Is. Beyond. Beautiful. And her expressions are priceless -- such raw erotic power. A violent yet delicate force of nature.

Stubble, stubble, toil and trouble. *ugh*

Lovely bum and pussy shots. Kudos to artist.

BTW, there is a place in heaven for whoever invented the snap crotch.

...and that crotch covers the doorway to heaven... ( ;

Yani is extremely beautiful,and I love her clothed pictures at the beginning and end. I myself thought she looked a little tense during some of the nude shots, and she definitely needs grooming tips. I do not consider razor stubble on the undercarriage to be at all sexy. If she insists on a full groom, then she should go to the day spa. Otherwise this is good, and I gave both a 10++

Yani's always an automatic download for me. They just don't come any cuter or sexier than Yani!! And she always looks to be having a great time!! And I'll let the teenagers "gush" over the evidence of this...LOL

They say little boys never grow up... I consider myself evidence of this at my advanced age. ( ;

"They" are women! ;o)

Fine with me, I got no problem with that at all. I always did like women much better than men anyway. ( : ( : ( :

There is no bigger turn on to me than a model being as excited to have her picture taken as we are to see those pictures.

Yani has rapidly become one of my favorite models on MetArt and this set has solidified her position in my MetArt Hall of Fame.

Outstanding set !!!!

A wonderful explicit set of the ever beautiful, mega sexy Yani - what a babe, what a derriere...what delectable moistness


Quite a lot of this excellent imagery is not ruined with sloppily chopped crops.

Yummo Yani!!!


Yani's not one of the models whose photo sets I automatically download, but I'm definitely saving this one. The combination of the hair and makeup, lighting, setting, and her personality really come together very beautifully here.

Plus, I really like it when the model is "excited." :)

OMG...that wet spot.

The "street" photos that begin and end the set are seriously adorable. I'd take Yani to the mall anyday... ( :
In the body of the set, I love the creamy clues that Yani enjoys modeling every bit as much as we enjoy watching her model.
And last but far from least, this set is a forcible reminder that the "best butt on MA" throne is a contested one, and Yani has a claim alongside other luminaries such as Lucy C., Nensi, and Katie. This is one behind to behold!

"Creamy clues"... Couldn't have phrased it better.

Lily C as well.

Oh ferhevinsake I typed "Lucy" when I meant "Lily." Geez... not that there's anything wrong with Lucy C, mind you!
But you're absolutely right, dinhr, thank you for the catch. ( :


Wet pussy got to love it !!!!!

Waouw... Milky white Girl cum.... yummi she is nice!

Waouw... Milky white Girl cum.... yummi she is nice!

Looking at her cream is pleasing. I wonder what it tastes like?

It taste like a smoothie from heaven...! FOR SURE !

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